how to hook up speakers to tv

When it comes to listening to the TV sound, sometimes having to use the TV speakers might not be enough. You would always be feeling that there is the need to have more sound from the speakers.

This is where you get to connect the TV to the external speakers, which can be Bluetooth speakers or wired speakers. It is important that you learn how to hook up speakers to TV if they are going to work.

Before you can start the connection, there is the need to understand the type of audio connections available on the TV. Most of the TV systems would come with the analog stereo audio output. They are often called the RCA ports when you get to connect the left and right channels separately.

The other type of audio connection is the use of the optical digital audio. This model of connection will be connecting the audio by using a pulsating light through the use of a fiber optic cable. Another option would be using a coaxial digital audio. The work of the port is to pass the digital data through the use of a 75-ohm coaxial cable.

The step to connect to full size speakers

1. Connect the cables to the RCA ports

connect cable to rca port

This would involve connecting to the RCA audio ports on the TV and the external speakers. You will have to insert the red and white plugs each in their respective positions such as the red goes to red and white also goes to white. Make sure that you connect to the OUT part of the RCA ports. These RCA ports you would find them at the back of the TV.

2. Connect the cables to the amplifier

It is now time to connect the cables to the amplifier. Just like you connected to the TV, you have to do the same for the amplifier too. Make sure to connect to the IN part of the amplifier to get the sound of the TV being channeled into the amplifier.

3. Strip the wires where necessary

Some of the amplifier ports might need that you connect the cable being bare. It is crucial that you get to strip the front of the speakers a bit. Make sure to add some insulation to prevent having some naked wires hanging around.

4. Connect the speaker to the amplifier

connect speakers to amplifier

If you are going to enjoy the sound from the speakers, then you have to connect them to the amplifier now. You have to connect the ends of the speakers to both the right and left channels of the amplifier. It is through these channels that you would hear the different types of sound coming from either channel.

5. Power ON the devices and test

By now, you have connected correctly the different devices important for handling the output of the TV sound from the speakers. You will need now to power the devices so that you can test the sound. Listen to each speaker making sure that each has a sound output. It should be great when you get to enjoy the sound from each speaker.


Connecting your TV to the other types of audio ports follows the same process. You will not have to spend a lot of time hoping for a better sound output when you can opt for the external speaker system. Arrange the speakers correctly in a room for a home theatre system so that the sound out is correct based on where the speaker is connected.