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There are few things in this world as satisfying as listening to an awesome guitar player, and if you are here you probably are or want to become one.

If you play the guitar, you probably know that you can never have enough information and there are hundreds of styles, guitars, accessories, tricks and songs to buy, learn and do.

In this article, we will pass you through our compilation of the best 46 guitar blogs that you can find out there and give you an introduction of what you will find in each one of them.

Top 48 Guitar Blogs Give Best Quality Content

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1.  Guitar World


In you will find a nice collection of blogs with general tips and news from excellent guitar players from around the world.

Besides the news section, you can find guitar lessons in a variety of styles, lists and reviews on gears and instruments, and a store where you can get guides, magazines, clothes and other collection able items.

Here you can buy products and merchandise from the site and affiliated music magazines such as Guitar Aficionado, Revolver, Guitar Legends, MIX, Keyboard, TWICE and more.

You can also subscribe to their newsletter to get discounts and information when anything new arrives at the site.

2. Premier Guitar


This site is more dedicated to guitars. Here you will find news about new releases, demos, and tutorials of hundreds of guitar models, synths, bass, pedals, gear and more.

There are fully detailed sections for reviews, gear, artist –Including news and story, a how-to section which goes from guitar tuning to how to pick the right amp, guitar lessons separated by style, premier blogs for the most important info and a giveaway section.

It is overall a nice site to subscribe to if you are going to take your guitar business serious, here you can learn a lot about how to take care of your guitar while improving your play.

3. Guitar Tricks


Following a different direction, this site dedicates to offer online guitar lessons and videos, with a standard evolution line from basic guitar playing to a blues, country or rock specialized lessons that guarantee a fast turnaround if practiced as recommended.

They count with over 1.9 million users and have both a free entrance and premium zone for those willing to get full access to the program. Totally worth considering if you are starting in the world of music as a guitar player, and especially if you’d like to take on any of these genders.

4. Guitar Fella


If you are searching for reviews and buying guides this might just be the best place to start, this site specializes in helping you buy music gear, from instruments to accessories.

The coolest part is that they actually separate the item lists by budget, so if you want to get the best amp you can and have a 500$ budget, then you can just check the “under 500$” amp list and voila.

They are also associated with and other sites so you can get free access to some lessons.

5. Learning Guitar Now


This is an overall good site for guitar lessons, especially if you are into blues. They offer a wide range of lessons from the hands of John W. Tuggle and count with more than a 1000 videos and 100 hours of content upon access.

Their blog is also well-established and contains a lot of tips and tutorials that would be of use to any player. They are associated and sometimes promoted by grand sites like, so it is worth to take a look.

6. iheart Guitar Blog


This site is quite different to all of the above, it is directly dedicated to blogging and researching and reviewing new guitars and gear.

It counts with reviews and an interview section and covers in detail all technical features and descriptions of the new releases.

Alongside they cover up awesome and interesting artist interviews and motivational jamming videos.

7. Justin Guitar


This site is quite different to all of the above, it is directly dedicated to blogging and researching and reviewing new guitars and gear.

It counts with reviews and an interview section and covers in detail all technical features and descriptions of the new releases.

Alongside they cover up awesome and interesting artist interviews and motivational jamming videos.

8. Guitar Salon


They are classical and flamenco guitar dealers, and have been since 1983. This site has evolved in such a way that it offers hundreds of performance videos, thousands of guitar listings their store and a museum archive which is very interesting.

They also have a news blog and GSI radio and podcast for your entertaining which provides great information on the world of music.

9. Ultimate Guitar


You have been here before, haven’t you? This is a well-known site for guitar players all around the globe. Here you will find a huge database of guitar tabs submitted by the community and the site’s experts, including songs of all styles and trends.

You will also find music sheets on other instruments such as drums, bass, keyboard and even vocals.

In their blog section, you will find music related news, apps, instrument and gear launchings and reviews along with tons of video tutorials and recommended sites for learning.

10. Adam Rafferty


Adam Rafferty is a NY’s musician who is dedicated to giving online lessons, offer podcast, books, and videos to help you improve your play. His blog is pretty much easy to use, contains blogs, lessons, a store and a tour section so you can actually watch this guy playing live if you want.

You can also get access to guitar tabs by subscribing and buy magazines or DVDs in the site’s store.

11. UberChord


UberChord is a guitar teaching app. Yes, just as it sounds, in this case, the app will listen to how you play any chord and place you according to your skill level. It gives you real-time feedback on how are you playing considering factors such as your accuracy, fingering, and timing.

