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Do you love music? How about playing certain instruments? A trumpet? If so, then you could be considered as someone with great passion in terms of music. Music is so good to hear most especially if it’s heard through a trumpet and if you know how to play one. It gives a distinct sound that turns every beat into something solemn and extraordinary. Also, it provides a metallic, intense, powerful, dignified and bright sound. If you’re one of the trumpet lovers out there, you’ll be glad to have the best trumpet in the market today.  We’ll give you the best options through buying guide and thorough review on it.

The Best Trumpet Review

Now, let us learn more about some of the best trumpets you could find on the market today.

Jean Paul USA TR-330 Standard Student Trumpet
Mendini MTT-30CN
  • Mendini MTT-30CN
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Roy Benson RBTR402S

Top 3 Best Student Trumpet

If you fell in love with trumpets, it will be common to be determined in learning on how to play it. But before you start, you will need a starting trumpet instrument, which will conveniently help you in your learning stage. The best trumpets for beginners are the best companion for achieving your goal.

Below are reviews of the top trumpets suited for beginners:

1. Jean Paul USA TR-330 Standard Student Trumpet

Jean Paul USA TR-330 Standard Student Trumpet

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If you want to learn to play a musical instrument with affordability, Jean Paul USA TR-330 will rock your option. Hitting difficult notes will not also be a problem since this offers the student musician an awesome bore making the trumpet experience an easy one. Hitting notes will be done precisely.

More than that, this will be considered a complete package as it is equipped with the tools you need for convenient trumpet playing. Carrying this trumpet to where you wanted such as in school or home can be very easy as this trumpet package offers robust case having padded strap.

While playing this trumpet, it will be comfortable and easy for you to hold this trumpet because it provides an extreme balance in your hands which fosters your every rehearsal or practice. As for creating warms tones, Jean Paul USA TR-330’s brass-lead pipes will enable you to create well-centered warm tones. Trumpet’s sound projection is also made extremely desirable.

Things we liked

Awesome sound projection
Hit notes precisely
Provides inclusion for convenient trumpet playing
Easy transport with its case
Smooth valves
Flawless finish
Sounds resonant and bright

Things we didn’t like

Need quite some time to clean it

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2. Etude ETR-100 Series Student Bb Trumpet

Etude ETR-100 Series Student Bb Trumpet Lacquer

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This is the best trumpet for beginners. Through its generous bore, users will be at ease on playing it while familiarizing with notes and how to produce it precisely. Etude ETR-100 Series Student Bb Trumpet is also equipped with a desirable pipe (brass lead).

It’s a trumpet that is notable for its design with great projection and tone production. The valve design is crafted for the safety use of inexperienced or players with quite small hands. It will be easier for you to hold this instrument. It’s good for beginners who desires to pay much attention to the trumpets’ playing intonation. Moreover, it’s also a good thing that a case and mouthpiece are included in the package.

Things we liked

Fun time playing
Responsive trumpet
Gives vibrant sound
Good quality trumpet
Perfect for beginners

Things we didn’t like

Valves could be sticky

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3. Mendini by Cecilio MTT-L Trumpet

Mendini by Cecilio MTT-L Trumpet

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This is an ideal trumpet for a student musician. Mendini by Cecilio MTT-L Trumpet features admirably created mouth pipe, which is topped with three smoothly functioning action valves and three comfortable key inlaid (mother of pearl).

The trumpet produced by Cecilio factory is thoroughly tested to ensure that certain quality standards are being met. Instructors may have expressed their appreciation of the function of this trumpet. The trumpet package comes with favorable inclusion like valve oil battle.

The trumpet’s valve is quite dependable with its heavy duty characteristics. When it comes to its finish, it’s awesomely crafted and with a solid sound attribute. You could choose from a variety of trumpet finish such as Nickel plated Mendini by Cecilio MTT-L Trumpet, Red lacquered, Black lacquered, Purple Lacquered, Gold lacquered and, Blue lacquered.

It’s one of the impressive trumpets you could get since it provides great sound quality and loudness. This is a student trumpet that is suited for beginner’s usage since it creates an optimum quality sound for the affordable price, it fits for a musical newbie’s need.

