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Let us face it, not many people would love to keep listening to the factory speakers over the years when there is an option of changing. You can always get more people choosing to pick the best speakers, but with so many options they also end up with the wrong ones.

It can be worse when you get to spend more money on speakers that do not perform well. Opt for a model that can always give you better performance after learning more about it here. We look at the top models of the best 6×8 speakers for a car.

First, let us check out a few buying tips.

Tips for Buying 6×8 Speakers for Car

1. The type of speaker

The 6×8 often come as two options when looking to buy one. You can get the full range/ coaxial or the component speaker. The coaxial models are the most common and still affordable. You will find that their installation process also is a bit easy.

The coaxial would however just come with a single drive. This has some limitations to the speaker in terms of frequency response.  You can end up with lack of clarity in detail.

The high-quality component speakers can easily eliminate this issue. You would find that such speakers come with woofers, midrange drivers, and the tweeters. As you can see, it would have all the necessary components for a better sound output. No frequencies would be lost this time.

2. Frequency range

Any good 6×8 speaker would have its frequency range explained by the manufacturer. This is what indicates the high frequency range for sound release for such a model. You have to choose a model with a better frequency range all the time.

Having more range means that you get precise clarity with the variation in the volume. Even if you turn up the volume, the clarity should still be maintained.

3. Woofer

Depending on the model that you get to choose, containing the woofer is still an important part of owning a 6×8 speaker. The woofer is important to contribute to better responsiveness in the sound of the speaker.

To get a better sound from the speaker, you have to look for one that has better construction material. The cone is supposed to be stiffer and still lightweight for the right movement whenever it is supposed to.

Some speaker manufacturers would have their models covered in Kevlar fabric just to make sure that the sound from the woofer is impressive. Just make sure the materials made for your woofer are durable.

4. Sensitivity

The sensitivity of a speaker implies the amount of sound you can get from the power output of an amplifier. When it comes to sensitivity, you have to choose based on the stereo you own.

For a low powered stereo, make sure to get a model with high sensitivity and do the opposite for a high-powered stereo. This ensures that you get the right sound each time you use the speakers.

5. Power handling

This is something that you have heard over the years each time you want a new speaker. You would be told that the speaker has an output of 400 watts or any other figure.

The power handling is the amount of power that the speaker would tackle and run with it. You need to pick a model with a better power to also get the right output.

The Best 6×8 Speakers Review

Pioneer TS-A6886R
  • 4.2 Stars
  • Cerwin Vega V468
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  • Mid-bass performance
  • Best sale-off
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  • Robust quality
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Pyle PL683BL 6 x 8-Inch
  • 4.4 Stars
  • Best cheap model
  • High quality materials
  • Look great

1. Cerwin Vega V468


My rating: 4.4 Stars

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When it comes to your car sound, you would always want a model that performs better than the other models. Whenever you get to buy this model, you are sure about some performance benefits. The brand has established itself as among the top performers when it comes to making the car speakers.

These speakers are made to have the best robustness you could ever want. This makes them perform better in terms of durability. You will get to use it for longer that you feel it was actually worth buying.

One of the things that makes it stand out should be its curvilinear cone design. The design will always make you feel better mid-bass, and off axis performance. With the sound being good, there is nothing not to like about the model.

Things we liked

It offers impressive curvilinear cone design
It has superior mid-bass performance
It is made of robust quality

Things we didn’t like

It vibrates a lot at high volumes

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2. Skar Audio TX68 400 Watt Coaxial

Skar Audio TX68

My rating: 4.2 Stars

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Most of the time you would be looking for a model that can perform better at power handling. Well, you just found yourself one of the best car speakers that easily handles more power. For the pair, you get an impressive, 400 watts of power output.

What about the type of construction? Some people would want to be sure that they have the right model. This one comes with a glass fiber cone and TPE surround all great for making sure that you end up with the best sound ever.

Even during the high volume levels, you will always get unrivaled sound within the right accuracy. The sensitivity is also made to be great so that it can deliver the best performance with the varying in volume.

Things we liked

It is a powerful model
It offers high accuracy
It has a powerful mid-range woofer

Things we didn’t like

Most users wanted to have more bass

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3. Clarion SRG6833C 300-Watt

Clarion SRG6833C

My rating: 4.1 Stars

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You can always find that this model stands out from the rest for being the best at what it does. If you have always wanted a great model for car speakers, then these three way models should be the perfect one for you all the time.

Since it is made to come with a peak of 300 watts, you can be sure it is satisfactory for most people. It will give you just enough power that will keep you listening to your best songs.

The speakers are made to be of the right fit for different cars. There will be no need to make any adjustments to get the model in position. With its MIPP cone woofer, you can always expect to experience the best bass ever each time you get to use it.

