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Playing your music on vinyl is not a lost pleasure. There are thousands of people out there that enjoy reviving those “good old days” and showing off their precious collections.

And, even after the invention of the cassette, compact discs, and digital players, those who know their music prefer to keep those cool old vinyl in use because of how exactly they replicate the original sound.  

Now, to play that vinyl you will need a proper device; and turntables are not yet out of the market, they are still being produced and sold all over the world.  

Owning a vintage turntable will allow you to enjoy better your collection while adding some retro style to your space, reflecting a more exclusive and interesting image of yourself.  

In this article, we will guide you through the process of recognizing the best vintage turntable that fulfills your needs and then we will review 5 awesome models that you can consider during your search.

Top 5 Best Vintage Turntable Review

Pyle PTCD54UB Bluetooth Vintage Classic Style Turntable
  • Top quality sound
  • Beautiful design
  • Affordable price
Victrola Nostalgic Aviator Wood 7-in-1 Bluetooth Turntable
  • Victrola Nostalgic Aviator
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  • Many colors to choose
  • Durable materials
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Sylvania SRCD838 5-In-1

1. Sylvania SRCD838 5-In-1

Sylvania SRCD838 5-In-1

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The first option on our list comes with an amazing integrated speaker and a heavy base to reduce vibration and keep a cleaner sound. It can play vinyl and CD-R and includes an integrated AM/FM radio.

This particular model is perfect for a low bucket or for starters in the world of vinyl. Even though it won’t reproduce you’re the music from your mobile or USB devices, this gives it a more classical air. It also has an excellent audio quality and is worked to be as durable as your lifetime.

It also includes an Aux input so you can use the speakers with any audio device and has an amazing but simple design that connects the new and the old, with a classical wooden finish in a deep red wine tone which will fit almost any decorative style.

Things we liked

Perfect for you if you have a low bucket.
Reproduces a nice number of formats.
It is simple and durable

Things we didn’t like

No mp3 or USB entries.
Simple design won’t stand out as much as others.
No Bluetooth connection so all your non-CD digital music is off the game.

2. Musitrend Retro Vinyl Record Player 7-in-1

Pyle PTCD54UB Bluetooth Vintage Classic

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With a nostalgic late 60’s design in mahogany wood and a ton of features, this device presents an interesting option to satisfy your need of some retro feeling while including some new technologies to preserve its usability the middle of 2017.

This piece is a 3-speed belt-drive turntable that can play your Vinyl, CD, USB devices, Cassette and AM/FM radio covering up almost all your music collection.

It also counts with USB recording features so you can take your vinyl content anywhere, 2 long-reach speakers to help you get some mood to your environment, and 3.5mm Aux input and RCA Aux input to use your headphones when you want to listen to your music more privately.

Musitrend Record Player is meant to last forever. It has an excellent audio output and comes with a 12-months warranty and 24hrs customer service.

Things we liked

Can play your music in a lot of formats.
It has an awesome drawer-type design that gives a late 60’s feeling.
Includes 3 options for audio output.
Can turn your vinyl into mp3 to run those unique records on your smartphone when you are not home.
Good 1-year warranty with customer service.
Includes a remote control for easy use.
Solid and durable materials

Things we didn’t like

No Bluetooth pairing option for smartphones and other devices.
The remote control doesn’t control the volume

3. Victrola Nostalgic Aviator Wood 7-in-1 Bluetooth Turntable

Victrola Nostalgic Aviator Wood 7-in-1 Bluetooth Turntable

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This model was designed thinking about both its sound performance and its use as a decorative accessory.

Differently, from the others, it comes in 5 color options to combine with any decorative style.

Its design is a classic, which gives it the look of a mid-50’s radio while presenting 2 speakers and classical tuners on the front.

It is made completely of mahogany wood, and works in three speeds, enables Bluetooth connection so you can pair the favorites you have on your cellphone.

It also counts with a CD burner unit so you can convert to CD-R format all your collection in and CD and Cassette player, AM/FM radio tuner, two different headphone entries and a remote control to easy its usability.

The Victrola Nostalgic Aviator Wood is overall an above average turntable that can add real style to the way you play your music.

Things we liked

It has a high-quality sound output.
Includes a heavy base to reduce vibrations.
Awesome looks in 5 different colors.
Bluetooth pairing feature for a low price.
Durable materials

Things we didn’t like

Bigger than most models.
The remote control has a low lifespan

4. Crosley CR704C-PA Musician Turntable

Crosley CR704C-PA

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This piece is the perfect combination of sophisticated vintage style and modern technologies to fit any music player requirement. When it comes to reading it plays everything but BT pairing you will basically be able to play your entire music connection in one solid device.

