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Once choosing for the best component speaker, you might want to balance your admired sound quality to your budget. Let us face the fact that not all cars might come with stellar sound systems.

And so, one of the best ways, in order to improve the stereo system, is to replace the speakers with a great set of component speakers. There is just a need for you to find the right one suitable to your needs and preferences.

Prior to buying component speakers, there is a need for you to be guided by some important details that will help you come up with the best option. There is a need for you to learn first what exactly you are looking for, or simply said be equipped with whether what component speakers are.

Top 5 Best Component Speakers Review

For the reviews of some component speakers, consider the following:

Polk Audio DB6501
BOSS AUDIO PC65.2C Phantom
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  • Less distortion
  • Lightweight construction
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Renegade RX6.2C

1. Polk Audio DB6501 6.5-Inch 2-Way Component System

Polk Audio DB6501

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Well, there is no doubt that Polk Audio has this ability of rendering a speaker that looks and sound better at the same time. This one is an another 6.5-inch speaker that perfectly functions in the OEM factory systems together with aftermarket head units which are high-powered and component power amps.

We might be looking for a component speaker that could withstand harsh weather conditions and with that Polk Audio DB6501 is the best solution. At the same time, there is an assurance of detailed and clear highs when it comes to this speaker.

Another great thing we might want for our speakers is the assurance of dynamic balance. Aside from that, Polk Audio DB6501 is stiff and lightweight. In terms of the surround of this speaker, rubber is guaranteed allowing you not to worry about falling apart once subjected to stress, sunlight or temperature through number of years.

Being one among the best speakers that every individual could consider, this product from Polk Audio will never fail your high expectations of having great sound quality of music during your ride in your car.

Things we liked

Great product at reasonable price
Easy to install
Tools are included
Great mid-bass sound and stainless steel mounting

Things we didn’t like

Could last for a shorter period of time
A bit expensive

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2. Rockford Fosgate PPS4-6 Punch PRO

Rockford Fosgate PPS4-6 Punch PRO

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For something that is great in terms of high sound pressure level conditions, you might consider a component speaker from Rockford Fosgate. PPS4-6 Punch PRO features oversized motor structure as well as a high-temperature voice coil.

The ability of this speaker to handle great amount of power is credited to the combined fiber reinforced paper cone and corrugated treated cloth surround creating its foundation as a highly sensitive speaker.

Protective grilles are also included if you will choose to purchase this loud kind of speaker. The use of latest technology could also be observed in this speaker the same as how speakers are developed for stadiums and arenas. With that, we will definitely be provided with the chance to fill our car with warm midrange detail disregarding the volume.

As a 6-5-inch speaker, we will never be disappointed on how this speaker will perform in terms of offering us the best sound. Boasting its great features, Rockford Fosgate never fails in terms of rendering the best to the consumers.

Things we liked

Clear and loud
Built tough
Can handle great power
Clear mid and high
Non-distorted sound

Things we didn’t like

Lacks accuracy in sound production

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3. BOSS AUDIO PC65.2C Phantom

BOSS AUDIO PC65.2C Phantom

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For a great way of upgrading your speaker, this one is indeed a great choice. BOSS AUDIO PC65.2C Phantom is built with the use of a die-cast aluminum basket as for superb structural firmness.

As for achieving moisture-resistance, this speaker has an injected-molded and woofer cone that is polypropylene curve-linear which is attached to the rubber surround.

Why not consider something that could give you the assurance of sweeping more air leading to increased bass performance? Boss Audio is indeed the best solution for such matter.

And for a crisp and clean frequency reproduction, an inch of silk dome tweeters are being included in this component system. Increased mounting options are as well guaranteed through the mounted adjustable housing.

For a speaker that boasts complete sonic accuracy, this one also fits you right. With speakers’ wire, grills, and mounting hardware included, a complete component system is definitely guaranteed by Boss Audio. We will always be satisfied by how this speaker will change the mood insider the car due to the quality of sound that it could offer.

Things we liked

Less distortion
Tight hard hitting bass
Great sound quality
Crisp and clean highs

Things we didn’t like

Lacks bass quality

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NEW KICKER DS652 is something that you must not ignore once shopping for the best car speaker. With its heavy-duty motor structures and also the Extended Voice Coil woofer technology that is known as a durable polypropylene cone as well as ribbed one, no doubt it could be the best solution for a quality sound in the car.

