Klipsch R-12SW Review

It is impossible never to get embroiled in the passion of your action and the music in your preferred movies whenever R-12SW Reference from Klipsch is kicking the bass out. It delivers extended, powerful bass response as a result of the beefy 200watts amplifier that faultlessly drives the 12-inch woofer.

With this R-12SW in the system, you are going to feel and hear your video games, music, and movies arrive roaring to the life inside your room. Learn more from this Klipsch R-12SW review to make the right decision.


Klipsch R-12SW Subwoofer

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One the region of this particular subwoofer which does not look conventional in any way is in absolutely spectacular design. Beginning on front side, a gorgeous 12″ Cerametallic spun-copper sub graces this edge that can be hidden shamefully by a detachable cloth grille.

Also, the remaining package is complete in a delicate black crushed polymer veneer, providing a sleek yet interesting appearance. The backside is pretty empty, with crossover and volume knobs, line inputs and RCA, phase button, and a connected power cable.

The black and copper finish is exciting overall. Although a towel grille is integrated, it will be a pity to cover the spectacular copper subwoofer up. The cone is shiny, highlighting a cabinet which does not stick too much out, but oozes the quality.

This subwoofer is beautiful, minimal, as well as will fit (maybe improve) any setup, particularly paired with some other speakers coming from reference line of Klipsch.


Klipsch R-12SW Subwoofer

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The genuine legend of this particular show is truly in its performance. This woofer sounds absolutely exceptional, rivaled only by how great it looks. This cerametallic copper spun woofer is rigid incredibly while also extremely being lightweight. What this means is that the subwoofer can get to really low in frequency range with no cone distortion and breakup. As Klipsch sets it, “less effort, more booms”.

This is assisted by a most-digital amplifier which grants 600-Watt dynamic and 300-Watt RMS power, providing a higher ceiling to enhance the speaker, once again allowing concise, tight, and clear bass across hearing levels.

Klipsch truly shows their capacity in the field of audio with this unique subwoofer. This sounds enormous, never getting overinflated, but satisfying always.Klipsch R-12SW review

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The R12SW provides 400-watt of earth trembling amplification to run the front-firing twelve-inch “copper-spun” cone. Also it includes a flexible phase control, lower pass crossover and a LFE/line input, placed in the ported cabinet.

This R12SW subwoofer reveals what you have been lacking in your games, movies, and music – clean chest-bass. This high-performance bass speaker provides placement flexibility and deep bass because of its front shooting driver and almost all electronic amplifiers.

This R12SW comes with a 12″ IMG copper-spun driver which provides lower frequency response remarkably with the minimal cone distortion and breakup. The all-digital and built-in amplifier deliver sufficient power with higher efficiency and faithful to-source precision in reproduction. This lower phase control and pass crossover allows you to definitely blend the lower-frequency tones of the subwoofer with additional Klipsch speakers and also establish the perfect level of the bass.

This R12SW is encased in a long-lasting MDF cabinet as well as accomplished with brushed polymer black veneer. The front-installed LED power signal lets you understand when this system is run off or on. You have been warned.

Top Features and Setup

Top Features

  • Impressive Front-Firing Subwoofer
  • All-Digital 400w Amplifier
  • Always Enjoy The Great Sound
  • Compatibility With The Most Receivers
  • Appears Good Everywhere
  • Led Power Signal
  • For Better Sound And Look

Setup Manual

Klipsch R-12SW review

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This subwoofer is not hard enough to set up. It comes with a simple-to-read manual that will help you know how to set up the subwoofer. But don’t forget to read the whole manual and instruction before you proceed. If there is any problem then you can seek help from any expert of this manufacturing company.


This R12SW is one of the ever-best and most durable subwoofers out there in the marketplace. There are so many subs but this one stands out as the best one because it provides what the most people desire for.

It has gained 4.6 stars out of 5 stars by the satisfied customers in different marketplaces. It is also inexpensive. You will get both less price and high-quality bass at the same time.

Now, it depends on you whether you want to go for this or not. But I will suggest you compare this subwoofer with some others available in the marketplace for knowing what the best is.


If you have a thought personally that you’re missing something when enjoying an action film or even listening to songs, this Klipsch R-12SW can be the final puzzle piece. Also with powerful and clear bass, this can fill the entire room; this R-12SW woofer transforms a whole sound system along with satisfying the bass output.

This Klipsch R12SW is a wonderful subwoofer, providing a truly fabulous experience. Also, a deficiency of features is effortlessly negated by a spectacular design detailed with the copper spun subwoofer and overall performance that can only originate from the company such as Klipsch.

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