Yamaha FG700S

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The Yamaha FG700S has been the popular entry level guitar choice for many people. However, this isn’t just for beginners. Amateur to professional level guitarists love how this dreadnought guitar was built, including its great sound quality.

The Yamaha guitars have always had my trust from the beginning for producing top quality guitars. Even though it isn’t visually interesting as other guitar designs, you can be assured that you will get the best value out of your hard earned cash.

So, what is the Yamaha FG700S made of?

It isn’t a secret that the FG guitar series of Yamaha was one of the best-selling guitars of all time. One of its greatest selling point, aside from it is affordably priced, is that it is made of Sitka Spruce solid top that has a natural, thin and nice grain finish that’s very pleasing to the eye.

Even though the Yamaha FG700S is made in China, you can be assured that it was produced with great quality that can last for decades—and you have mine as the proof for that.

Yamaha FG700S

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The sides and the back of the guitar are made of Nato wood, which is I think not the prettiest wood for acoustic guitars. However, even if it isn’t the prettiest choice for wood, it was finished very well. Nato wood are often the usual material for guitars made in China or other places in Asia because it is abundant and available there.

Its neck was made of Nato wood too. The dovetail joint attaches the body and the neck, and is topped with the fingerboard.

For the fingerboard, it uses rosewood, which isn’t rare for acoustic guitars since they look nice and functions well enough. And finally for the tuners, the FG700S uses die-cast chrome, which in my knowledge, allows for fine tuning and prevents slippage unlike cheaper guitars.

How does it Sound?

Even though the FG700S leaves me not quite impressed by how it was designed, I fell in love with it after I started to play it. It’s nicely engineered body allows the production of a thick sound that has great volume. It comes with D’Addario guitar strings which seem to perfectly compliment the guitar well, which I think is the primary reason for producing a great and powerful sound.

I think the very reason why this guitar is very appropriate for beginners is because it is very adaptable to whatever style of music you want to play. To elaborate further, if you prefer playing finger style, rock or mellow music, the FG700S somehow fits effortlessly to each of these styles.

Yamaha FG700S

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I was also amazed by how effortless it makes you feel when you’re playing this acoustic guitar. You don’t have to sweat out in order to dig the considerable volume you want. Not to mention the fret board is very welcoming for moderate bends and fluid slides.

In general, the FG700S will feel comfortable for an average sized person. It feels sturdy and not fragile unlike how I felt with other guitars. It also felt easier on the fingers, which is a huge plus for beginners.

What are the cons of this guitar?

First, I’d like to say that for a guitar at an affordable price, you will get a lot out of the FG700S. However, it doesn’t come with a few extras you’ll find in some guitars—like extra strings, tuner and a gig bag. It is a standalone guitar, but it’s the best price at that. You will have to buy all the extras if you really want them that much.

On a more important side, the FG700S guitars don’t have electronics which means it can’t be plugged in a sound system. However, you can still add this if you must as an after-market add on.

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Overall, I am a huge fan of the Yamaha FG acoustic series of guitars and the Yamaha FG700S is an excellent buy. It is a perfect gift for your loved-ones, especially those who are still learning how to play a guitar.

It is a good product with excellent pricing and constructed with top quality. For me it is the best among other budget guitars and I consider it as one of my greatest investments. As they say, as guitars age, they produce much better sound and I have already proven that with my previous Yamaha FG acoustic guitar.

So, if you dream to be the next big acoustic star, the Yamaha FG700S is a great way to start. You won’t get disappointed by its great durability and high sounding quality. I highly recommend this guitar, but if you have an extra cash to spend, look into other Yamaha FG series of acoustic guitars.

They offer great deals for guitars and you will surely enjoy additional features you won’t find in FG700S.

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