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Do you have a passion for piano? Nowadays, you can find answers and solutions to almost all questions or problems on the internet. So if you need any information on the piano, there are various blogs you can log onto. But are all blogs perfect for you? How will you know the best one to visit? These are the questions we are ready to answer.

This article will provide you the top 30 piano blogs. We know there are some blogs that might provide you with the wrong information. So we have chosen the best by using different criteria for selection. The criteria are:

  • The consistency and quality of post
  • Popularity, influence, and testimonies
  • Ranking and reputation on search engines

Top 30 Piano Blogs

1. Learn Piano Online


Do you want to learn how to play various tunes on the piano or to develop your skills using a reliable online resource? If yes, then this site might be the best place for you. The site is not only loaded with piano tutorials to sharpen your piano skills but also contains a lot of useful information and tips to help you on your way to becoming a great pianist.

2. Piano Cub


Have you ever thought of a blog where you can get a sound music education, learn classical music and how to play the piano like a pro? The PianoCub might just be the ideal blog site for you. Here, you are not only going to learn how to play piano, but also the essential techniques and practices to sharpen your piano skill. The PianoCub works more like a magazine giving you a lot of information on the piano, other musical instruments and the world of professional musicians.

3. JoyTunes


This site is a place full of various information about the piano and other musical instruments. You will not only find information about professional and great musicians here but also how to use your piano and other instruments in amazing ways you never thought possible. JoyTunes encourages you to play even if you are faking the skills till you can play the piano like a pro. If your ultimate wish is to build a piano repertoire of your own, then this site is the place to visit. With JoyTunes, learning to play the piano has never been easier.

4. Piano Street


Do you want to take your piano playing to a greater level? If yes, the PianoStreet, a comprehensive piano e-learning toolkit is for you. With the Audiovisual Study Tool, Sheet Music Library, Mobile Sheet Music, Piano Recordings and the Practice Tips it offers, you would agree that this is the best site to visit. It is loaded with lots of news, articles, videos and special contents that aid your learning. It also has a piano forum that is full of knowledge and valuable information. You’ll, however, have to subscribe to use these amazing features it offers although you would be getting the value for your money.

5. Teach Piano Today


If you’re looking for a site that is obsessed with sharing their innovative piano resources to fine-tune your piano playing skills, this blog site is for you. They are committed to teaching and encouraging beginners and students of various ability and ages. The blog offers in-depth, intelligent, compelling and precise information to take you out of the road to being an amateur to the highway to success. Isn’t that what you’ve always wanted? The blog is also loaded with the daily piano podcast, piano series, piano book club and piano games. These will not only build your library with relevant and fresh repertoire but also makes your learning fun and worthwhile.

6. Hoffman Academy


Is your kid passionate about learning to play the piano? Are you a beginner who needs the right guidance and information to fine tune your piano skills? This blog might be the best place for you. It is a community of 97,878 music learners with more than 14000 fans on Facebook. It is equipped with in-depth, intelligent, compelling and precise information and tutorials to help you or your kid learn piano the easy way. It has a lot of tips for piano parents and technician guild to tune or take care of your piano.

7. The Cross-Eyed Pianist


Looking for inspiration and motivation to play the piano? The Cross-Eyed pianist is one of the best blogs to find them. You can get the perfect information about the piano and how to play it with different piano courses here. This site also contains a lot of information and several interviews with great pianists of all times, where you can read and learn from their pasts and success stories to keep you inspired and motivated.

8. Piano With Willie


Do you want to learn how to play jazz piano? Or are you only interested in perfecting your piano skills? If these are your intentions, piano courses with Willie Myette might be all you need. In this site, you will not only have access to piano courses from Wille Myette himself but also learn other skills that might be helpful in turning you into a great pianist. The site is filled with great piano courses for the beginners and advanced users. Log on to the site, upgrade your membership and you are good to go!

9. Tim Topham


Timtopham is a blog that supports creative piano teaching, inspiring and motivating piano students with various approaches. It offers ideas on new products, research, original fictions, interviews, and much more. With Timtopham blog, teaching piano creativity to students is now simplified.