It also has an option for strumming and rhythm patterns and a song-teaching feature for you to learn your favorite songs step by step and evaluating your accuracy.

12. True Fire


This is an inspirational site for guitar players, it is dedicated to uploading blogs, artists’ interviews, videos and lessons that spark you into writing, composing or playing better.

So if you feel like you need to see something really cool to motivate yourself into practicing, or just need some push when it comes to writing, this site offers a huge library of videos that would do the trick.

They also count with a gear related blog and listings that could be useful for your musician career.

13. Learn To Play Music


Looking things from afar give you a better view, this site does exactly that. Differently from the other sites in our list, here they dedicate to promote all kind of musicians.

Their music news and tutorial sections are meant for the whole band and they also offer tricks, tips, and lessons for all guitar, piano, drums, and ukulele.

If you subscribe to their newsletter, you can get free access to “members only” lessons and a 30% discount on the Ebooks they offer.

14. Take Lessons

Takelessons is a teaching platform. It counts with a nice base when it comes to their music section though it is not specialized.

Here you can learn from basic to intermediate levels of guitar, vocals, piano and more based on a fully researched article database.

Besides the music lessons, the site also counts with lessons on several languages and academic courses and If you register you can take on any of their “Getting started” Ebooks for the area of your interest.

They also count with a generalized blog section which contains useful and motivational information to push you into the world of learning.

15. The Guitar Lesson


This site offers a different guitar teaching platform, including tools such as an online metronome, a chord library, guitar tuner and a huge library of GuitarPro tabs.

They go with the motto that you can learn guitar by your own rhythm and on your own time. This way you can get free access to 10 beginner guitar video lessons and start improving your technique with easy exercises.

The site also counts with specialized guitar techniques and theory sections for you to take some extra resources on your own.

16. Toma Smichaud


This guitar teaching site makes a quite unique offer, teaching Spanish flamenco without years of training, lessons and practicing.

Their system is divided into three levels, a beginners guitar course for grownups in which they consider the amount of free time you may have in their formula, a building level for those who already have an idea on how to play the guitar and the advance Spanish flamenco level for more advanced players.

If you are into this style, this blog would be the right place for you to get started.

17. Guitar Hippies

Guitarhippies is one of the most viewed guitar blogs all around. It counts with hundreds of blogs, divided into awesome categories that go from listings and inspirational content to DIY and funny stuff.

Even though they do offer guitar lessons which guarantee that you will learn your favorite songs in no time, this is more like an entertaining and informative site to consider when you have a spare time.

18. Guitar Player


This site is supported by one of the most known guitar player magazines worldwide. Here you will find literally anything that has to do with guitars.

About the lessons, it counts with tons of lessons from basic, to artist video lessons, rhythm, soloing and almost any style for you to specialize including Acoustic, Bluegrass, Blues, Classical, Country, Experimental, Funk, Fusion, Jazz, Metal, Progressive, Punk, R ‘n’ B, Rock and more.

It also counts with a lot of product reviews, artist interviews, and videos, an online store with magazines and props and more.

This is an awesome place to get some specialized lessons in your favorite guitar style.

19. Guitar-Music-Theory


This is a site that can help you improve your technique and get a grasp of what it feels to be a better guitar player. It contains a lot of resources from theories to practical lessons to help beginners improve their playing and getting more confident.

When subscribing you will get an Ebook with 6 simple musical concepts that promise to have you playing like a pro in half the time you would spend with traditional lessons allowing you to pick up anything you hear on the radio, learn to improvise and even solo like a pro.

In the store, you can get music magazines and a full guitar course to excel your play.

20. Matthias Young


This site belongs to the Director of Guitar Programs & Online Arts Education at Mount Vernon Presbyterian School in Atlanta, who offers a nice and solid guitar course guaranteeing that you will get yourself acknowledged in both electric and acoustic guitar in no time.

What makes the difference from his site to other we visited is the possibility to study by scheduling Skype lessons allowing a professional to evaluate your level from time to time in the comfort of your house.

It also counts with a guitar blog filled with useful information related to learning how to play.

21. Guitar Noise


A site filled with lessons which include lessons by a goal, podcasts with David Hodge and other acknowledged musicians and tons of how-to-play video for your favorite songs.

This site also counts with a lot of articles that can be used when purchasing your instruments and gear, guides to learn faster, a forum to get in touch with the community and a complete chord library.

