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So you might be thinking of getting yourself the best classical guitar. For most of such type of guitars, they would be made to great and still deliver a great sound. Features such as best classical guitar strings are inevitable to make sure that it sounds great just as most people would want.

If you are now sure which would be the best classical guitar, you can always end up learning more from this guide. We get to discuss some of the top brands on the market right now that would make the best guitar.

How To Choose The Best Classical Guitar

1. Shape and size of the guitar

You might be a beginner in the world of guitars, it is important that you get to understand the different shapes and sizes of classical guitars. You can end up with the best classical guitar that suits you if you take your time.

The scaled size guitar to be smaller are often the best for kids. They would be looking for something smaller that helps them easily enjoy the benefit of playing a guitar. Buying your kid the full size type would just make it hard for the kid to learn.

The shape also matters, but it is often a personal preference for most people. You would get that some guitars are elongated while other might not have the best aesthetics.

2. The nylon strings

You might be used to the steel strings, but there is also the existence of the nylon strings. They are designed to be the best when it comes to different sound performance.

Such strings are often great for a beginner. It is not always easy to use a guitar with steel strings for a beginner. You would end up feeling too much pain at the end of the practice session.

For classical guitars, some would have nylon strings while others steel strings.

3. The quality of the tuning machine

When it comes to the tuning machines, the classical guitar would have a different type as compared to that found in the acoustic guitar. You need to understand the operation of the tuning machine before buying it.

Sometimes you might end up with a model that does not work great when it comes to its tuning machine. Make sure that it does not get out of tune easily or else you will have to keep retuning each time.

Top 5 Best Classical Guitar Review

Cordoba C3M Classical Guitar
  • Great sound quality
  • Solid construction
  • Good price
Jasmine JC25CE-NAT J-Series
  • Jasmine JC25CE-NAT
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  • Powerful sound output
  • Excellent playability
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  • Very comfortable
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Yamaha CGS102A

1. Cordoba C3M Classical Guitar

Cordoba C3M Classical Guitar

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This is another top model from Cordoba that screams value thanks to its construction. You will always feel that it delivers on the value from the amount of features the manufacturer has integrated in the model. On overall, the model is simple but still stylish to get you loving it even more.

The body and neck often affect how people get to choose classical guitars. This one features a solid top made of cedar and a rosette wrap around.

The back and side of the guitar are made of natural mahogany and still with a satin finish. This should easily get you intrigued to getting this model for yourself. Since it has also brace construction, it should have a better fan base too.

The hardware of the model is the best and continues to be among better with each release. The quality is worth every penny that you get to spend on it. For most people who are always looking for a model that can handle better sound, you get to find it as this model.

The construction in a way boosts the type of sound you get from the model. It also helps with having precise intonations.

The manufacturer did quite an impressive job in the sound department. The tones you will hear are rich and warmer. Compare it to any other classical model and you will notice a big difference. It is also lively so that you keep on entertaining your audience quite easily.

Things we liked

It has a solid construction
It has a gorgeous satin finish
It has impressive quality

Things we didn’t like

Some users feel that the durability could be improved

2. Yamaha CGS102A ½ Size Classical Guitar

Yamaha CGS102A

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The model is often known to be the best ½ size guitar you can give your child. With many models available right now, you could benefit from using a model such as this one. It is designed to be among the best on the market right now with the right size kids can enjoy.

When it comes to kids, it is all about the first impressions. This model looks nice so that the kid will always have something to use all the time. The meranti back and sides with a nato neck is something that makes it look better.

It comes with tree nylon strings with the other being wires, but wound with wire. The nylon strings are great for beginners.

Playability is enhanced when you have to use such type of guitar. Its size alone makes it possible for the kids to use it and enjoy having the guitar lessons more often. On overall, the model is still made to be lightweight and comfortable. Most kids would find it easy to hold it and start playing.

The sound will not always compare to the bigger guitar models, but it is enough to get you enjoying it for a new player. It is tuned well even the nylon strings do not sound as nylon strings. Within the first week, you can expect that they will not be in tune as they are still new, but they get better with time.

Being a Yamaha product, the craftsmanship is something you can expect will be at the top. The guitar has a great finish with no obvious flaws. Its solid construction should get many people loving it.