10. Piano Groove


If your ultimate goal is to learn how to play jazz piano like an expert, this blog is for you. Pianogroove is one of the best modern resources with great lessons on jazz piano available on the web. Seeing the great lessons, vivid explanations and high definition video footage provided on this site, you would agree that learning how to jazz piano online can never be easier.

11. Faber Piano Adventures


The Piano Adventures is an online resource where piano students can learn using various analysis, expression, and creativity to build up a musical heart and mind. The site is loaded with news, videos, article, interviews, and tips so you can read, watch and be inspired. It also encourages practice with progress allowing you to gain and add more skills to your piano playing arsenals.

12. 88 Piano Keys


88PK (88 Paino keys) blog was founded in 2015. It always offers news, article, interviews, tips, episodes, and videos to get you motivated and inspired to learn how to play the 88 keys like a pro. They know a lot about group teaching, gather other pianist strategies and ideas and also brainstorm about the piano. So you can learn from them or tap from other pianist knowledge.

13. Piano Safari


Piano Safari is an online resource where you can learn to read music notation through its sequenced intervallic approach. This blog offers improvisational ideas that enhance creativity while teaching basic piano techniques and motions using animal themed technique exercises. Piano Safari also encourages students to use their senses, combining their eyes, ears, and mind to learn while providing patterned pieces that are taught by rote to engage students from their first piano class. The blog contains several videos tutorials while serving the purpose of an online store where you can purchase different patterned pieces to help perfect your piano skills.

14. Gist Piano Center


The Gist Piano Center is not only a site where you can learn to play the piano but also a forum where you can get the latest news or gain any information you need about the piano. This blog also pre-shop piano companies, provide piano services, accessories and buying guides so you can make the finest selection of the best playing and sounding instrument.

15. Living Piano


Do you think it’s time to sell your piano or get a new one? Living Piano might be able to help. With this site, you can search and gain information about a piano before making a purchase or simply put your piano up for sale. The site is also loaded with various articles, tutorials, piano and music videos to assist you in getting the sound piano education you need for free.

16. My Fun Piano Studio


Do you want to grow your studio business? Are you a piano teacher who wish to learn other piano techniques or teach fun and effective piano lessons? Or are you a piano student who is only interested in learning or improving your skills? If yes, My Fun Piano Studio Blog is the right place for you.  This site offers a lot of information and guidance on how to structure your piano studio, get more students, design studio policy to simplify your piano lessons and increase your income. It also provides video tutorials, e-books, beginners guide and ear training to improve your playing skills.

17. Colourful Keys


With the Colourful Keys, you no longer have to keep searching for a blog that offers quality piano lessons and training to open you up to your own musical journey at an affordable cost. The site contains teaching blogs that provide information and guidance on how to teach and simplify your piano lessons. You will also find piano activities and games that make learning fun and worthwhile for both adults and kids. The blog also has a teaching resource store where you can purchase your composing books, handbooks and practice cards to aid your learning.

18. Euro Pianos Naples


If you want to know what makes luxury pianos, how to beautify a place with pianos and how to select the best piano, look no further than the Euro Pianos Naples blog. The blog offers in-depth, compelling and precise information on piano reviews and the histories of renowned piano manufacturers. In this blog, you can also see the photos of some musical events, and read some interview with people of high importance in the industry who has a wide knowledge of the piano.

19. Piano Power


Are you tired of using the method book or losing interest in learning the piano due to a poor instruction from your teacher? The Piano Power Blog is your solution. It has a team of energetic instructors to help you or your kid to learn how to play piano most easily. The site is also is a home to various news, articles,  tips, and tutorials that might assist you in getting the sound piano education you need.

20. Piano Magic


Piano Magic has 45 years of experience in providing top notch piano services such as piano tuning, and rebuild. They offer their followers valuable information and latest news about the piano which provides confidence in making purchases and maintaining this valuable piece of musical instrument. Their store serves as a No 1 destination for selecting the piano of your choice both second hand and brand new product. In this blog, you can also get yourself a professional piano teacher to take you through piano lessons using the learning method that applies to you.

