Thursday, May 25, 2017
how to play piano with both hands

How To Play Piano With Both Hands

When you have finally decided to learn how to play piano, one of the very first things that you will understand is that it can be really difficult to do so. This...
How to Read Piano Notes

How To Read Piano Notes

Are you interested in learning how to read piano notes? A lot of musicians these days play piano because they started to learn how to read piano notes. When doing so,...
Best Piano for Beginners

What Is The Best Piano for Beginners?

It is possible that at some point, your kid might show signs of being a great piano player. This is important for those who are looking to be the best at...
How Many Keys on a Piano

How Many Keys On A Piano ?

Learning how to play the piano can turn out to be very satisfying. It provides you a good way to relax, and eventually do something during your free time. However, a...
best piano brands

5 Best Piano Brands On The World

Buying the best piano is something that does not always come easy. Most of the time, you would be confused as to which model to buy as most of them look...
Top 5 best digital piano under 500

The Best Digital Piano Under $500 for Player

Pianos always had a certain aura of prestige around them, and, to be quite honest, such reputation was earned both by their sound and their hefty price. The arrival of digital...
How Long Does it Take to Learn Piano

How Long Does It Take to Learn Piano

A lot of potential students are interested in knowing “how long does it take to learn piano?”. Just like with other things, the answer to the question depends on various factors....
top 5 best digital piano

The Best Digital Piano To Get – 2017 Edition

Do you enjoy the lovely sound of a piano? Would love to learn to play it, and spend beautiful nights playing the music instrument that have shaped generations of culture and...