best digital piano under 1000

Playing music for most people is something close to them. You can always enjoy having some great music done when you opt for the digital piano. Playing can be a learning curve for some people, so choosing the right model will definitely be a driving factor for learning. The digital pianos are often less expensive, so you can always end up with the best digital piano under 1000. We will learn more about these pianos from the reviews in the following sections.

When to Buy an Expensive Digital Piano

When it comes to buying a piano, definitely you would be thinking about the price. The price of buying a piano is not always cheap. It is the reason most people would ask themselves the question of when to buy an expensive digital piano. Definitely if you are a serious pianist or a learner who want to learn more about pianos, you can always go for the top models. The reason is that they will have more features that will help you with learning about the piano and how to use it effectively.

The Best Digital Piano Under 1000 Reviews

1. Yamaha P Series P105N 88-Key Digital Piano

Yamaha P Series P105B 88-Key Digital Piano

A couple of people who have used this model can agree that it is among the best they have used in a while. It is made to deliver on performance, usability and a lot more. The graded action of the keys leaves you with a great weighted feel. The higher keys also give you a lighter response so that you have an easy time using the model.

The sound that you get from the model is strong, resonant and articulate. The acoustic piano sound should make it feel great when you play or hear someone else playing the model. The mellow and brighter variants in the sound is always what you can expect to get from the Yamaha instruments. One thing you can never miss with this model would be its ability to deliver on tons of harmonic and dynamic range.

The model comes with built in drum patterns important for you to keep on having more fun all time when using it. This is for those who are sick of listening to metronome all the time. You have these drum tracks help you make a band in the house.

You can never have all the fun alone when there is the duet function with this model. You will always have more to lookout for when choosing the model. You can now play with a partner this piano. With 10 playing styles available with the model, you should have no trouble at all enjoying yourself.

My Take

On overall this is a great piano that should easily get you liking the moment you start using. With the built-in duet mode, you can have someone else playing with you too. You always get to learn more.


  • The keyboard keys are weighted
  • It comes with a duet mode
  • It has built-in drum patterns and songs
  • It is a great concert piano


  • It lacks a stand
  • The onboard speakers are not the best

2. Casio PX-760 Privia Digital Home Piano

Casio PX-760 Privia Digital Home Piano

The AiR technology is what stands out for being one of the best thing that ever happened to the piano lovers. This technology is important for reproducing the finest sound just as in acoustic grand pianos. The processor of the piano will help in delivering the sound with a natural decay and rich quality as compared to some other models that you could have used before. There is always a touch of realism whenever you listen to the sound quality coming from the model.

The Tri-sensor scaled hammer action keyboard is another thing to opt for today. The keys are ebony textured which makes them unique. The weighted key action offers you a real acoustic piano experience whenever using it. There are additional sensors integrated in the keyboard that captures the dynamics of the piano performance so as to deliver unparalleled accuracy and speed.

You get a concert play mode. What this mode does is to deliver a much more improved performance than what you would expect from the others. This model is also important for offering more versatility. You can now play along with other live orchestra performances thanks to this concert play mode.

That is not the only mode you get with the model. It features the duet, split and layer modes. These modes are important for making sure that you get to end up with the best performance each time.

The USB connectivity is something you would get in all the Privia models. The work of the USB port on the piano is to help a lot with connecting the model to a PC or Mac computer. You can now transfer files to and from the piano. You do not have to install any drivers to connect the model to the piano to the PC.

My Take

It comes with complementing stand, which is often a great thing. Other than that, the sound is amazing and will always get more people loving it.


  • It offers USB connectivity
  • It comes with a stand
  • It offers impressive sound
  • It comes with a great feel for the keys


  • It is an expensive model

3. Casio PX750 WH 88-Key Digital Piano

Casio PX750 WH 88-Key Digital Piano

This is another Privia model from Casio. This one is another model that will give you the best performance and sound of a grand piano. One thing you will note is that the portability of the model is made to be great. The model is designed to be fairly lightweight so that you can always move around with it. With a compact furniture style cabinet, there is a sliding metal key cover, this should protect the keys from easily getting dusty.

The unit still comes with a matching stand and a 3 pedal unit that complements the looks of the piano. There are the damper resonance and hammer response simulator important for making you use the model easily and still end up with a realistic sound.