21. AMH Piano Tuning


Have you been looking for a place to get some professionals to service or repair your piano? Is your piano producing awful sounds and needs to be tuned to provide you the best quality sound? If yes, AHM piano tuning Blog might be able to help. They provide piano tuning, servicing and moving services in and​around London. Following this blog, you will get not only great music and Information to boost your piano playing skill but also valuable information on how to select the best piano as well as how to maintain and take proper care of it.

22. Chupp’s Pianos​ Blog


Chupp’s Pianos ​Blog is one of the best blogs to follow if you want to buy a piano, know how to manage and care for your piano. The blog is also equipped with other valuable information like the history or latest news, interview with important people in the industry about the piano. Although they specialize in Steinway and sons but are not limited to that. Yamaha and Kawai piano and other brands of grand and upright pianos are not left out. The blog offers a wide range of piano services including piano rebuilding, refinishing, tuning, repairs, moving, and setup. It also helps its followers to find their perfect piano while providing a platform to buy or sell a pre-owned piano.

23. Piano Blog


This blog is one of the best blogs to follow if you want a free but quality piano lessons. The piano blog is dedicated to helping music and piano lovers to understand the best path to follow to attain their musical goals. It is equipped with quality resources for teachers and piano students to learn and acquire valuable information about the piano. The blog also offers private piano lessons and free technique lessons for beginners and intermediates to sharpen their piano skills.

24. Piano Central Studios


The Piano Central Studios Blog is a place to visit for to unlock your piano potentials to take your music to a greater height. The blog has quality resource and inspiring teachers to train various age groups (both young and old) with its outstanding musical lessons and classes. The musical education PCS blog offers will enhance your creativity and improve your skills while giving you the confidence to share with others. The kids are not left out, the kinder music offered to kids will help develop their interest and musical skills.

25. Jazz Piano School


Are you willing to learn how to play jazz piano like an expert? If yes, the Jazz Piano blog School is for you. This blog encourages learning freedom with its online piano courses. These outstanding step by step courses are built for different levels, such as the beginner, intermediate, advanced and special courses.  With the different learning approach offered by this blog, you can be very sure of nothing but success. This blog will not only help in perfecting your piano skills but also help you in building a piano repertoire of your own.

26. Cunningham Piano


The Cunningham piano blog is one of the best blogs to follow to get the latest news, interview and other quality information about the piano. They offer a wide range of piano services such as piano restoration, tuning, installation, and piano lessons. The blog also helps its followers in finding their perfect piano.

27. Cooper Piano


Whether you want to buy, rent, service or move your piano, or you are only interested in learning to play the like a pro; the Cooper Piano Blog is always there to help. Cooper Piano is a renowned top piano retailer in the United States. Their blog is equipped with great resources that will not only help you learn, service and maintain your piano but also help you in making the best choice in case you are hoping to get a new one. Log on to this site, sign up, and get exclusive news and discounts.

28. West Coast Piano


If you need detailed information on how to maintain, move and store your piano, the West Coast Piano Blog is where to get them. The blog also offers other valuable information like how to diagnose and fix your piano, how to select a piano that fits your home and much more. Seeing is believing, log onto this site and come back with your testimonies.

29. Digital Piano Judge


If you are interested in buying a digital piano, the Digital Piano blog is for you. In this blog, you will find various digital piano brands, top piano accessories and all other things you want to know about the digital piano. The buying guide and digital piano reviews provided on this blog are informative and educative. This is simply the best blog to follow if you want to buy or know the latest trends in the digital piano world.

30. Piano Forte


Whether you want to buy, rent, tune, service, repair or move your piano, the Pianoforte would always be there to help. Pianoforte is one of the top piano stores that offer quality piano of different brands to people from all walks of life, both young and old. Following this blog, you will find great information, tips, histories and product reviews of different piano brands. This blog will not only assist you in servicing and maintaining your piano but also help in finding the best piano for your needs.


There are much more blogs that can help you learn or provide the information you need as regards the piano. However, these 30 piano blogs are the ones we found more interesting and reliable. You can visit any of these blogs to gain the valuable information and the learning guide that you need. Following these blogs, you will be well informed and updated.

We have selected these top 30 blogs using our own criteria. Your opinion might, however, be different from ours. If you think a blog should be included on this list, don’t hesitate to tell us by using the comment box below.