Friday, January 19, 2018
how to play Chopsticks on piano

How to Play Chopsticks on Piano: The Useful Tips You Need to Know

If you are a beginner in piano playing, one of the musical pieces that you will have to encounter is the Chopsticks. The Celebrated Chop Waltz, or popularly known as Chopsticks...
How to Read Piano Notes

How To Read Piano Notes

Are you interested in learning how to read piano notes? A lot of musicians these days play piano because they started to learn how to read piano notes. When doing so,...
How Long Does it Take to Learn Piano

How Long Does It Take to Learn Piano

A lot of potential students are interested in knowing “how long does it take to learn piano?”. Just like with other things, the answer to the question depends on various factors....
how to play jazz piano

Basic Thing To Learn How To Play Jazz Piano

You’ve probably seen expert jazz pianist play and reshape the melody and rhythms of a song and you are hoping to know how to play jazz piano as much as they...