It can reproduce both CD and Cassette along with your vinyl or connect your mobile devices to use the speakers for your digital music.

You can program CD player with playlists of up to 20 tracks to know exactly what’s coming next making it perfect to create an environment for your home in those special moments when you want to show off your entertainment system.

About its visuals, the airplane-style tuning for the radio gives it a more vintage look which fits with its wooden finish, but it will look better in vintage or classic decorative styles than it will in a minimalist modern living room. For more modern of Crosley check out here: top 5 best crosley turntable review

Things we liked

Airplane style tuning dial for the radio looks cool.
Includes a programmable playlist feature which is useful when you want to create an environment.
Full range stereo speakers.
Durable and strong materials.

Things we didn’t like

Only comes in color paprika.
No remote control.
No Bluetooth pairing.

5. Pyle PTCD54UB Classic Style Turntable Speaker System

Pyle PTCD54UB Bluetooth Vintage Classic Style Turntable

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This classic-style turntable comes with Bluetooth pairing for music streaming, compatible with all modern devices allowing you to play what’s on your phone in the open as soon as you get home.

It includes a CD and Cassette player for your newer formats and AM/FM radio tuning.

The system allows you to turn your vinyl content into MP3 digital audio files and downloading it through the USB so you can also digitalize your vinyl collection.

It has a beautiful design that will fit basically any decorative style you set in its environment and the speaker’s system guarantees to take the best from your music on the audio output.

This product has an overall good quality and represents a good piece of decoration, on the downside, it is bigger than most models making it more notorious if the decoration surrounding it isn’t fit.

Things we liked

Plays almost all audio formats so far including Bluetooth pairing.
Can turn vinyl into MP3.
1-year warranty
Top quality sound output.
Beautiful design in durable materials.
Protective lid is flat and thin giving it a bit more modern aspect.

Things we didn’t like

Average sound digitalizing quality when burning to MP3.
It is bigger than most other models, which makes it jump on sight.

Why Should You Buy a Vintage Turntable?

Turntables are excellent candidates to be the center of attention in your audio system at home.

They not only keep the original sound better, which makes them the first option for spinning records, but also represent an awesome piece of decoration that will add an elegant and smooth touch to your environment.

Vinyl players in this list can be a good option for décor, adaptable to styles from vintage and retro to a modern minimalist.

But the important part is that you can play all your music collection in one device, from your vinyl to your MP3, allowing you to enjoy and show off all your music in one place.

So, when you think about showing off all that awesome music collection that makes you so proud, what could be better that doing it in an elegant and stylish device that shouts “cool” just from its looks.

How To Recognize a Good Vintage Turntable

how to choose vintage turntable

When buying your turntable you have to consider some aspects in order to choose the best one to fill your needs.

First, you need to establish your bucket. There are hundreds of models in a variety of prices, so knowing your bucket helps to narrow down the possibilities.

Second, the use it will have. Some models can only reproduce vinyl records but you can get one that includes CD, Cassette or external digital music players. This would be ideal since you want to be able to play any kind of music without needing 5 different players in your living room.

Also, if you are a disk jockey and want to use it for work, you need a direct drive turntable –With the rotor engine beneath the disk- which allows you to turn back the disk without damaging the device.

But if you want your turntable just for playing music, a belt-drive model will suit you better, since it absorbs the shock from the rotation device which prevents the vibration from harming the sound.

Third, make it fit the place. Turntables are a notorious piece in your decoration, so think about the place you are giving it before buying, that way you can get one with a design that fits better the given’s decoration.

Finally, keep in mind to buy one with resistant materials, preferably wood which gives the most vintage look and smooth sound, and remember to check that you have at least a 1-year warranty on your new player.


What could be better than being able to play your entire music collection on one device? Well, having a best vintage turntable gives you that choice.

When searching for your new turntable there are few aspects to keep in mind, but after our research, we made the Pyle PTCD54UB Classic Style Turntable Speaker System our winner.

It reproduces your music in almost any format, and even when it falls on quality when downloading your vinyl to MP3 it out stands the others when it comes to the audio output quality and reduces the breach between new and old audio systems.

The only thing on the downside it comes in only one presentation which makes it harder to use as a decorative item in the end.

Now you know how to choose the best vintage-style turntable to fill your needs. We hope this information was useful to you and wait for your comments in the section below.

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