Things we liked

It comes as the best size for easy fitting
It has an impressive woofer
It can deliver more power for its size

Things we didn’t like

Some users would have wished for better sound quality

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4. Pioneer TS-A6886R 4-Way Speaker

Pioneer TS-A6886R

My rating: 4.5 Stars

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Pioneer is without a doubt one of the best brands on the market right now when it comes to making the best car speakers. The TS-A line is one of the most coveted models from Pioneer as they always come with the best sound each time you turn them on.

The overall structure of the model is to deliver a wider dispersion of the sound, which still comes with a deeper bass. It is even equipped with a tweeter that can easily handle a wide range of high frequencies to produce the best performance and enhanced sound quality.

The materials used to make the model are light, but still rigid. You end up with a model that sounds better and lasts for longer.

Things we liked

It has a deeper dispersion of sound
It offers enhanced sound dispersion
It is loud and clear

Things we didn’t like

Some users feel that the model could use more power

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5. Alpine SPR-68 Coaxial 2-Way Type-R Speaker

Alpine SPR-68 6x8

My rating: 4.5 Stars

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The Alpine speakers are one of the best options that you could possibly get when it comes to choosing the best 6×8 speakers for your car. The model is made to have a higher power output of 600 watts, which is a lot more as compared to other models within the same price range.

With more power handling capabilities, more people would find them as among the best models to get for themselves right now. With the multilayer hybrid fiber cone, the model will always deliver the best strong bass response you are yet to experience.

The model still features one of the best Santoprene rubber surround important for providing consistent cone movement. With the right type of movement of the cone, you also get the right amount of desired sound.

Things we liked

There is more power from each speaker
It offers a strong bass response
It has the impressive rubber surround

Things we didn’t like

It does not have the best body sturdiness

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6. Infinity Kappa 682 – 2 Way Car Audio

Infinity KAPPA 682.11cf Peak Power

My rating: 4.5 Stars

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This is a true high fidelity speaker you can get for your car. If you always feel that your car deserves a great sound, then you can opt for such a model. It will keep the car audio to its best so that you can enjoy it more often.

Thanks to its size, the model should easily fit in the current location of the factory speakers. It will always get you liking it even more knowing that you have the best type of car audio.

You get a tweeter with a soft-dome fabric that should easily make the best sound each time you get to use it. The sound output from the speakers is made to be better than most competitor models. Once you get to listen to it, you should easily note the difference.

Things we liked

It is made to be a powerful model
It produces clear sound
It is easy to get it into position

Things we didn’t like

It is an expensive model

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7. Pyle PL683 360-Watt 3-Way Speakers

Pyle PL683BL 6 x 8-Inch

My rating: 4.5 Stars

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When you are looking for speakers that sound as good as they look, then you have to get these speakers. They would easily get you loving the way they look and the sound output they deliver. This blue series is one of the best sellers you can get on the market right now for yourself.

You will not immediate difference when you get to replace them with the factory speakers. The model is made to have high, mid and low range of sounds. It is impossible not to like this type of product right now.

It comes with a sensitive voice coil that gives you the performance much desired. With this model, you will notice that there is low distortion and more sound even at the high volume.

Things we liked

They are made of high quality materials
They look great from their design
They sound great from the factory speakers

Things we didn’t like

Some users have complained about unclear mids

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8. Rockford Fosgate Punch P1683 Full Range 3-Way Speakers

Rockford Fosgate Punch P1683 6 x 8-Inches Full Range 3-Way Speakers

My rating: 4.5 Stars

buy from amazon

These speakers are what you need to keep on enjoying some good sounds in your car. The model is made to have one of the best features most people often dream about. One of them should be the PEI dome tweeter, which will always deliver the right sound all the time.

The model is still made to have a mineral filled cone that is always delivering the best sound ever. With such a sound performance, you can always be sure to get more people liking how the speakers sound.

It also comes with variable adjustments to help with mounting the model in the right position. You will get to use it easily without worrying about its performance when it comes to sound.

Things we liked

It is easily adjustable for fitting
It has impressive sensitivity
It delivers more power

Things we didn’t like

Some users complained about its sturdiness

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If you are in the market to get yourself some of the best car speakers, then you now know where to get started. All the speakers mentioned above have strengths and weaknesses that you can always learn before buying.

For someone who is not sure about which one to get, you could always opt for the pioneer TS-A6886R 4-Way speaker model. One of the outstanding features should be its sound quality. For most people, they find it impressive that they want to always have one. It is also loud and clear even if you increase the volume. Some of the speakers would be vibrating all over, but not this one.

If you need a smaller speakers for your car then you can check this article: best 4×6 speakers for car