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Round tripping is never complete without music. As you travel the wonderful scenic sites on the side of the road, it gets real interesting when you pair it with some good music on the background. This is why you need to invest in your car’s audio system.

When you are going on a new venture that focuses on upgrading the audio system of your car, tweeters are the best when it comes to producing good music. However, you must know the deal when it comes to installing it.

While it is true that you could always hire some professionals, who could do the job, you must understand that it is your car that you’re working with, not any other person’s vehicle.

Thus, you have all the reasons in the world to work on it because it is your car!  Don’t get worried too much, all the instructions and other information about tweeters are found below. We got your back; you just have to read on!

Important Things to Know about Tweeters

audio crossover

Tweeters work well in association with woofers (that speaker thingy that produces a lower frequency or deep sound is known as bass) to create a high quality and balanced sound.

One thing that you have to remember is that the processes involved in how to install tweeters aren’t rocketed science. It’s no joke so you have to pay attention and continue reading! In fact, the installation is a straightforward process.

There are other standard speakers that work best with the tweeter. For instance, a component is a type of speaker that necessarily goes perfectly with tweeters. Component systems, however, will have to cost a little bit more expensive in contrast with its standard counterpart- the coaxial speakers.

This kind of speakers necessarily integrates the drivers as well as the woofer tweeters in a unitary system that necessarily will yield an inexpensive and easier to install a system.

For the speaker system function properly, owners should install a crossover that significantly helps in redirecting the signals of the sound sourced from the unit or amplifier towards the perfect component that suits the system.

Meaning, higher frequency sounds goes out to the tweeters while the lower frequency sound comes out from the woofers or the external sub if there’s any. This will yield a better stereo experience, especially in a wider stage.

Tweeter Mounting Options

Luckily, tweeters could be mounted in different manners like flush, angled or surface. Whatever you may be, they must make it sure that the tweeters are installed above the woofers and mount them correctly for them to produce realistic soundstage as well as stereo image.

1.  Surface mounting

Surface mounting tweeter


This type of mounting makes sure that the tweeter is mounted just right above the mounting location and is contained in a cup that is secured to a particular surface with a screw that necessarily holds the tweeter to avoid movement.

Moreover, it is your own discretion if he or she should mount the tweeters in the surface, considering that the car’s interior could be changed in the process or if the vehicle cannot necessarily billet flush mounting. However, the adverse effect if this type of mounting is that it may leave a noticeable mounting installation.

2. Flush Mounting

Flush Mounting tweeter


Flush mounting, on the other hand, involves drawing a hole on either the dashboard or the door to hold the tweeter. This particular mounting option could offer any you a smooth and customized look because the tweeter is placed on the interior panel.

A lot of manufacturers include angle-mounts that necessarily allows you to customize and adjust the angle of the tweeters, especially when the tweeters are placed in the panel.

3. Bottom Mounting

Bottom mounting tweeter


This mounting option is used when there is already an existing grille in the car that necessarily helps you not to create new holes to accommodate the tweeters.

Common Places Where Tweeters are Mounted

Common Places Where Tweeters are Mounted

1. Sail Panel

This particular part of the car is found on the top corner of the car window. Some cars may have some built-in tweeters that are placed by the manufacturers themselves. When this particular scenario exists, the best mounting option is the bottom mount. However, flush mounting is also a good choice.

2. Dash Edges

Most vehicles are equipped with factory tweeters situated in the dash. For this, the bottom mount is the best mounting choice. New holes aren’t needed to be created. However, a bracket may be designed to keep the new tweeters in place.

3. “A” Pillar

This is found near the vertical support of your car which is located in the middle of the front windshield and front door. Surface mounting is best used to attach your tweeter.

4. Upper Door

Attaching a tweeter in the upper door requires drilling of the major new holes in the door panel to hold the tweeter. This applies in particular especially when the vehicle is not equipped with built-in tweeters or if the factory tweeters are so tightly attached thus making it difficult to work with.

Whatever option you choose to mount your tweeters, most tweeter manufacturers say that the tweeter should be connected within twelve inches after the speaker.

If this will not be followed, the sound that will be produced by the tweeters, as well as the tweeters, will have to reach your ears differently, regarding a millisecond that leads to interference of waves or the cancellation of the phase.

How to Install Tweeters with 7 steps

So, here’s the tricky part. Make sure you got all your attention on screen, perhaps prepare some pen and paper because this stuff is real…kidding. Just continue reading and do the thing after understanding well the instructions below.

Things You Need When Installing Tweeters

  • Screwdriver
  • New tweeters
  • Drill

Following these steps

Step 1. Turn off the Power Source

It is highly recommended that you should disconnect the negative terminal of the vehicle’s battery. You wouldn’t want to ruin your car’s electrical components nor experience an electrical short circuit.

Step 2. Locate the Speakers and Tweeters

locate speaker and tweeter

It is good to remember that every car is unique, your car is special. This precisely the reason why you should always pay much attention in accessing the speakers. You should know where the speakers and the tweeters are attached and then should take them out.

For example, when you want to install a component speaker in the vehicle’s door, it is very likely to remove the panel.

You still with me? Good. Now let’s proceed to the next part.

Step 3. Throw the Old Materials

Throw the Old Materials

Once you are in the process, your next move should be the disconnection of all wires and through the use of a screw drive. Most if not all speakers and tweeters are usually put in place using a screw. Thus, it is just fitting for you to use screwdrivers to unscrew and in held them.

Step 4. Integrating crossovers

Then, the next thing you should do after the old speakers and tweeters are removed is to connect the head unit or external amp to the power output wire towards the crossover. Then, you should solder the crossover cable’s input into the main source of energy. You have to make sure that the polarities are properly for your tweeters to work.

Step 5. Differentiating High-frequency and Low-Frequency Sound

If you are done with the previous step, the next leap is to connect the high-frequency wire from the crossover towards the tweeter and the low-frequency wire to the woofer. This will make the sound more surreal and amazing.

Step 6. Mounting again

The one thing left you to have to do when you have done all of the processes above is to attach the speakers and the tweeters in the location where they are intended to be mount to make sure that the components are securely put in place. But, this should not be the always the case.

There are times that holes are needed to be drilled to either the dash edge or the door panel to attach new tweeters. You should make sure that the location is connected to the speaker wiring that already exists within the vehicle.

Step 7. Testing!

how to install a car stereo

Of course, the last part you need to do is to test whether the installed tweeters and woofers are functioning well. Play your favorite music over the radio and have a test drive. I am certain that you will enjoy this part after all your hard work is done.

You can also watch this video tutorial


As what I’ve said on the intro, tweeters are cool gadgets that you could put in your car to experience a high definition sound while playing your favorite music and driving down the world with your bae. It pays to do it yourself because again, it’s your car. Besides, it’s not that hard to do. With a little patience and a snippet of effort, you could easily do in with no sweat.

Enjoyed this article? Have questions in mind? Not sure really what to say? Comment below so we could talk about it. Enjoy installing!