Things we liked

Smooth Airflow
Dependable and heavy duty
Solid sounding trumpet
Variety of finish options
Top notch accessories and case

Things we didn’t like

The valve could possibly stick, so there’s a need for you to oil it at the right time.
Dust could easily stick to it
Keys could be quite sticky

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Top 3 Best Intermediate Trumpet

If you want to succeed more regarding your skills in playing trumpet, intermediate trumpets are one of the kinds of trumpets that would give you so. It assists potential trumpet player to develop their skill and knowledge.

This is a type of trumpet that filled the gap between professional instruments and student model type one. We’ll provide you the review of the top 3 best intermediate trumpets.

1. Mendini MTT-30CN

Mendini MTT-30CN

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As advanced students find the beginner trumpets as limiting, trumpet manufacturers develop a more advanced trumpet feature that offers richer sound quality. It’s all incorporated in intermediate Bb trumpet like Mendini MTT-30CN.

The fast action and smooth valves (together with a brass mouthpiece) of this trumpet make it easy and worthy to play music. It produces tones with full-range capability with the help of your fingers as well as varying air pressure. The Monel valves create responsive and smooth action.

You’ll also get precise intonation through this trumpet’s third slide lock, which is adjustable. The provided braced design (double) and sturdy bore (medium-large) offers beginner musicians an upper hand. The trumpet package comes with hard case, which is surprisingly lightweight. White gloves and polishing cloth are also included. This truly fits for intermediate needs.

This horn will look and sound good even for years of using. Though you need to put an oil to its valves, it’s completely a worthy instrument investment in. It provides a nice finish and it’s made of quality materials so there’s no need for you to doubt this instrument.

Things we liked

Gives nice feel
Build great sound quality
Looks cool
Favorable casing

Things we didn’t like

The valves need to be oiled

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2. Jean Paul USA TR-430 Intermediate Trumpet

Jean Paul USA TR-430 Intermediate Trumpet

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A distinct and upgraded trumpet playing experience can be provided by this Jean Paul USA TR-430. If you aim for wider and richer tone ranges, the brass pipe of this intermediate trumpet will make it the way you wanted it to be.

Most of you would want durably crafted trumpets and amazingly, this trumpet is upgraded together with high durability attributes. Moreover, this also enhances the player’s playing technique since its adjustable 3rd trigger let you have a natural position of hands on it.

Aside from being comfortable in using this instrument, you’ll enjoy its sturdy piston valves that extend the lifespan of the trumpet. The tools that you would use throughout your trumpet lesson will be all set because it’s thoroughly equipped with crucial accessories. If you’re an intermediate student and wants to take your trumpet performance into another level, Jean Paul USA TR-430 could never let you down.

Things we liked

Wider and richer tones
Increases playing technique
Easy to hold
Beautiful case
Comfortable to use
Great functionality

Things we didn’t like

Stuck valves

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3. Legacy Silver Plated Intermediate Trumpet TR750S

Legacy Silver Plated Intermediate Trumpet TR750S

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Legacy Silver Plated Intermediate Trumpet TR750S gives a blast of sound characteristic. As the name connotes, it may be considered as a legacy in musical instrument’s line. The trumpet tone and intonation are both outstanding and superior in many ways.

It possesses the vital features you looked for a trumpet. Each of its parts is being checked to ensure that it’s created with optimum quality. Particularly, the tone and intonation are sensitively assessed and checked to make sure that student’s models or professional players comply with their musical demands.

Things we liked

Good quality trumpet
Gives quality sounds
Outstanding tone and intonation

Things we didn’t like

Valve may stuck

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Top 3 Best Professional Trumpet

Professional trumpets are expected to be made of finest materials with a careful craftsmanship. There are several brands of professional trumpets with varying prices and qualities in the market. Here are the best picks under this.

1. Bach 180S37 Stradivarius Series Bb Trumpet

Bach 180S37 Stradivarius Series Bb Trumpet

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For trained or competent trumpeter, it’s a great advantage to play music with the use of an advanced, durable and highly functional trumpets. Bach 180S37 Stradivarius Series Bb Trumpet features standard weight, which is favorable for versatile trumpet playing. This is also capable of producing brilliant and warm quality sound that makes every practice or performance an engaging and impactful one.

Whether it’s for solo or variation of musical setting, this instrument may fit very well. It plays well and works comfortably onto whoever is handling it. It provides a colorful and depth sound in addition to the even trumpet response and intonation that every professional player would search for.

