Klipsch RF-82 II Review

After being bitten by music and movie entertainment bug, the next thing to do is to get a quality sound and speaker system. After getting a quality amplifier or home theater receiver, you need a high-quality speaker system to deliver the mind-blowing sound quality you’ve always wanted. But which speaker system offers outstanding sound quality without marring your home or room’s decor?

That’s a puzzle for you to unravel. Well, not anymore, I already did that for you. After so many trial and errors, I stumbled on the Klipsch RF-82 ii floor-standing speaker which I found pretty amazing. In this post, I will take your through the Klipsch RF-82 ii review, and closely examine its features and performance so you can be a well-informed buyer with realistic expectations.

Now let’s dive right in.

Perfect Design

Klipsch is never stagnant, just like many other goal-oriented companies. They are always improving and modifying their products with re-engineered crossovers, updated drivers, and a more sophisticated look.

The RF-82 ii is the fifth Klipsch’s update that resembles the traditional 44 x 9.3 x 16.3-inch floor-standing speaker when its rectangular horn is covered by the grille. These speaker grilles are satin smooth and come with magnets to fix and attach themselves to the speaker baffle holes.

Klipsch RF-82 II Floorstanding Speaker

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One of the things I love about the unit is its appearance and build quality. The unit is slim with less protrusion, thanks to its refreshed logos and rounded feet that give it a refined and a more stylish appearance. It comes with a beautifully finished black or light cherry wood grain vinyl wrap that sure compliments any home or room’s décor even from its listening position.

The RF-82 ii has both traditional bass/mid drivers – a 1’’ titanium-diaphragm tweeter that can handle an extended range of frequencies (between 1400 Hz to 24000 Hz) and two 8’’Cerametallic woofers (the coated anodized-aluminum cones). The tweeter is a trickle-down design (of Klipsch’s Palladium speaker’s flagship), it is mounted behind a 90° x 60° square Tractrix® horn and has a crossover of 1400 Hz.

The ceramic/metallic cones (that Klipsch calls Cerametallic) have a copper color that matches the rest of the theme for the Reference line and are also very stiff and lightweight. Looking closely at the cone, you will notice the nicely integrated concave dust caps, and from the normal sitting position, the seams are almost invisible. So, again, I will say that the look is clean and very impressive.

Best Performance

If you want quality sound with the sensation created by the physical attributes of large-scale music but have no serious money to buy both amplification and speakers, the RF-82 might be your best way to go. It has a robust bass which is not as defined or deep as it could be, but it’s lively enough to give any music some momentum and a welcome drive.

Each music or recording I played delivers the sound that came through with the foundation and that feeling of authority that brings seriousness and excitement to the listening experience.

Klipsch RF-82 II Floorstanding Speaker

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Klipsch RF-82 ii has an impedance of 8 ohms with 98 dB sensitivity and are very easy to drive. It is highly efficient; it uses less energy and produces more output. I tried four different amplifiers and had no trouble driving the speakers, even with recordings that are very demanding.

I was curious to see its performance and what difference it would bring since I normally use the Dynaudio Confidence C1 with a sensitivity of 93dB and impedance of 4 ohms which takes more power to drive.

Beside that, I have recently used and review speakers with 12 ohms and 93 dB which are easier on the amplifiers, but the RF-82 ii delivers the most gentle speaker load with precise and non-fatiguing sound. Even though it takes a few watts to drive this speaker.

I noticed a general sense of ease and a significant improvement in the dynamics and control with a stunning and more precise sound as I switch to a more powerful amplifier. Theoretically, this is not an issue. Nevertheless, the Klipsch RF-82 ii performed better each time a cleaner and the more powerful amplifier was used.

Top Features

  • Ported and floor-standing speaker with beautiful cherry wood grain vinyl or black ash finishes that sure perfect any home or rooms décor.
  • Improved 1-inch titanium diaphragm-compression horn-loaded tweeter for detailed and high-frequency sound production. The linear travel suspension ensures minimal distortion with a clear, open and natural sound.
  • Dual 8 inch Cerametallic cone woofers prevent distortion and ensure a solid musical bass.
  • It uses Tractrix® Horn technology for reduced distortion, enhanced reliability, improved efficiency, with natural sound and well-defined imaging.
  • Crossover of 1400 Hz, 98 dB sensitivity with a nominal impedance of 8 ohms
  • Dynamic and accurate sound transmission.
  • Two binding posts (bi-amping or bi-wiring of the speaker) with the two rear-firing ports for extensive but exceptional bass performance.
  • Power ratings: 150 watts (600 peak watts).
  • Dimension: 43.9 inches H x 9.3 inch W x 16.3 inch D
  • Weight: 61.5 lbs per unit.


The RF-82 ii is priced at under $500 and might not have the refinement, resolution and the delicacy of more expensive speakers like Dynaudio Excite and the Klipsch RF-7 iii. But when it comes to an easy to drive, full range speakers with awesome performance, the RF-82 ii really shines.

How To Setup

Klipsch RF-82 II setup

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The RF-82 ii connection is made to the amplifier using the two binding posts for bi-amping or bi-wiring. However, single-wire connections can also be made using the jumpers that come with the speaker. For single wiring, Klipsch recommends hooking up the negative speaker wire end to the lower speaker post and the positive end of the wire to the upper one (with the jumpers in place).

Things we liked

Clear and crisp sound with powerful bass at various volume levels
Awesome magnetic grilles (can take it on or off for kids)
5 years warranty

Things we didn’t like

Large and heavy

Final verdict

I really enjoyed my time with the RF-82 ii, tried a couple of amplifiers and it pairs up nicely with an impressive performance. It boasts enhanced features such as the new crossover system and re-engineered drivers to excite your emotions with improved sound quality.

Klipsch RF-82 ii serves as the ideal entry point for people who want excellent speakers for their music and movie entertainment but do not have serious money to buy both speaker and amplifier or go for more improved and expensive types.

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