Things we liked

It has great appearance
It is easy to play
It feels comfortable
Great workmanship

Things we didn’t like

Some users feel that the finish is not high quality

3. Jasmine JC25CE-NAT J-Series

Jasmine JC25CE-NAT J-Series

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The brand itself is one of the top in the market when it comes to making classical guitars. This is a full size acoustic guitar that offers more performance that most users would want to use most of the time. With its full size appearance, anyone who is a beginner to a professional can easily enjoy playing the guitar at any time.

As for the styling, any user would want a guitar that when pulled out to play, it shows sophistication. This model is designed to have a sleek Venetian-style cutaway.

The styling is amazing to keep you loving it even more. The cutaway is important to help the users easily access the fingerboard. Playing should now be easier than the other types.

There is also the state of the art electronics systems integrated in the guitar too. The work of such a system is to help offer an amplified sound and performance. With such great sound output, it is one model that any player seeking the best sound from a classical guitar would want.

Playability is often a feature any great player would want to know about a guitar before buying. For this model, it comes with a slim neck and the right length important for better comfort and excellent playability. Even for those who are new to it, they would always love to keep it beside them.

The finishing is one of the best in the world of classical guitars. The beautiful mosaic rosette should easily get many people interested in choosing this type of product. There is also the full gloss finish that makes it standout even better.

Things we liked

It has a powerful sound output
It has a great finish and design
It offers excellent playability

Things we didn’t like

There are no many styles to choose from

4. Cordoba C5 Iberia Series

Cordoba C5 Iberia Series

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Compared to the other types of guitar manufacturers, this brand is relatively new in the market. That does not mean they do not make the best guitars. They are now one of the most talked brands, as their guitars have become excellent with each release. It is the same thing you would say for the C5 classical model.

Instead of the traditional steel strings, you get nylon strings on the guitar. What this does is to make the model be better in performance and still deliver on performance. Many users who get to use the guitar would not feel as it is hurting them thanks to such nylon strings.

As for the construction, you will realize that the model has a better construction as compared to some of the common models in its category. The C5 comes with a cedar top, which is something standard for classical guitars.

What you get from such a sound should be acoustic sound that is more pleasing. It is better than using guitars with laminated wood.

The C5 is just beautiful to look at and most certainly how it plays also. The sweet tone gets you carried away to keep playing the guitar for longer. It feels good in the hands of any player. It is the reason you get it quite common among most players right now.

To make it even better, you get the C5 in multiple options. You can always choose the option that you feel works great for you.

Things we liked

It is a lightweight guitar
It is comfortable to hold
It is easy to play
It is both electric and acoustic

Things we didn’t like

It might not be appealing to a professional player
It lacks futuristic features

5. Yamaha CG122MCH

Yamaha CG122MCH Solid

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One thing you have to know about the Yamaha brand is that it will always deliver on performance just as the way you want. The brand has made the best musical instruments since 1877. It is from their experience you can expect to hear the best sounds each time.

Well, being a Yamaha, many people would have high expectations for such type of a guitar. The model is made to be great for concerts and other types of performances that you might have. The guitar has been specially redesigned so that it offers a better tonal range to keep the sound even better.

For a model that sounds great, it should also have better looks. The model is designed to have a vintage classical look. The natural brown matter finish gives it quite the great look that most people are always looking for. The use of American Cedar top makes it to be even stronger and durable.

In addition to the cedar top, the model still features Nato sides. As you can see, from the looks it matches even the expensive classical models too. The sturdy look should get any person feeling that it is worth making the purchase of such a model. It would last longer without you worrying about spending more money on making it better.

The model is further very easy to play. Most people have found problems coordinating with the other types of guitars, but that is about to change when you buy this model. It is easy to use and still lightweight so that you do not only play for a few minutes and you are tired of it.

Things we liked

It has a great build
It has decent tuners and strings
It has a decent sound for its price

Things we didn’t like

Not the best if you need a guitar with a richer tone


With the many types of classical guitars mentioned above, sometimes you might end up not being sure which type would be perfect for you. The Cordoba C3M classical guitar seems to be the winner from the top models mentioned above. It is made with great features that would be appealing to both the professionals and beginners.

From the list above, choosing your next classical guitar should not be an issue. You can always end up with the best model after checking out the reviews.