how to fix a portable cd player that won't spin

With the advent of technology out there, you could have a tablet, smartphone or laptop to listen to music, watch or stream movies online. But even at that, the usefulness of a CD player cannot be undermined; this is because listening to music on best portable CD player guarantees you one of the best experiences you can ever have.  But of course, that, if it functions well.

Well, a CD player, being a portable device is subjected to a lot of faults and malfunctions. Most people dread their portable CD player displaying a disc error or no disc even when the disc is inserted. Also, due to the fact they fear, if perhaps the fault is as a result of the circuitry, they tend to dump their portable CD player in the trash out of frustration. But, if you take note of some cogent tips and easy home saver skills, you won’t just toss that valuable CD player into the trash can, or waste a considerable amount of money on repairs.

You will be able to fix the common problems you encounter with the device, spare yourself the expenses and extend the life of the device even for a decade if the proper measures to fix the issues are adhered to. If you have tried to fix your CD players, but it still won’t spin, cheer up, I am just about to show you how to fix a portable CD player that won’t spin so you can correct the errors all by yourself.

If you have time, you can read our article about how do portable cd players work to understand more about this device. Otherwise, we can begin now.

How To Fix a Portable CD Player that Won’t Spin

Common Faults Encounter With a Portable CD Player

Fault on portable cd player

The common faults of portable CD players include:

  • Error in reading a disc
  • Sudden on and off of the device
  • The inability of the CD to spin

Your device inability to spin might be as a result of excess dirt or dust, lack of servicing and displacement of a component part. In the section below, we will examine steps to fix your CD player that won’t spin.

Tools Needed for This Guide

  • Screwdrivers
  • Multimeter
  • soft brush
  • Lens cleaning solution
  • Lint-free cloth or duster
  • Cotton gloves
  • Denatured Alcohol

With the needed tools in place, you are just as good as fixing your CD player. Here are the steps to follow.

Guideline with Step by Step to Fix

Step 1: Clean the exterior part of the CD player to make it dust free

Clean the exterior part of the CD player

Right from the outset, the dust has been one of the strong inhibitors of many electronic devices be it a desktop, laptop, phone and other circuitry electronics. Dust left on this electronic device without being cleaned up on time could lead to corrosion and damage of such a device. In fixing your CD player do take proper care to dust your CD player between knobs, power cords and audio-out parts

Note: Clean the dust with a dry clean cloth or dusters. Do not introduce moisture in cleaning up the dust. For more detail,  check this article at here.

Step 2: Clean the portable CD player lens

clean head len unit

The CD player lens is highly optical in resolution with the ability to read the disc. It is a crucial part of any portable CD player. It could be affected by dust, and this can cause the device not to spin well or even cause an error in reading a disc. To clean you need to do the following step-wisely

  • Carefully unscrew the bodily parts of the CD player and lift the clamp holding it down to access the lens
  • Then remove the dust with a clean dust free cloth

You can also take advantage of a can of compressed air, which could be an unworthy alternative as could destroy the drive completely. When applying this method blow the air briefly and gently with no excessive force

Step 3: Service the belt and the disc tray

  • Open the portable CD housing by loosing the screws on the outside and take out anything obstructing or blocking the tray. Push the open, / close control to open or extend tray.
  • Unplug any cable that connects the front panel to the unit’s interior. Loosen the screws that secure the front panel and tilt it off gently. If the board or panel doesn’t move, or cannot be removed, check underneath it for additional screws or clips.
  • Lift off the clamp holding down the tray, or spring and screw that you find on top of the disc tray. Pull the tray out gently or lift it to detach it from the CD player. Clean the guides and rail with a clean dirt free cloth moistened with denatured alcohol. Apply lithium grease sparingly to lubricate the tray.
  • Take out the belt to check for water, dirt, or damage. Do not touch the belt with your bare fingers. Wear cotton gloves or use tweezers. Pick up a lint-free cloth, moisten it with denatured alcohol and use it to clean the belt. If the belt is damaged, you’ll have to replace it

Step 4: Service the CD tray motor

disassembled portable cd player


  • Ensure you unplug the portable CP player from the power source and check the motor (test it with your multimeter). This will help you to know whether or not to remove and replace the motor
  • To take the motor out, press down the end of each bale or clip with your finger and lift the motor up gently.
  • To change the motor, take the drive belt out carefully, with cotton gloves on your hands. Then pull the motor gently to remove it out of its mount.
  • To clean a dirty motor plug, disconnect it and spray some electrical contact cleaner over it. Then plug the unit and then unplug it, repeat this again and again to check if there is an electrical contact with the CD player. If the device is powered by the use of batteries, simply insert the batteries into its compartment and test the player.

Final words

With the steps itemized above, you can be sure of fixing your portable CD player and avoid a total loss by trashing or tossing your faulty CD player away. You can still get it in a good working condition, all you need is to gather the required tools and follow the guideline provided in this article.

Remember the importance of recycling.