how to organize cd collection

At first, I just bought CDs of my favorite singers. Then, it has turned out such a hobby that my collection keeps expanding in number.

One day I spent nearly two hours messing up my house to look for a favorite dish. It was a horrible experience! So, I decided to organize and store my CD collection all again. Next time if I want to listen to anything, I just take it out and enjoy.

Now that I have learned several useful arranging tips, I really want to share with you guys.

Take a Statistic of Your CD Collection

Do you know how many CDs you have?

Will the number of CDs multiply in the future?

It will mostly decide the way you organize and store your collection.

Handling with a dozen ones is an easy task whereas the hundreds of CDs tell a different story. So, spend one day finding in every single room to gather all the CDs in one place.

You don’t want another mountain of CDs to show up when the organization is all done, do you?

Clarify Your Collection

When all CDs are at your fingertips, it is time to sort them out. In my case, I divide my collection into four groups:

CDs that I do not want any more

Very old CDs might be already broken or unable to play on your device. Or, you just no longer like that singer or actor. Sometimes, you need to get rid of old dishes to make room for new ones.

But do not throw them off the dust bin! There is a wealth of ways to recycle your CDs.

You can also give them away to those who seek for those CDs or even sell for cash. You can turn them into toys or DIY ornaments.

Like this one!

CDs that I do not use but they are still valuable

select cd collection

“Valuable” – I mean both price and memory.

I am such a fan of Studio Ghibli that I collect all CDs, say Spirited Away, Howl’s Moving Castle or Princess Mononoke. Back then, those dishes cost all of my pocket-money.

Now that I can surf Ghibli films on the Internet whenever I want, I still desire to store those dishes for my childhood memory.

There are also limited CDs that I haven’t played for years, yet I always want to show them off in my collection.

CDs that I use occasionally

I have several CDs to play almost one in a year. For example, CDs recording my family’s lovey-dovey moments are played on my Dad’s birthday. Or, the Mariah Carey albums are for Christmas.

I often put away these CDs in a safe and easy-to-find place so I can take them out when it comes to the time.

CDs that I listen to frequently

I also listen to music on Spotify, but only when I am outsides. At home, I still like playing my old CDs by cd player device. The high-quality recording is somewhat the online stream songs can never beat the CDs.

And is it great to grab an exciting book and enjoy the music from the CD driver?

A vintage and tranquil experience!

I also bring some dishes in my car, so I can listen to my favorites songs on driving. Once in a while, I replace the car collection with a new pack of CDs.

How To Organize CD Collection

I arrange CDs based on its categories.

1. CD box/basket/drawer

A paper box or hand-made basket is an ideal place to keep CDs that I no longer or hardly play from dust and being broken.

The box or basket is often cute and compact for dozens of dishes. Its size is also flexible to lie in a drawer or sit on a shelf.

I give one box a tag, say Ghibli; X-mas; Family; etc. Every CD inside the box has its own label from A to Z, so I don’t have to mess them up to find one CD.

2. CD holder/binder

cd/dvd bag

When bringing the CDs in the car, I often take them out of their cases and keep them in a CD Binder. It looks like an album that protects your dishes from scratches or dust.

What I like the most about the CD binder is that it saves much room, especially in the car. With the size of a couple of CD cases, the binder can handle 50 to hundreds of CDs at one time.


3. A custom CD shelf/rack

As I listen to the CDs very often, I always keep them at hand within a shelf.

More than a place to hang up your CDs, the shelf works as arty furniture in your room. Honestly, the CD collection is such a treasure so why not show them off?

Remember to invest in a custom shelf rather than a bookshelf as the CD cases are thinner and lighter than a book.

A wall CD rack is another choice. Like shelves, the rack keeps all dishes at the eye levels and within your hand’s reach.

You can organize CDs in various ways:

Alphabetical order

  • By Artist
  • By Genre
  • By Color
  • By Date: Newest First, Oldest Last
  • By Random

Get inspired by these lovely CD shelves:

4. Store your CD Collection

Besides focusing on the organization, you must also protect your CDs from environmental impacts. Hence, take notes the following:

Pay attention to the temperature to prevent the moisture, melting, warping or the like

  • Avoid direct UV light which can affect the image or sound quality
  • Cover CDs with a solid case. If you do not worry too much about the storage space, I recommend keeping the CDs inside its case. Add another layer of protection with paper boxes, baskets, or drawers.
  • Clean the CDs properly. Neither using the washing material like Windex nor spraying cleaning fluid directly on the CDs.

Final Words

It takes years to gather a CD collection so pay more attention to it. Organizing and storing the dishes properly from the start will keep your CDs in safety and make it effortless for you when it comes to enjoying your music time.