It doesn’t just provide consistency on its sound quality, but also on the durability of its composition. The trumpet’s valve creates a constant seal between the valve casing’s interior wall and its piston. With that, you’ll avoid extreme air leakage, which can cause problems when you’re performing. Though this could be a bit expensive, it’s still one of the bet trumpets you could play on.

Things we liked

Warm quality sounds
Durable valve material
Consistent sound quality
Versatile for trumpet playing

Things we didn’t like


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2. Roy Benson RBTR402S Bb Professional Trumpet

Roy Benson RBTR402S

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Regarding professionalism in trumpet playing, this best trumpet could be striking to your needs and desire. Roy Benson RBTR402S has asymmetric bell and tuning slides. It’s a professional trumpet that enables trumpeters to perform at their very best. It’s a new horn with bell flare, which adds to the brilliance of its piece.

At first, you may not feel get used to it easily but as you use it, you’ll eventually become inseparable with this musical instrument creation. As you play, the tone quality is noticeable giving a solid, clear and sweet sound or tone to the ears. Compared to others that offer the same quality sound and brilliance, this is less expensive. Quite worthy for its price.

Things we liked

Less expensive
Produces clean and solid sound
Nice tuning
Plays smoothly

Things we didn’t like

You need to be aware of its valve’s cylinders position 2 when lubricating it

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3. King 2055 Silver Flair Series Bb Trumpet

King 2055

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King has the commending reputation regarding excellent intonation and instrument response. They frequently test the instrument’s limit, which leads on arriving into distinctive instrument innovation. King 2055 Silver Flair Series Bb Trumpet, which features 462-inch Leadpipe, Bell Material (seamless), adjustment on 3rd valve slide and much more, creates a compelling impact on trumpet seekers.

Nothing can say about the trumpet’s tone quality because it offers greatness when it comes to it. You will not encounter trouble in carrying it since it has a very manageable weight. If you’re fan of classic style trumpet, this is the one for you.

Things we liked

Provides great tone
Classic design
Smooth movement of valve

Things we didn’t like

The lubricant is frequently needed.

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What Kind of Trumpet Should You Buy?

You might be into shopping for the best trumpet available in the market today and with wide options to choose from, you might not actually where to turn. Indeed, there are many different types of brands and quality as well. But in cases like this, it is important that we should be choosing the one that matches our level of skills and preferences as well.

Different types of trumpets are attached to different pitches too. With that, you indeed want to avoid choosing the wrong one. So, choosing the right one for you is simply the best option to buy. But, standard trumpet suits well to almost every buyer. It has options for beginners, intermediate and professional ones, so you will not worry whether which one suits you well.

Trumpet Buying Guide

It would be great if you are properly guided when it comes to buying the best trumpet. With that, this buying guide will help you a lot. We will cover the basics about trumpets, the kinds of standard trumpets, and the process of choosing the best option.

1. Trumpet Basics

trumpet basic


Before buying a trumpet, it is essential that you need to understand first the key pieces which are combined to form a trumpet and therefore produce a unique sound. And they are the following:


This one is also referred as Leadpipe which is the tubing that goes right from the mouthpiece up to the main tuning slide. It could be made of red brass, yellow brass or sterling silver. The red brass is intended for student trumpets since it is considered to be less susceptible to corrosion. While the yellow brass would need cleaning a lot more often.

There is as well Reversed Leadpipe wherein the tuning slide goes over instead on the Leadpipe. It is desirable and steps up feature that decreases the resistance.


This is the inside diameter of the tubing being measured at the second valve slide. A bore from around .458″ to .460″ is a lot more often used by many players particularly those that are professionals. But for young and new players, a horn having a small bore is a lot more appreciated since it is easier to support a good tone.


The materials for bell also vary. The most common are the yellow brass and used in horns right from student to professional models. Rose brass bells would impart a warmer and darker quality to the tone. Less common is the silver bells that are usually found in those high-grade horns. And another finish is the nickel plate that was common but considered to be seldom these days.

Aside from the materials, how the bell is made should be considered. The best bells are one piece and hand-hammered to shape over a mold by the skilled craftsman. The bells would uniformly vibrate more. For student and intermediate, horns would have two-piece of welded bells contrary to the one-piece bell for professionals.


