Tuesday, June 25, 2019
type headphones

How Long Do Headphones Last?

Do you agree with me that all headphones break? Of course, they do! These devices come with several delicate and complex internal components that will get manhandled and wear out with...
how to fix a portable cd player that won't spin

How To Fix a Portable CD Player That Won’t Spin

  With the advent of technology out there, you could have a tablet, smartphone or laptop to listen to music, watch or stream movies online. But even at that, the usefulness of...
best voice recorder app

25 Best Voice Recorder App for Your Phone

Do you remember the first time you heard the sound of your own voice? I bet you were surprised. "Is that really what I sound like?" The truth may have been hard...
how to clean cd disc

How To Clean CD Disc Correctly

One day your CD suddenly fails to play properly, for example, the lower sound quality or read errors. The first thing to do is take it out and check whether there...

How To Carry Portable CD Player Correctly

For those who prefer a more traditional approach when listening to their music, a portable CD player is as old-school as you can get nowadays. The only downside with using a...
portable cd player vs mp3 player

Portable CD Player vs MP3 Player

If you want to carry your favorite music with you anywhere you go, then you probably need a portable listening device and an audio source. In the recent years, the music industry...
portable cd player will come back

9 Reasons Portable CD Player Will Come Back

Going through the memory lane when it was every child’s wish to rock their neighborhood with their new music players especially with their portable CD player. They carry their new CD...
how to clean a cd player

How To Clean a CD Player – Ultimate Guide You Must Know

Learning how to clean a CD player does not only help to enhance the durability and the functionality of your CD player but also helps to prevent read errors and poor...
select cd collection

How To Organize CD Collection The Right Way

At first, I just bought CDs of my favorite singers. Then, it has turned out such a hobby that my collection keeps expanding in number. One day I spent nearly two hours...
benefit of music

The Most Amazing Benefit of Music

  The philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche once said, “without music, life would be a mistake.” Few would argue. Music remains one of the most magical, inexplicable, and fulfilling aspects of the human experience. It can...