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A piano can be one of the exceptionally good choices when it comes to selecting a musical instrument. It’s simply a piece of musical instrument that music enthusiasts cannot do without.

Since the piano was invented in 1700, more than 2000 brands of this instrument have taken over. With so many different kinds and models of piano on offer, getting yourself the best piano might seem a daunting prospect.

However, the benefits you’ll derive from jamming the keys of this amazing piece of instrument are well worth the search.

Benefit of Playing Piano

Playing the piano comes with a lot of benefits which go beyond the appreciation for music and the acquisition of piano playing skills. Some of the mental and physical benefits of playing the piano are discussed below:

  • Playing the piano is like an exercise on its own and offers both physiological and physical advantages to its players. It improves hand-eye coordination, sharpens fine motor skills and strengthens the hand muscle. Studies have shown that playing the piano increases the levels of Human Growth Hormone that slows the negative effect of aging.
  • The piano has been demonstrated to improve mental coordination and performances. It also reduces stress, anxiety, heart and breathing rates as well as blood pressure.
  • Social participation and creativity are also not left out. The piano can strengthen the bond between friends, homes, and community with the power of music. It also creates an avenue to be creative and innovative.

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