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Buying the best piano is something that does not always come easy. Most of the time, you would be confused as to which model to buy as most of them look almost the same. It all lies on what you get to read about the so called best piano brands.

If you can get the piano reviews such as the ones we have highlighted below, they can be quite helpful for a newbie in the field of buying the right pianos today. We start by checking out the top brands and then the reviews.

Top 5 Piano Brands On The World

  1.  Yamaha

Not many companies can actually measure up to the manufacturing capability of the Yamaha brand. It is known to make the best pianos for home use, beginners, and even for stage performance. Thanks to their commitment to product development, it is something that shows that they are dedicated to building the best brand.

Their digital pianos have come to be the most sought after thanks to their performance. Many users agree that the pianos from Yamaha help with delivering sturdiness, reliability and customer satisfaction.

  1. Casio

Casio should be among the most leading brand when it comes to making musical instruments for years now. It once shunned for having low quality products, but all that has changed with time. It is now a respected brand for every product they make. Thanks to the innovations and designs, many customers are now happy with the digital pianos that the company is making today.

  1. Korg

If you have been buying sound stage pianos and high-end keyboards, then you can never miss to come across the Korg brand. Since most of their products are made by the fellow musicians, you can be sure they would create sometime that stands out from the rest.

If you check most touring professional musicians, they would never miss a Korg instrument with them. The other fact is that they are built to be highly rugged and durable. They can handle such type of moving around and shuffling.

  1. Kurzweil

This brand is known for coming out as the best too for having multiple products that deliver on the needs of many musicians. For the money you are going to pay to get the model, you should feel it is all worth it once you start playing the piano.

The company has over the years been a great one when it comes to making sure that they deliver high quality products. The pricing might vary from affordable to expensive depending on the model you choose from the company.

  1. Kawai

Kawai is a brand known for having a vast range of the digital piano brands on the market today. This means that the customer is not restricted on what to choose. You can have the different pianos also coming in a variety of styles and colors.

You can always be sure that they are cheaper as compared to other models such as Yamaha and KORG. Well, if you can get a cheaper model, but still delivers on performance, then you can always opt for the one from this brand.

The Best Piano Brands Review

Yamaha YDP163R
Casio Privia PX-860
  • 4.7 Stars
  • Casio Privia PX-860
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  • Built-in speakers
  • Great furniture style
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KORG SP-280 BK Digital Piano

1. Yamaha YDP163R Digital Piano

Yamaha YDP163R

My rating: 4.5 Stars

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Being among the top best piano brands, this piano from Yamaha will get you loving each sound that comes from it. There is the pure CF sound engine integrated in the model to reproduce the tones meticulously.

Being a certified concert grand piano, it allows for incredible dynamic and expressive playing all the time whenever you have to keep the crowd happy.

There is the Graded Hammer 3 weighted action that offers an increasingly heavier touch when playing from the high keys to the low keys. The general response that people get from the model is just amazing for dynamic range.

The model comes with 50 classic piano songs that are in built in the memory. This should help with practicing just to make sure you get to love the music and become better at it. There is an additional iOS controller app that allows for making the configurations to the piano easily.

My Take

A lot of tech and experience has gone into developing this piano. It was not going to be like any other type of piano from Yamaha. They had to make one that standards for various applications.

The additional 50 classic songs in the memory should make it easy for even a beginner to learn more on how to play the songs from practicing with these songs.

Things we liked

It is easy to set up via a controller app
It comes with 50 classic songs in memory
The use of the GH3 improves with weighted action
It offers an outstanding piano response

Things we didn’t like

Some keys tend to get stuck

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2. Casio Privia PX-860 Digital Piano Bundle

Casio Privia PX-860

My rating: 4.7 Stars

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You will get all the accessories you have ever dreamed about when buying the best piano. The piano reviews would never miss this model as it comes with the right features for anyone who is into pianos would love.

You can easily start playing the piano the moment you get it out of the box. It is as simple as that.

Some of the top features would be the 88-key scaled hammer action keyboard. It also has the ivory keys and an integrated 3-pedal system that has a damper resonance. It seems that you get all you need in a piano for it to become the best.

The model could still be great for someone looking to enjoy a lesson of piano as a beginner. You can switch from the lesson function and duet mode easily.

The students can now learn more about the piano in the lesson mode and the teachers can enjoy themselves in the duet mode. There is also the concert play mode where you can play a variety of classic pieces.

