portable cd player will come back

Going through the memory lane when it was every child’s wish to rock their neighborhood with their new music players especially with their portable CD player. They carry their new CD players on their shoulders with a great deal of enthusiasm just to show off to the rest of the kids what they have gotten. You’d become the envy of all your friends, especially if you get the best portable CD player available on the market.

We all know that with the invention of many other players, such as mp3 and the rest, the purchase of portable CD player reduced, but surprisingly, people have started drifting back to the portable CD player. There are many reasons the portable CD players will come back. In this article, I am going to show you the benefits of owning a portable CD player and why they would come back.

9 Reasons Portable CD Player Will Come Back

1. Multiple power option

Do you know you can listen to quality sounds without having to wait several hours to charge or recharge a battery? Portable CD players offer multiple power option, which means you can use an AC adaptor or batteries. Most portable CD player offers an AC adapter that allows you to play and listen to your songs without the hassle of loading batteries, charging or spending more on battery purchase.

I could remember what happened sometimes ago when I was trying to relax and listen to my favorite music collections after a stressful day. My mp3 player and iPod had a flat battery and had no AC adaptor, so I have to plug them in and wait to get some charges into their batteries before I could get to use them. But thanks to my portable CD player, I just plugged in the adaptor and listened to my favorite music non-stop with no power restriction.

2. Cheaper alternative way of listening to music

CDs and CD players are now cheaper, and easy to get. CD players are now seen as out of date, as most people no longer put their interest on it. This led to a drastic reduction in the cost of owning one since people tend to turn to other newfangled music players that have been invented. CD player may, therefore, come back, as it is now cheaper and more affordable for all to buy.

You would also spend less to listen to your music whenever and wherever you want. Unlike iPod and other Apple music playing devices, you don’t have to pay a higher amount of money to buy and download a song. Just walk into the store, purchase a copy of the CD of songs you want, or simply create your own mix, insert it into your player, and you are good to go!

3. High-quality sound

Another thing that is considered by most music lovers is the sound quality. CD players provide a very high in sound quality compared to the other players. Songs from a CD recording have no compression unlike the mp3 music files and other music formats, so you are assured of high-quality sounds. If you are an audiophile who cares much about the details of the highs and lows, going for a portable CD player is your best bet.

4. Compatible with other musical gadgets

Portable CD allows you to listen to CDs and FM radio right from your home or car stereo. Most of them come with the line out feature the allow you to connect your home or car stereo as well as a compatible portable Bluetooth speaker for a thrilling musical experience.

5. Longevity

Tapes can get damaged or lose the sound recorded on them due to the action of magnets. LPs can also wear out just as micro SD cards and mp3 player’s memory can crash or get infected with the virus. Likewise, CDs can also be scratched, but if they do not get scratched, they will stay put for decades without losing their sound quality.

You cannot get a broken tape fixed, but these days, we now have CD repair kits that correct scratches on CDs. This is not so with other players such as mp3, iPod, and the others, once damaged, that is the end, as it damages the music in them as well as even the player.

6. Customizable playlist

Most portable CD player allows you to customize your playlist and select the songs you intend to listen to. This feature is also available in some mp3 players and iPods, but absent in tape cassette players and LPs. You can even create or burn a custom CD collection of your favorite songs with your laptop and play them on your CD player.

7. Variety

Another cogent reason why portable CD players will become the talk of the day again is variety.

Yes, what do I mean by variety? Variety in the sense that, there are lots of music produced which are only available in CDs, and can’t be found online. Some musicians or artists may decide to keep their music off the internet to avoid some sorts of online illegal acts.

Musicians that fall into this category include; Black Sabbath, Tool and Garth Brooks, Def Leppard, and so on. So, if you wish to listen to different kinds of songs which may be off-net, you may have to rely on your portable CD player.

8. The ability to Skip, or select the track you wish to listen to

With your portable CD players, you can skip a song, or if you wish to listen to a song again, you can do so without you having to rewind or fast forward. Portable CD players now have customized playlist which is not so with a record player or cassette.

9. Long battery life and anti-shock features

Gone are the days when portable CD players are faced with the issue of poor battery life and skipping sounds whenever the player is shaken or moved by an external force. Today portable CD players come with the anti-shock feature and good battery life for uninterrupted music playback.


The portable CD player is a great invention, and it has a lot of capabilities; it has a lot of benefits that just made it hard to rule out of music life. The portable CD players are now more affordable, and this makes it available for all. Even though other music players are now leading, but with the reasons above, portable CD players will find its way back into the heart of most music lover.