22. Guitar Habits


This is a guitar blog where you can get content about everything related, from practicing, to rhythm, soloing, performing, songwriting, improving, lifestyle and motivation.

This blog is filled with free guitar lessons, including videos, chords, tabs and more.

This is a free and inspirational blog which includes a lot of useful content when subscribing you will also get a library with 150 basic chords to master as a beginner player.

23. Slc Guitar


SLC offers their original guitar-teaching system which basically consists on a guitar coaching.

The most visible benefits of their program are that you will always get some extra motivation from your coach, preventing you from crashing down into the “I can’t” zone and allowing you to get 100% dedicated attention to your improvement as a player.

They divide their program in four different courses, kids, basic, acoustic and electric guitar allowing you to start where it better suits your skills.

24. Joseph Brenna


This is another site which uses its own method of teaching. What makes the Brenna method unique is the use of backing tracks to give the players an improved skill of improvisation.

By adding meaningful stickers to the frets, you will have a better control of where to play the notes without jumping off your scale, create chords easily while respecting the patterns and more.

Alongside with this, you can have access to the blog with relevant information for any player and buy get a significant 50% discount by subscribing to the site’s newsletter.

25. Blue Morris


An awesome guitar player from Vancouver with a vintage rock style who offers private lessons at the site, the method is based on teaching through the likes of your own music style, meaning that you will first learn what you want to learn before getting to the normal part.

In the blog, you can find tons of guides, reviews, and cover videos from him and other students to get you filled with info and motivation.

26.Uptempo Music Lessons


At this site, you can also get tons of lessons and guides through chords, scales, and Licks. In this case, the lessons section is divided for the target user.

So, if you want a webcam lesson, lessons for adult or children, you can get teachers who are specialized in dealing with the kind of audience that you represent at the moment that better suits you just by booking an online lesson.

27. On Track Guitar


OnTrackGuitar is the site of a music school established from 1992, what differences this from the rest is that It aims to develop the musician’s skill to create and manage a band along with skills that are useful during live performances.

The site contains a lot of resources for the students as well as contact info and the calendar of the events.

28. Matt Warnock Guitar


This is a guitar teaching site guided by an expert jazz guitar player, it offers more than 200 free jazz lessons suitable for anyone from beginners to advanced players that will help you improve your jazz style sound in no time.

There is also a full how-to book on jazz guitar playing available and you can schedule Skype lessons to get a more personal experience.

29. Green Hills Guitar Studio

Green Hills Guitar Studio is a local music school for all guitar, singing, bass and piano learners. They do pay more attention to their guitar players and also offer online lessons.

As a plus, they offer songwriting courses to help you create your own music, theory, and ear training as well as the possibility to do your own records in their Nashville studio.

30. Tom Hess


Tom Hess is a professional guitar player and coach, whose site offers a complete program depending on your musician goals.

You can get three main services from this site. If you want to learn how to play guitar, there is an online guitar course for you, focused on accuracy, quality, and speed.

If you want to become a professional and be a musician for the living, you can get some career coaching to help you succeed in the world of music and skip all the mistakes you can make as an amateur.

This site also offers a specialized coach for teaching to help you be as on-demand as you can be. Alongside, there are tons of videos, content, resources, and products that can help you improve your style.

31. Jazz Guitar


This is a jazz dedicated site, filled with videos on how to take advantage of the chords and arpeggios for your jazz style to improve. It also counts with informative Ebooks and a blog which is purely dedicated to improving your learning.

If you are into jazz, this is a site that contains a lot of tools to develop your style faster with free lessons and song teaching videos to enlarge your repertoire of mastered songs.

32. Infinite Guitar


Guitar teaching sites are quite abundant, but this one has three particular advantages that will make it part of your to-follow list. Firstly it offers a huge library of HD song tutorials for free.

On the other hand, every guitar player’s goal is to be able to improvise and create awesome solos, well along with the online lessons and coaching these sites offer a great library of backing tracks covering almost every style you’d like to practice with.

33. Your Guitar Sage


This site offers 30 free guitar lessons and an Ebook just to start, it counts also with specialized Ebooks on blues guitar playing, a gear, and accessories store so you can get the best items such as hoods and oils for your instrument play and maintenance, and an online guitar tuner to on the site to make your tuning easier.