My Take

The model on overall would mark all the right boxes that a buyer might have when looking to buy the best piano. The piano comes with the furniture stand and a 3-pedal system that most piano players would love to enjoy. The interior storage compartment could just be important for storing the sheet music and a lot more things.

Things we liked

Built-in speakers for listening to playback
It offers a great furniture style
It comes with a 3-pedal system
It has an instructional DVD and book

Things we didn’t like

It is a very heavy model to move around

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3. KORG SP-280 BK Digital Piano 88 Key

KORG SP-280 BK Digital Piano

My rating: 4.3 Stars

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This should be what you need when it comes to enjoying yourself playing a piano. It comes as a bundle of stand, headphones, and sustain pedal.

With such additional accessories to your piano, you should have an easy time dealing with various piano music sheets. You might only have to find a seat for yourself, but the stand is all good.

The natural weighted hammer action is what keeps people coming back to enjoy this action. It is different from what you get from the other types of pianos and still creates the best experience whenever using the pianos. It will reproduce every touch of the acoustic piano that you have been wanting for a long time.

The model offers a rich and dynamic piano sound that is enjoyable all the time whenever you are playing it. You can always feel as if it is for the live performance as the output is that good.

My Take

Whenever you are looking to have a great time performing live, then you might want to opt for such a model. It is designed to reproduce the best sound at each time you touch the keys.

With the additional accessories, you should have a great time playing the piano at any time that you want. You can now use the headphones so that it does not appear that you are disturbing others.

Things we liked

It reproduces the sound perfectly
It comes with natural weighted hammer action
The high output amp section offers plenty of volume

Things we didn’t like

It does not reproduce the soft passage notes quite well as expected

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4. Kurzweil ARTIS 88-Key Stage Digital Piano

Kurzweil ARTIS 88-Key Stage Digital Piano

My rating: 4.5 Stars

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The model is designed to be simple and powerful so that you can enjoying listening and playing to it all day long with a lot of ease.

The next time you are looking to experience an astonishing sound quality, then this should be your next model to buy for yourself. It is actually one of the model that put Kurzweil among the best piano brands on the market today.

This new model offers a level of sound quality and additional playability that raises the bar for the stage pianos. The additional user controllable damper pedal if great for those looking to have a realistic experience as much as possible. There is also the use of the performance control switches that helps adjusting the performance to where you feel is great for you.

With the many award-winning effects, you can be sure that this will be the most enjoyable workstation that you can like today. You will always experience the best performance once you get to choose this model.

My Take

It is a model that has gained popularity for being the best at what it does. This should be something that gets you wanting to know more about the model. It has the hammer weighted action and a user friendly interface that means you have an easier time learning and using the piano with a lot of ease.

Things we liked

The performance control switches make it easy to use the model
It comes with the impressive hammer-weighted action
Its controls are easy to learn and apply

Things we didn’t like

It is a very expensive model

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5. Kawai KDP90 Digital Piano

Kawai KDP90 Digital Piano

My rating: 4.0 Stars

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The model is here to set the high standards in the world of best pianos and still at a fair price. For someone who is on a budget, but still wants to access a quality digital piano, this should be it.

The company has been making a great line of digital pianos that offer the right sound just as the way you want. It is without that this model is among the most authentic and innovative digital pianos you can get on the market today.

Features such as the wooden-key actions, USB digital audio and the Harmonic Imaging sound technology should get you interested in choosing this model over the others. The touch of the keys easily reproduces the right sound you would be expecting from the piano.

It comes with a built-in digital metronome. This is quite handy when it comes to choosing the time signatures and adjust the tempo quite easily if you are looking to practice more often.

My Take

It is without a doubt a great model with all the new digital features included in it. It features the three most important pedals that should help with playing the piano more easily. The same cannot be said for some models that might even cost more that it.

There are several modes that you can choose from such as the dual mode that should make it easy to play around with various sounds.

Things we liked

It comes with a sliding cover for protecting the keys from dust
It reproduces individual weighting of the keys
It comes with new and innovative piano features

Things we didn’t like

The sound output from the in-built speakers is not the best
It is not easily portable due to heavy weight

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If you are looking for the best piano brands, we have highlighted them above. All of these brands and piano reviews should give you a chance to learn more about the different types of pianos to find on the market today.

All of these pianos are designed to ensure that they get you the best sound and performance you would be expecting from such a brand. You will actually feel that all the money spent on buying the brand was not a waste at all.