best acoustic guitar for beginners

We know how super excited you are to get that first guitar. You may have tipped your savings, bawled for the pocket money that you kept aside and moved metaphorical mountains, and here we are: to help you with our tips to buy an acoustic guitar for beginners!

Word of advice for our friends out there: you may be surprised hearing all the technicalities and types and whatnot. But as we continue, you’ll find it more comfortable. Here are 5 of our best tips:

5 Tips to buying an acoustic guitar for beginners

Want to get your best acoustic guitar? Follow these:

1. So, what exactly is an acoustic guitar?

In order to shift the vibration from the strings, acoustic guitars use acoustic means. From the strings to the body, to the empty space inside the body, the vibration traverses and is amplified in the empty space, finally coming out in the form of sound. Your guitar can be nylon-stringed or steel-stringed. For beginners, nylons are a better choice.

2. How much money will I need?

You can spend all that you have in your pockets, in your cupboard, wherever, whatever amount you have stored, honestly. But if you are anything like us, we know you like things that fit your budget and have a reasonable price. Under 500 dollars is a great maximum you can have, with the minimum being 100, if you are running too low. But 200 bucks do you an even better job. You just have to look very, very well. Above 200, you are playing safe and hope for miracles.

But know that more expensive may mean lighter, better tone, better build, etc., but with the right one, even if that is cheap, the magic is in the fingers that you plan on using.

3. Where do I get my guitar from?

Online. That will be a cheaper option and will save time and energy. But we recommend you touch and feel the guitar. Visit your local dealer, we say.

4. What accessories do I need besides my guitar?

digital tuner

Besides your lovely, lovely guitar, you will need a couple more things. They include a gig bag, a stand for your guitar, capo, picks, and an electric tuner.

You can purchase guitar sets that have all of these with the guitar itself. Because you will find tacky stuff in that most, that does not last you so long. The solution? Try to get them individually.

5. Where do I set the whole thing up?

At the store, of course! So revisit point 3 and make it your only place you get your guitar from. You can find yourself a luthier or somebody else who will help you out at the store. And it will cost you as much as 50 bucks, not more than that.

And if you think you can set it up at home, rethink. Because you will be able to recheck everything at the store, not just the guitar, but the way it plays, too.

We would also like to tell you, don’t get a used guitar. This is a bad gamble as a starter. And find a proper and comprehensive guitar course you can adhere t. Not some learn-playing-in-a-week that teaches you to play twinkle twinkle.


So, there you go! We hope you learned the basic things you should know as tips before you plan on purchasing any acoustic guitar. There are plenty of guidelines out there. But do your own research before heading on to the store. No guitar is the right guitar if it isn’t one that feels and plays perfectly for you. We wish you luck with that!