how to make a speaker louder

Are you a lover of music? Or do you love having your speakers as loud as you can get them? If yes, the question on how to make a speaker louder will be the first thought on your mind. Sitting back to listen to your favorite music after a stressful day can be frustrating especially when you are receiving a very low sound volume from your speakers.

It is even more frustrating when you turn your music player to its maximum volume and still cannot receive the loudness and the sound quality that you anticipated. But not to worry, this problem can be tackled. Most times you might not need the help of a technician to get your speakers as loud as you wanted because it’s something you can do on your own! But how?

Are you also curious about the tools to use in making your speaker or Bluetooth speaker louder? Well, curiosity they say kills the cat. That’s on a lighter note though. And in this article, we are going to provide answers to the questions bothering you.

Tools Needed To Make Your Speaker Louder

Are you bothered about having to spend more on tools and equipment to use for this operation? It’s high time you killed off the thought because the only tool you need is your hands!

Yes, your hands, the room, your amplifier and of course, your speakers. We are sure you just had a good smile at that. You don’t need money to purchase expensive tools. As long as you have you and if you so desire, a friend to help or chat with as you handle this operation, you are good to go.

There are various ways and methods to make a speaker louder, depending on how you wish to go about it. The right approach to take boils down to the following questions:

  • How to make a speaker louder?
  • How to make a Bluetooth speaker louder? (If you have Bluetooth speakers).

Not to worry, we are going provide answers to these questions and assist you in your quest to increase the loudness of your speakers to enjoy your music. Now let us dive in.

How To Make a Speaker Louder

Most times the louder your speaker is, the more electrical power it coverts. To get a speaker louder, you certainly need more power to power it. This can be done with the help of a better amplifier or without an amp. Here is how you can go about it. Trying this instruction will give you the required result.

1. Check The Wattage and The Impedance Rate

Your speaker comes with certain wattage ratings and no doubt; it would either be a peak or continuous wattage. If it is peak wattage, you can only use the power level for a short period. Continuous wattage, on the other hand, lasts for longer period mostly at all times.

To get your speaker louder, you need low impedance. This is because the lower the impedance, the higher the power your amp has to make your speaker louder. Assuming your speaker has 8 ohms impedance ratings like most stereo, you should connect it to an amp with 8 ohms for the best result.

2. Increase Power from The Amp

Get an amp that produces more watts per channel as it helps with increasing power from the amp. The wattage itself comes in peak and continuous categories. We advise you get a continuous wattage. Get an amp that matches the rates of your speaker doing otherwise has disadvantages making it hard for you to get the expected results.

Exceeding the power ratings of your speaker will end up damaging the speaker. A speaker with 50 watts ratings cannot function with an amp with more than 100 watts per channel. Note that you can get your speaker to function louder, but we advise you drive your speaker with little power to avoid destroying your speakers.

3. Upgrade The Cable

Upgrade the cable within the speaker and the amp. It gives a little boost to how loud the speaker can get. Should your wires be worn or damaged, we advise you upgrade the wire to a 14-grade. This helps to stop the wire from interfering with power derived from the amp and destroying impedance.

4. Position Your Speakers

floor standing speakers

Place your speakers where it can get the best of the room’s acoustics. Place the speakers in the corner of the room, so the sounds that might go sideways from your speaker is re-engineered towards the center of the room.

5. Replace Old Wires

Check your wire and its connections. If they are old, worn, frayed, badly connected or of weak qualities, your speakers will surely malfunction. To avoid having a substandard functioning of your speakers, check for dirt on your wires, if found clean it off. Ensure the wires are well connected. If the wires are old or worn, get new ones, you should consider purchasing better-graded wires.

6. Add Powered Subwoofer To Your Speaker

To get your speaker louder, you might try adding a powered subwoofer to your speaker. Powered subwoofer reinforces the low-frequency output of the speakers. Producing these subwoofers frequency can be quite challenging as it requires lots of power. The moment you increase the volume of this frequency, your speaker’s volume increases. You may have to get a better amplifier to achieve this.

7. Get a Better Amp for Your Speaker

No matter the quality of your speakers, without the right amplifier, it will probably produce awful sound outputs due to the lack of adequate power to enhance its loudness and sound quality. Start by comparing your speaker’s manufacturer power requirements with the power requirements of your amp. In case your speaker overpowers your amp, get a more powerful amp to assist those good speakers of yours.

Some peoples ask how to make a speaker louder without amp. The answer is you can use all tips above except for this one.

8. Nothing Should Obstruct Your Speaker

Avoid placing anything in front of your speaker. Placing things (such as furniture) in front of your speaker will only block your speaker’s sound waves. If the sound waves are blocked, the speakers sound reduces, and I’m sure you wouldn’t love that. Remove the furniture and other thing obstructing your speaker’s sound waves, and you are good to go.

The instructions above should be followed, and your speakers are in safe hands with little or no stress.

How To Make Your Bluetooth Speaker Louder

Using a Bluetooth speaker is very cool if you know how to go about it. If you are someone that likes having your songs loud to feel the flow like we are doing now, this guide is just what you need.

If you have just purchased your Bluetooth speaker, you need to pay more attention to this article to get how to make your Bluetooth speaker louder for a mind-blowing effect. For old users of Bluetooth speakers; you just go with the flow.

1. Know Your Room Size! 

To get the Bluetooth speaker to produce a louder volume, you need to measure your room sizes as the sound waves spread. Knowing how the sound wave spreads will help you when buying a Bluetooth speaker. This is because buying a Bluetooth speaker that correlates with your room’s sound waves and sizes will give you a louder output just as you wanted it.

2. Place Your Bluetooth Speaker on The Floor!

how to make a bluetooth speaker louder

That does the magic of having a louder sound. Placing your Bluetooth speaker on the floor is much better than placing it on the table. You will enjoy your speaker more if you place it on the floor in the middle of your room!

3. Install The Bluetooth Speaker on The Wall

Another place your Bluetooth can deliver more output is when it is installed on your wall! Trust us; this approach works great! You use this approach for multiple or a single Bluetooth speaker to get a louder volume. If you intend to hold a small party like we once did, you need your speakers on the wall for the effects.

It also helps to avoid having people step on your speakers during a dance to probably a rock and roll song. I’m sure you are probably smiling when you picture such scene. When installing your speakers on the walls do it in line with the size of your room.

4. Get to Know Why Your Speaker’s Volume Drops

Some speakers are quite loud when newly purchased but starts dropping as days go by. There must be a reason for this and knowing the reason is what you should be careful to know. Most times, this is as a result of your unknown negligence to adjust the device when playing your songs. This act often produces a less effective output from your speaker.

Not all music can be played on all devices. You might be surprised at that, but it’s just the fact. Some music players play certain music format louder than the rest. To avoid these challenges, you have to understand this and discover the best version of the songs for your device.

A louder Bluetooth speaker means a louder volume. As a die-hard fan of music, you need to follow this procedure to avoid getting a dull or deafening output from your Bluetooth speaker or speakers. Don’t forget to get a speaker that suits your room size.


You can get your speaker as loud as you wanted. This article has done a great job at addressing how to go about it. All you need to do is to follow the options provided above.

Now that you have known the trick to making your speaker sound louder, its high time you got the process started, so you can listen to your favorite songs at your required volume. If you find this article helpful, sure you did. Save a soul some stress today by sharing the article with friends and folks to gain from it!