yamaha ats 1060 review

Are you interested in upgrading your television audio experience with one of the modest investment ever? If yes, the Yahama ATS-1060 soundbar might be all you need. You might be wondering why this product is a great addition to the home of every music and movie enthusiast.

Well, I’ve got some answers. This Yahama ATS 1060 review will open your eyes to all you need to know about the product so you can determine whether you can rely on this for an amazing music and movie experience or not.

Now, let’s dive right in.

Impressive DesignYamaha ATS-1060 Sound Bar

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This slender sound bar is only 2 inches high, 5 inches wide, and 35 inches long, which means that it will not take up unnecessary space in your room. This might be an ideal option for people with a small room or those looking to free up and beautify their room spaces. You might feel that this sound bar is quite small in size considering the size of your room.

Well, I initially had such thought which I dropped when I checked its performance and realized that the manufacturer must have done that on purpose to give it the ultra-slim design that fits your TV set like a match made in heaven.

With its design and its unique profile, you won’t have to worry about obstructing your IR signal or TV image. The bar lays flush against the wall and does not jut out too far and draws no unnecessary attention to itself especially when you install it on your wall, thanks to its squished shape.

Excellent Performance

Yamaha ATS-1060 Sound Bar

The Yamaha’s frame and low profile belie its awesome performance. Upon hooking up this soundbar, its big sound immediately impresses. Unlike most products, it comes with dual in-built subwoofers, so it requires no separate subwoofer box to deliver an exceptional sound quality.

I engaged the surround mode, and it swept its big sound effortlessly from right to left in my modest sitting room. At times, the sound reflection would apparently mimic those from the surround speakers.

A vivid, lively, clear, and improved sound quality is guaranteed on a wireless playback due to its optimized Bluetooth audio transmission. When I just got it, I found that the compressed music enhancer automatically engages itself whenever I play from a compressed source, and I thanked my stars for purchasing this immeasurable product. Its wireless Bluetooth works perfectly and pairs easily, allowing me to stream music from my iPhone or Android device.

As someone who loves to torture musical instruments, I dialed up a movie on Blu-ray (The Edge of Tomorrow) with a brutal low frequency at its opening title scene. If you want to play this movie, I would advise you to reduce the volume during this scene as it could damage your speaker.

Built-in Subwoofers

yamaha ats 1060 soundbar

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To be on a safer side, I turned the volume of the Yamaha YAS -106 down a bit, and to my surprise, it tried to reproduce some of this low sound frequency from this scene. However, the bass came with some discernible clipping which is a justifiable precaution that forestalls damages to the bar. The bar delivers accurate bass, but you can engage its bass boost option or connect it to a dedicated power subwoofer to add extra bass or oomph to your low sound frequencies.

The bar also has strong vocal performance which made it an expert in music playback and clear dialogue. Conversely, the sound bar’s mid-range lacks a little nuance and depth, but as a beginner’s sound bar, it performed really well.

Top Features and Highlight


  • Dual inbuilt subwoofers
  • 35’’ L x 5.1’’ W x 2.1’’ H
  • Ultra slim design
  • HDMI input and output support with Audio Return Channel
  • Compatible with Android and iOS free controller app
  • Sensitive and easy to read the operating screen
  • 3.5 mm analog, digital and Bluetooth stereo connection
  • Two unit drivers with 3-inch bass driver or cone subwoofers, 2.25’’ midrange, a 3’’ bass driver and a 1’’ dome tweeter speakers
  • 5 surround modes (TV, Music, Game, Sports, and Movie)



  • It has a big bass with clear music and dialogue
  • A small footprint
  • The 4k video signal and HDMI support with dedicated subwoofer output
  • A clear and captivating audio sound as compared to other brands of the same price


  • No considerations for treble sound
  • Cannot handle complex audio well
  • The bass output is limited

Guide to Setup Yamaha ATS 1060

install yamaha ats 1060 soundbar

Yahama recommends wall mounting this bar or placing it on your furniture, but they believe that the bar is most suitable for wall hanging. If you placed the bar on the furniture, you might not be able to see the screen or navigate the sound bar’s settings in your sitting position. But if you mount the bar on the wall, its design works great making it easier for you to see and navigate its settings.

Yamaha 1060 is very easy to set up and does not require much stress to run. You can set it up with analog, optical or HDMI connection. Use the included optical cable to connect the unit to your TV or switch to an HDMI connection for the best result.

The device comes with several icons that you can easily see and decode its functions to perform as many operational functions as you desire. It also comes with inbuilt keyholes to make it easy for you to mount it on your walls giving it a flexible frontage that allows the automatic adjustments of its sound.


If you are looking for a sleek and ultra slim sound bar with the most important features without breaking your bank or messing up your room space, the Yahama ATS-1060 might able to fill the gap. This sound bar is exceptionally good for producing a clear and vivid dialogue, with a rich bass, and most of all, it is very easy to set up.

It does not come with a dedicated subwoofer like it’s counterparts yet it produces awesome music and video sounds that can beat most of its competitors.  The lack of tremble to balance the strong bass it produces might be a thing of concern with what it has got to offer, but considering its price I will still pick it over its competitors.

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