Also considered as valve pistons, they come in different kinds of metals. Those nickel-plated pistons are mostly found in student trumpets since they are durable, hard and tolerant when it comes to infrequent cleaning.

Another popular piston alloy is the Monel piston. Monel is considered as softer compared to nickel plate and would need frequent lubrication and cleaning as for best performance. However, it is also very resistant to corrosion making it capable of lasting longer.
And another option is the stainless steel pistons which are quite good and could sometimes be found in intermediate and professional horns.


In most cases, trumpets have a clear lacquer finish on the buffed brass surface. Silver plate is another kind of finish that is considered to be better compared to lacquer since it is a thinner coating and would allow the metal molecules to vibrate as well as ring more leading to a brighter tone. And lacquered nickel plate trumpets are available in different colors and black could add a lot to the appeal of the trumpets.

2. Types of Standard Trumpets

standard trumpet

And one of the most important factors to consider once shopping for the best trumpet perfect for your needs is the type of player you are at your level of expertise currently. With that, knowing the kinds of standard trumpets will help you a lot. These are as follow:

Student Trumpets: These trumpets particularly feature a lacquer finish which is less expensive compared with the alternatives. They as well tend to be made of cheaper materials and most of them would lack additional features being found on more advanced models like a saddle on the first valve slide.

Intermediate Trumpets: These are perfect for those that are advanced beyond student years but are not quite ready in investing in the full-scale professional instrument. These are made particularly of silver that would lend a brighter and deeper sound to the instrument. And they also tend to feature the first slide saddles too.

Professional Trumpets: These options would provide the biggest array of choices. They are made of the finest quality materials and also you will have your choice of different finishes. This will also allow you to enjoy the significantly higher degree of craftsmanship and precision. There is also a need for you to be ready regarding main a real commitment since these trumpets are quite costly.

3. How to choose a trumpet?

how to choose best trumpet

There are indeed numbers of factors that should be considered once into finding a trumpet for sale. The following are the most important ones:

  • The sound of a trumpet: There is a need for the trumpet to play well at almost all dynamic levels. It is a matter of personal preference when it comes to the specific timbre. There are players that would like a brighter and jazzy sound, but others would want a bigger and darker orchestral sound.
  • Ease of Use: Those tougher registers must be free-blowing without feeling pinched and also there is a need for the trumpet to easily project without too much effort.
  • Intonation: This one should be consistent and there must be no unusually flat or sharp notes or tones which sound more dull or bright aside from others.
  • Finish: A lacquer finish is being sprayed and baked on the trumpet as it adds a darker sound. On the other hand, the silver plating finish is being applied by electroplating and this slightly brightens the sound. And finally, gold plating would slightly darken the sound and could only be found on professional trumpets.
  • Mechanics: You could say that the trumpet is best if it offers smooth valves along with first- and third-valve rings as well as triggers regarding tuning adjustments. There must also be a stopper to prevent the third-valve slide from falling out.
  • How much does a trumpet cost?: And of course, the price matters. The price will often reflect the quality. Those quality instruments could be found in intermediate price ranges but best playing experience is offered by those with higher prices.

Final Verdict & Recommendation

Whether you’re a beginner, a professional or intermediate trumpet player, you can pair yourself to the most significant instrument suited for you. For beginners, the pick trumpet pick would be Jean Paul USA TR-330. This offers beginners an optimum opportunity to learn through familiarizing notes and producing sound in a precise way. Moreover, it’s very easy to use.

Among the best options in intermediate trumpet, Mendini MTT-30CN is considered to the most promising one.

It’s a nice feel trumpet that you can avail in low price. The medium large bore of this trumpet, which is awesomely sturdy can fit your trumpet expectations. When the air is blown through the trumpet, a solid and not harsh sound is produced leaving the listeners mesmerized by its tones. Its special horn made of quality materials. It’s desirable finish mix well to its great sounds. Having this as your musical partner could be a favorable choice indeed.

On the other hand, Roy Benson RBTR402S Bb Professional Trumpet would be the best option for enhancing professional player’s performance and experience.  It gives quality and precise clean sound and tuning would be greatly managed. Other than that, it’s very affordable. This is indeed, one of the striking professional trumpets in the market.

If you have further questions, don’t forget to comment down.