Friday, September 25, 2020
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Vinyl records

What are the Beautiful Secrets Behind the Vinyl Records?

Let’s take a second to do a little exercise, shall we?Imagine yourself strolling down the street, by your favorite bar. You have your new dress or suit on, and you are...
how to clean vinyl records

How To Clean Vinyl Records: The Ultimate Guide

Vinyl records were the most-hyped analog music storage format in the 40’s. However, it lost its fame due to the rise of CD’s yet it made a huge comeback when the...
how to store vinyl records

The Best Tips On How To Store Vinyl Records

When was the last time you listened to a good old vinyl record? Like many millennials, you must be wondering, “Who still owns one?” The truth is, even in this age...
how does a record player work

How Does A Record Player Work?

The record player was invented a way before CD player, cassette tapes and any other devices used for recording and playing of the sound. If you are a fan of vinyl...