34. Jazz Guitar Licks


Don’t be deceived by its look, even when the design isn’t as appealing as it should be, in this site you will find awesome free content on jazz guitar playing, from chords to jazz licks and rhythm taking lessons.

The main features of this site are its Ebooks on voicing Jazz guitars, so if you are a jazz enthusiast take a look.

35. Breedlove Music


Breedlove is a recognized brand of handmade acoustic guitars and mandolins. In this site, you can take a look at their promotions and special sales on instruments, accessories, and gear while getting news on the world of music and mainly focused on their signature artists. You can also check out their instrument test videos to know how the guitar sounds before buying. 

36. The Music Zoo


Mainly working as an online store, in this blog you will find the latest news on the world of music as well as a huge stock of guitars, bass guitars, and gear for your collection.

They not only sell new stuff, this site works as a middleman to help you sell your old instruments as well and perhaps you could find a good deal to get a second-hand guitar in awesome shape at a lower price.

37. Sound Sation Music


This your overall music store, they offer a great list of services but mainly focus on selling instruments and gear to a professional level. You can acquire here your modern instruments such as electric guitar, bass guitar, and drums, classical instruments of all types including wind, bowed and traditional instruments and audio and light props and equipment to take on your live performances.

38. Faith Guitars


Faith guitars is an England store dedicated to craft and distribute acoustic and electric acoustic guitarsthey have dozens of available guitars from different series of the brand, all arranged by shape, series or type. They offer excellent quality at a good price and have guitars that can be hard to find such as left handed and 12-string guitars.

39. DawSons


Moving to our next England store, we have Dawsons, these guys offer major brand instruments such as Gibson and Fender guitars as well as equipment for recording, amps, pianos computer gear and almost anything music related that you can think about.

Their site also counts with a lot of how-to guides on products and equipment buying and maintenance as well as basic instrument playing.

40. Jongomm


This is what a professional guitar player site’s looks like, here Jon offers his music and branded hear at the store while presenting a lot of free step-by-step tutorials for alt. rock songs we all love.

You can check the blog to get content related to music and guitar playing, schedule a live date or just buy any product you like from anywhere in the world.

41. Guitar Instructor


If you are looking for a site to learn to play songs this is a good place to start. Even though you have only a few days of free trial, the real content is quite good, there are literally more than 10000 tabs registered and more than 1000 video lessons and play-along tracks.

This site ensures a lot of organized information, chords, tabs and guides that can get you through smoother beginning as a guitar player. You can take the free trial and see if it suits your style.

42. Guitar Coach Mag


This lesson coaching site offers a more personal approach to your music studies, including a 30-day challenge to force you to learn as fast as it is possible and a nice set of free lessons, workout sessions, and ear training videos.

It is overall a good site to start, and the free lessons are quite complete, especially for beginners.

43. Upfront Guitars


UpFrontGuitars is a sales blog which offers a wide variety of products for musicians. What makes these guys special is the fact that they guarantee to have tested and reviewed personally every product available on their site.

This way you get to avoid falling into offers that do not suit your needs or involve low-quality products while also saving some cash.

They also focus their blog on teaching you how to choose the right products and how to use them correctly which is a great plus for the site.

44. Guitar Diaries


Dantzig offers high-quality handmade electric guitars. They not only count with an excellent design but also you can check out the sound through the videos and even see some of their products tested by recognized artists.

They also have video tutorials on guitar crafting, history and relevant news to the brand such as their signature artist’s roads and new releases.

45. Guitar Tone Master is the largest free guitar jamtrack & backingtrack library, here you can

  • Improve your guitar skills, especially on scales and modes, riff & lick ideas. Help you improve your rhythm & timing in solos.
  • Have lots of fun with our jam & backingtracks while learning different scales
  • Easy to find: The guitar jamtracks are organized by genre, scale/mode, key & tempo.

46. Guitar Secrets

Guitar Secrets is the place where will give me lesson and guitar tips.

47. Ukulele Music Info

ukulelemusicinfo is the best place to find the tutorial, lesson and product reviews about ukelele. You will alway get the latest information about ukelele at here.

48. Classic Bands

classicbands is best blog about classic music where you will find all information as history, best record … from famous artist. Follow and find that you need.


There are millions of sites for guitar players out there, so we summarized these ones for you to enjoy your playing regardless of your style. Whether you are a newbie or a pro, you will find here all the information, content, and guides you can need to never stop growing as a musician.

We hope you really enjoyed this article! Remember to share with your friends and let us know your opinion in the comments section below.




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