Along with that, the said speaker from such a well-known brand also features UV-treated surrounds intended for exact linear excursion and finest sound as well. There will also be reduced mounting depth wherein there will be an easy upgrade in the doors or kick panels of the car.

With the titanium-dome tweeters having oversized voice coils, outstanding definition is rest assured and could be mounted in three various ways. Three-position tweeter levels designed for dialing in high frequencies will also be observed as the system offers external and a two-way crossover or protection network.

A complete musical quality of your ride will definitely be provided especially because of the mid and high of this component speaker. Aside from a reasonable price, New Kicker DS652 uses high-tech cone, ribbed surround and heavy duty coils along with retaining the reduced mounting depth intended for easy upgrades.

Things we liked

Great sounding set of component speakers
Great mid and high
Nice and crisp tweeters
Heavy-duty motor structure for improved performance

Things we didn’t like

Hard to install

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5. Renegade RX6.2C 6.5-Inch 2-Way Component System

Renegade RX6.2C

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For those that are looking for a replacement set of speakers or once looking for better sound, then this one is the right choice. With this component speaker, you could enjoy great sound at the price that almost anyone could afford.

For a speaker that could last for almost numbers of years, then this Renegade RX6.2C would come along with Myla tweeters and rubber surrounds fulfilling such goal.

In addition, these component speakers will offer better sound quality as they use separate drivers that could handle different frequencies. The tweeters also handle the high end and the woofer would be the one responsible for the low end.

This option also includes a crossover network for its tweeter establishing the frequencies that the tweeter would handle and a great protection for any harm as well.

No doubt that this one from Renegade could make something special in terms of sound quality compared to your present car speakers from the car manufacturer. We should also take note the reasonable price of this product without compromising the quality offered.

Things we liked

Excellent sound at a reasonable price
High performing speaker
Great sound quality and clarity
Very clean highs

Things we didn’t like

Not much bass
Too loud that could hurt ears

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What Are Component Speakers?

Component speakers are car audio speakers designed for optimal sound quality. In most cases, a pair of tweeters, as well as mid-bass drivers, are being matched with crossover to limit the frequency range that every speaker should reproduce accurately.

The drivers of component speakers are physically separated in order for the tweeter to be placed in the optimal position. The larger mid-bass driver could be placed where there is room most of the time in the lower front of car doors.

And with wide options of component speakers out there, 6.5-inch speakers are considered to a great choice of many audio enthusiasts. These speakers are not just designed for the low and high range but they are also capable of competing with numbers of speakers due to its wide mid-range.

With that, choosing the best one from this kind of component speaker should be carefully considered.

How To Choose The Best Component Speakers?

Knowing that it could be a daunting task to choose the best one from wide options, being guided by essential information might be a great help. Some factors to consider include the following:

1. Musical Tastes

music genres

Indeed, a good speaker could play any kind of music along with agreeable sonic results. Once choosing a component speaker, try considering your musical tastes. Larger midrange speakers could be for rap, rock and techno music while smaller ones are great for classical and jazz music.

2. Materials

Choosing a speaker with high-quality materials is another great consideration. Component speakers’ materials could be based on the theories of performance by many manufacturers, however, there is no inherent direct correlation into a certain kind of material as well as sound quality.

3. Various Configurations

Component speakers could be available in two-way or three-way designs, so choose which one fits you. Another option to consider is the ability to tri or bi-amplify the system having different amplifiers that are directly connected to the tweeter, midrange, and woofer.

4. Pricing and Performance

Most component speakers would operate in the same price ranges as better with home speakers. There are features that might affect the pricing and that include the chosen materials, power handling and more.

What is The Best Component Speakers

There you have it! The above-mentioned products are considered to be the best ones in the market today. But the one that sits on top is the Polk Audio DB6501. Why? It has the best features that many might be looking for when it comes to component speakers and it is also offered at a reasonable price. With that, there is no doubt that it is the best pick for the component speaker.

So if you plan to purchase a component speaker, 6.5-inch speakers are great options to consider and from wide options, five of the best are already mentioned above. Simply keep in mind what you need in terms of car speaker along with your preferences and budget. With that, being able to choose the perfect one for your car will definitely be achieved.

Now, have you already decided whether which speaker to purchase? We hope this article helps you a lot! Hit like, comment and share now!