Best Record Player with Speakers

Record players come with different styling and options. In this case, we get to look at the importance of having speakers on the record player. It is possible that you do like a great record player, especially one with speakers included to enjoy the music without external speakers. For many, the best record player with speakers is what they have waited for a long time. Let’s get to learn more about such record players.

Top 5 Best Record Player with Speakers Reviews

Electrohome Signature Vinyl Record Player
Musitrend LP 3-Speed Turntable
  • Musitrend Lp Turntable
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  • Powerful speakers
  • Auto stop feature
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VIBE SOUND VS-2002-SPK USB Turntable

1. Electrophone Signature Vinyl Record Player

Electrohome Signature Vinyl Record Player

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The model comes from a manufacturer who has over 100 years of experience when it comes to manufacturing the best audio products. You should now be in a position to easily enjoy your classic music collection.

The model as much as it is supposed to be classic, it comes further integrated with some new technologies such as AM/FM, USB drive, CD drive and a lot more. This means that you get to listen to different sources of music from the same record player.

The premium audio components are what drive more people into opting for this model. The cabinet is handcrafted by using real wood and still a rich walnut finish.

The other premium components include the conical-shaped sapphire tipped needle and the acoustic speaker chambers in the unit. The moment you turn it on, you get to fill the room with amazing sound.

It is easy to record the vinyl sound to mp3 if you want to listen to your vinyl records on other players. The model features an MP3 encoder necessary for converting and transferring the recorded files to a USB drive.

Things we liked

It can offer multiple sources of music
It is easy to record mp3
It has a great sound
It is made of premium material

Things we didn’t like

It is an expensive model

2. Spectra Studebaker Wooden Turntable with AM/FM Radio

Spectra Studebaker Wooden Turntable

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The design alone should be enough to take you back to the era where vintage turntables were the real deal. The wooden case design gives it the feel as you would have found in the past.

The wood might make it heavier, but the overall use of the wood makes it even better. You should find this model being sturdier than other models you might have used. Being sturdy means that you get more durability out of such a model.

Some features are included in the model to make it better. The notable one must be the use of a 3-speed turntable. It should help play different records at various speed selection.

This model further offers the right kind of stability you would need to handle the vinyl records. It comes with the AM/FM stereo as an additional feature you would enjoy using.

Being a record player with speakers, we also have to consider looking at the sound performance. You would never get bored of listening to your vinyl records as the speakers give you the best sound. The sound is within the acceptable range, making it be among the top models with the right sound.

Things we liked

Great sound
Strong case
Impressive wood design
3-speed turntable

Things we didn’t like

It is a heavy record player

3. Musitrend Lp 3-Speed Turntable with Built-in Stereo Speakers

Musitrend LP 3-Speed Turntable

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The kind of nostalgic design that you get with this model makes it be one of the best in the market. It has been designed with solid wood and impressive finish that gives you a different look from the many other models on the market right now.

The model is belt driven with the option of choosing from 3 speeds. You can always choose the one that is great depending on your current vinyl record.

The built-in 2-way stereo system is important for providing you with the best sound. Unlike other record players that might need you to connect to an external speaker, you get to play music with this one whenever you want with the internal speakers.

The model still offers the option of recording from the vinyl records to mp3. This could be seen as a way of backing up your audio files. This is also a way of playing your favorite tracks on different audio devices.

The use of the auto stop features makes the model safer. This feature will stop the turntable when the record has finished playing. This is to protect it from any scratching by the needle at the end.

Things we liked

It has a nostalgic design
It comes with powerful speakers
It has the auto stop feature
It offers vinyl to mp3 recording capability

Things we didn’t like

The dust cover tends to break easily

4. eXuby Vinyl Record Player with Speakers and Cassette Player

Vinyl Record Player with Speakers and Cassette Player

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It is possible that you would get to enjoy listening to some vinyl records once again with this type of record player. The best part is that you can also listen to cassettes, AM/FM radio and mp3 with this single record player. This goes on to show that you can always have a great time with a vintage record player in your house.

Something that is different for the model should be the record player remote control. The remote control is important for many users to efficiently operate the cassette player from their couch with ease. You can adjust the volume, record, mute and a lot more controls.

Beside that you no longer need a computer to record the vinyl records and convert them into mp3. You would simply have to use the turntable itself to handle the recording. Now, you can have the files copied to a USB drive where you get to enjoy using it on other devices.

Things we liked

It is a three-speed turntable
Great sound
Use of remove control
Easily records the sound of vinyl records

Things we didn’t like

Some users feel the construction could be improved

5. VIBE SOUND VS-2002-SPL USB Turntable

VIBE SOUND VS-2002-SPK USB Turntable

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If you are in the market for a compact record player, then look no further past this model. It is compact enough to just on your bookshelf so that you do not have to worry about the space it takes in the room.

The compact nature also makes it portable from one place to another. The best part is that it is powered by a single USB input.

The moment it is turned on, the model would fill the room with great music sound. You would not believe that it is the same small model that can produce such an amazing sound.

You can further record your vinyl records into mp3 by using the USB port. This means that you get to back up your priceless records and keep listening to them on different devices.

You still get a rubber mat for keeping your records when not using this model. The extra needle cartridge should be great as spare just in case you end up having a broken needle and there is the need to fix it.

Things we liked

Easy to use
Sleek design
Excellent volume control
Compact model

Things we didn’t like

It lacks sturdiness

Factors to consider when buying record players

The sound

The sound is going to be important, especially for those looking to enjoy buying the best sound from the vinyl records. Get to pick a model with the right speakers so that to get clear sound.

What is important is that you get the best sound from the record player with the built-in speakers. You could also check out the reviews on the model to see which one seems to sound the best.

The design

The design is quite important when it comes to picking the record player. As much as it sounds right, it is also supposed to look great. Most would go with a retro or wooden look that most people love. You can always have a great time picking such a model knowing that it would look great too.

The cost

Most people would have a budget before they can buy the best record player. As much as the cost plays an important role, you have to consider making sure that it does not limit you to the worst players. You can make the budget to be flexible a bit so that you get to buy the best model within your budget. Some models for a price range: from 50 – $100, under $200, from $200 – $300.

Build quality

Depending on the material used to make the model, you can always end up with a stable build or not. It is always satisfying knowing that you have the best build quality ever when it comes to choosing the record player. Picking the best model with the right build should always give you the satisfaction that you chose the right model.


The record players are increasingly becoming the best when it comes to using them for playing the vinyl records. It is important that you always get to choose the right one to enjoy the music. As for this list, it is easy to see that the Electrohome Signature Vinyl Record Player comes out as the best.

It has some features important for the user to feel that it is money well spent. It is further made with a retro look that gives you the vintage you have always wanted. If you found this guide helpful, you can always share with friends or leave a comment in the section below.