The key action is one of the important considerations when it comes to buying a piano. The full set of the 88-keys is made to have ebony and ivory texture. The result is that you will always feel as it is a grand piano. There is Tri-sensor scaled hammer action keyboard that makes it stand out even more. This feature is useful for adjusting the key action accordingly.

The model comes with a 128-note polyphony and two sounds layered together. With the 18 instrument tones, you should have a wide range of options to choose from. You will always get an acoustic piano sounds with this model, which is amazing for most users. The 16w speaker system is often praised by most musicians who are always looking for something different.

It has a standard USB port for additional connectivity. This means that you get to use the model for additional uses such as loading or recording whenever you play the piano.

My Take

This is another great piano that has multiple features that always get people excited. You too can enjoy it like other people when you finally get one for yourself today.


  • It comes with great sound quality
  • It has amazing weighted action keys
  • It has a great design easy to use
  • It is fairly lightweight


  • It does not sound the best at high volumes

4. Kawai ES100 88-Key Digital Piano with Speakers

Kawai ES100 88-key Digital Piano

If you have always been looking for a model that feels and weighs less, then you can opt for this model. It is designed to be relatively small and lightweight so that you can get it moving from place to place. Another thing is the size, which makes it take up less space as compared to some other models in its price range. The satin black color gives it a simple and minimalistic design. You would not be confused with lots of buttons and options.

The keyboard action is something that any user would never miss to consider. The 88-key digital keyboard comes with a graded hammer action. What this action does is to simulate the feel of a grand piano. That realistic feeling is what would drive more people into thinking about choosing the model.

You get two integrated speakers underneath the keyboard. Most people would need to have a great time listening to the sounds without connecting the external speakers. The sound might not be best, but it is still audible for a built-in speaker. You can always connect to an external speaker system if the need arises.

When it comes to the sound quality, most people are often amazed by it. With its Harmonic Imaging Sound engine, you can enjoy more sound quality. One thing you will like should be the 8 acoustic tones. It should make you play the different sound and integrate them into your play. You should always have a great time when using such a type of product.

To make the model sound even more soothing to the ears, you will get that this model comes with a pedal resonance. It lets you hear the string echo and resonation when using the sustain pedal.

My Take

This is a cheap model as compared to the others in this review. It does not mean it lacks features. It is able to live up to the standards of most people with its features and price.


  • It is a lightweight model
  • It comes with more features for its price
  • It is made of sturdy material
  • It sounds great


  • It lacks a console

5. Yamaha YDP103R Arius Series Digital Console Piano

Yamaha YDP103R

Having the Graded Hammer Standard piano keyboard helps with providing a heavier touch to the low end and a lighter touch to the high end. It is the same type of experience you get from the hammers of an acoustic piano. The model is one of the best to use for an aspiring pianist as you get to build up a technique for easily handling the grand piano once you get it. Having the matte black keys easily makes them to be less slippery and great for playing over extended periods of time.

Being a product of Yamaha, the results often speak for themselves. You will always have improved sound quality just as the real piano. The use of the Advanced Wave memory technology helps to make the model have a realistic sound that many people like.

With the pedaling, you can always have another level of realism added to using the piano. The half-damper pedal control will deliver a detailed nuance and subtlety whenever playing. It is just like pedaling on a grade piano.

With a standard USB cable, you can now connect the model to a PC or mobile device. What this does it to open a world of creativity that you can always benefit from. You can now send to and from the piano some files for playing or playing instructions.

My Take

Coming from Yamaha, it was expected that it would be great. It has all the features that make a person who was learning to be a pianist more interested in doing it. Many people are now buying it for this reason.


  • It offers a realistic feel of the acoustic piano
  • The keys easily absorb moisture
  • It can be connected to a PC
  • It comes with dual mode


  • Some felt that assembling the model took time


Finding yourself a great digital piano is something that can take less time now with all these reviews available. For this list, the Casio PX-760 Privia Digital home piano is something that you can choose if you are not sure which to buy today. It is clearly one of the best digital pianos in the world right now thanks to the amazing features that it has. It gives you the experience of playing better music if you get one for yourself today.