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Unlike what most people think, producing music is not always an easy task. At times, it can become very technical and challenging, especially for producers who turn out to be the sound designer, composer and audio engineer to master and mix it all at the same time.

In addition to that, we are in a world that constantly changes with new tools (studio monitor speakers, headphones, daw software …) , techniques, software, and plugins gaining entrance into the music production industry by the day. So it is not only important for you to continue learning to sharpen your music production skills but also to get yourself acquainted with the new trends in the industry.

Below are the top 30 blogs we suggest you add to your list to keep up to date with the news and latest trends.

Top 30 Blogs The Producer Can’t Miss

1. Ableton


Ableton is a music software company that makes Push and Live, software and hardware and packs for music creation, production and performance. Their blog does not only offer the latest news and music production tutorials but will also inspire you on creative music making.

2. Mixmag


Mixmag is an electronic dance and clubbing magazine. Their blog covers the latest dance news, events, reviews, music and club culture. You will definitely find a lot of contents that relate to you.

3. Universal Audio Blog (UA Blog)


UA blog is the last on our list but definitely not the least. This blog is loaded with a lot of videos and guides that are not only educative but also entertaining. You’ll also find better mixes and deals, recording tips as well as the interviews from pros which are very informative and inspiring.

4. Loopmasters


The first on our list and arguably one of the best places to get royalty free samples, and learn the basic studio techniques from the biggest producers in the music industry. It serves as a source of inspiration to both seasoned artists and armatures alike. With Loopmasters, you’ll get several fundamental music theories, tips, and tutorials to help promote your music.

5. BeatStars


BeatStars is a digital platform that allows recording artists and music producers to collaborate, license, share, distribute and sell any kind of musical content. Here, you’ll also find plenty of insightful articles, interviews, news, techniques, and tips to aid you on your way to becoming an expert music producer.



If you want loads of inspiring posts, mixing and mastering tips, interviews, new trends, and tools, this is a perfect blog site for you. It allows you to distribute your tracks, sell your music, master your song for free, and instantly sound better.

7. Dubspot


Dubspot is the home of music production videos and tutorials. This music production school out of LA and NY is a hub for loads of pretty stuff for amateur, intermediate, and professional musicians who are looking to learn new things.

8. Bedroom Producers Blog


Bedroom Producers Blog (BPB) is a source of inspiration to both artists and music producers. It features a daily update for loops and audio samples, VST plugins, and news about free and paid music software.

9. MPG


Music Producers Guide (MPG) is a community of music producers and engineers where the issues of value to music recording or production experts are discussed. It features news, events, and awards and also serves as a knowledge bank to provide its members with the basic principle of engineering and producing great music.

10. Pro Tools Expert


Are you looking for a large collection of tutorials, interview, tips, tricks, free Pro Tools video training and reviews to sharpen your music production skills? Pro Tools Expert blog will prepare you to work in various musical situations with advanced tools and techniques that will set you above the competition.

11. Production Advice


Just as the name implies, Production Advice offers music production, mastering, recording and mixing advice as well as hints, tips and tricks from professional mastering engineer to make your music sound great.

12. Cras


CRAS is a music production and audio engineering school in NY. Their blog offers lots of pretty and advanced levels of insightful tutorials for music production enthusiasts who are interested in picking up new ideas.

13. Attack Magazine


This blog is dedicated to electronic dance music production and the likes. Here, you will get several tutorials, interviews, news and techniques on the production of all forms of dance music to help you stay on top of your game.

14. ProAudioFiles


Pro Audio Files is a music production blog with tutorials and tips that cover everything from mixing, recording, mastering and producing. You will also find a wide variety of video tutorials and free sample pack to inspire you.

15. Musitechnic


Musitechnic is one of the best sound engineering and recording school who has been a leader in music and audio production training since they started in 1987. Their blogs cover a wide variety of audio production techniques to prepare you for the future of music production.

16. AirGigs


AirGigs is an online platform that allows you to connect with and hire professional vocalists, musicians and recording engineers and take your music production to the next level.

17. ModeAudio


Are you looking for a collection of blistering quality sounds, sampler patches, synth presets drum samples, royalty free samples packs and MIDI files? ModeAudio is the perfect place to get it.

18. IconBlog


Icon Collective is a music production school in LA but also has a great blog. IconBlog has an awesome assortment of tips and tutorials from the professionals in the music industry.

19. Abletunes


With Abletunes blog, music production has never been easier. Just like the Loopmasters, it features a wide variety of Ableton templates, presets, sample packs, plugins, tutorials and tips for a hitch-free music production journey.

20. Next Step Audio


If you need real-world practical advice, and tips to create cutting-edge electronic music, this is the right place for you. Here, you will find in-depth and step by step tutorials (both articles and videos) to sharpen your electronic music production skills.

21. BobbyOwsinski Blog


Bobby Owsinski is a best selling author and a leader in the music business, with 23 books on music production and recording. His blog offers various collections of tips, tricks, tutorials, and other insightful articles that relate to you.

22. EDMProd


If you are looking for ideas and resources for the production of electronic dance music, EDMProdblog is a perfect place to start. It contains several tips, articles, real stories and advice from industry experts and professional artists to guide and inspire you.

23. Supreme Tracks


Supreme Tracks is a professional online recording studio with various music production services. Their blog offers a wide range of articles and tips on how to start production, improve your skills, monetize your work and lots more.

24. The Music Production Guide

music production guide

If you want to learn the art of music production and engineering, The Music Production blog is an ideal place to start. This blog will provide you valuable information to improve your skills and take your music production and engineering to the next level.

25. Sound Oracle

sound oracle

Behind every shadow of a doubt, Sound Oracle is the preferred choice for loops and premium drum kits. This blog always has new tips, tutorials, and tricks. It is really a cool site that worth following.

26. Talkin Music

talk in music

Talkin Music shares the latest news, audio engineering tutorials, gear reviews, production tips and techniques and lots more, for cutting-edge music production.

27. Quantize Course

quantize courses

With the Ableton live courses and tutorials that you will find on this site, you will learn how to create and release quality music in your preferred genre successfully.

28. Haynes

haynes music

Haynes blog is a music production blog for solo artists. It offers tips, stories and recommendations from Ben Haynes, a professional music producer in the UK. The site is cool, and with the inspiration, you’ll get, it’s really worth keeping.

29. EDM Ghost Producer

ghost producer edm

This blog is an intermediary between ghost producers and artists or DJ’s. Here, you will find news, ghost producers and even sell or buy custom-made tracks that you can use for your Dj or music career.

30. Born To Produce

born top produce

Just like the Loopmasters, Born To Produce is where to learn electronic music production with easy and quick to follow video tutorials, find presets and sound sample packs as well as music production news and guides.

31. We Make Dance Music

we make dance music

If you want to find a place for buy and sell music production then wemakedancemusic is the best place for you. Let’s register and try the service at here.


These are the top 30 blog we recommend for music producers who wish to stay informed and on top of their game. However, we’d love to recommend that you also follow and keep us on your reading list as we become more devoted to providing you great contents that you can benefit from.

We hope you find some amazing tips and tutorials on these blogs to develop your music production skills? Drop your comment and let us know what music production blogs you read.