Washburn guitars reviews

If you really want the best acoustic experience that money can buy, then you simply have no alternative.

You MUST learn to produce it yourself!

In the digital age of mp3s and electronics, it’s easy to forget that pure sonic fidelity still comes from a single source: The instrument itself. 

Quality comes from expert craftsmanship. Washburn has been at it for two centuries and they’ve learned how to create beautiful acoustic guitars that create rich, bold sound.

Quality is no accident. If you’re interested in buying a guitar, don’t do anything until you’ve read this article! We’ve created the definitive Washburn Guitars reviews – and these 5 choices stood above the rest.

Why An Acoustic Guitar?

Well, for starters, learning to play any instrument comes with an impressive list of clinically proven benefits.

  • Improves blood pressure
  • Strengthens hand-eye coordination
  • Relieves pain
  • Reduces stress
  • Breeds creativity

A quality acoustic guitar is a great choice for anyone who loves music.

It’s Timeless

The guitar is a stringed instrument officially classified as a chordophone. The modern guitar first appeared in Spain around the 15th century, but it has roots in plucked string instruments (like the lute) dating as far back as Babylonian times in 3300 B.C.

The reason for the guitar’s timeless appeal is simple. It produces full, rich sounds that complement almost any setting.

It’s Portable

You can’t take a piano with you, and I doubt you can fit a drum set inside a backpack. A Washburn acoustic guitar can be taken just about anywhere. It’s always ready to go, no equipment needed – and enjoys global recognition.

It’s Popular

Chances are, carrying around a guitar will lead to some requests. Everyone has a favorite guitar song they want to hear in person. This popularity transcends many demographics and cultures.

Learning to play an instrument such as the guitar sends a message to others that you’re committed, interesting, and creative. Few things will give you the opportunity to improve your social confidence like mastery of a Washburn acoustic.

Top 5 Washburn Guitars Reviews

Washburn Comfort Series WCG55CE Acoustic Guitar
Washburn WD100DL Dreadnought Mahogany Acoustic Guitar
  • Washburn WD100DL
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Washburn WD10 Series WD10S Acoustic Guitar

1. Washburn Comfort Series WCG55CE Acoustic Guitar

Washburn Comfort Series WCG55CE Acoustic Guitar

My rating:

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For style, comfort, beauty, and design, the WCG55CE Grand Auditorium is our top choice for Washburn guitars.

Craftsmanship is above par, even for Washburn. Koa top/back/sides and a uniquely designed belly let it hug the body naturally – so you can play for hours and hours in a comfortable position.

The beautiful design of this model offers more than comfort. It’s fully-featured as an electric guitar as well, so you can switch between styles whenever you feel like it. Venetian cutaway makes upper fret access a breeze.

It looks truly gorgeous, with a sleek mahogany/maple body and a satin-finished neck. The ebony fingerboard has a pure, clean face that tastefully complements the rich color of the surrounding wood.

Sound is quite good, and can stand up to many guitars with a more significant price tag.

If you appreciate serious aesthetics and serious music, you’ll find this Washburn a great value.

Things we liked

Supremely elegant craftsmanship
Ergonomic design for user comfort
Versatility between electric and acoustic

Things we didn’t like

Demands serious investment

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2. Washburn WD10 Series WD10S Acoustic Guitar

Washburn WD10 Series WD10S Acoustic Guitar

My rating:

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For pure acoustic excellence, there’s no beating the Washburn WD10S.

Durability is what defines this model. It promises reliable longevity at a fantastic price.

We definitely liked the light, cheery top; a solid Sitka-spruce design that has universal appeal. This model is genuine, and doesn’t go overboard in trying to impress the user with any tacky style gimmicks.

Best of all, it’s perfect for the beginner and the musician on the go. It has great sound for the price, so you can take it places you might feel wary of bringing something a little flashier. Handles typical wear and tear with no problems.

Things we liked

Exclusive wood rosette
Sturdy design withstands years of hectic use
Loud and vibrant sound for an outstanding price

Things we didn’t like

Low-key design might not satisfy every user

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3. Washburn C80S Cedar Top Classical Acoustic Guitar

Washburn C80S Cedar Top Classical Acoustic Guitar

My rating:

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For a more refined guitar feel, this classic Madrid-style guitar represents Washburn’s sleek design finish.

Cedar and rosewood materials combine for a classically attractive appearance with unbeatable finish quality. It’s not easy finding a guitar that looks so good at such an affordable price – we’ve looked!

We loved its wonderful sound quality just as much. The notes come surprisingly loud and clear, pluck or strum.

Stock string quality is adequate, but doesn’t really do justice to the overall build quality. Consider having them replaced if you want to unlock this guitar’s true potential.

Things we liked

Sexy lacquered design
Clear sound projection with great volume
Cedar feel and smell

Things we didn’t like

Default strings could stand replacement

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4. Washburn RO10 Rover Steel String Travel Acoustic Guitar

Washburn RO10 Rover Steel String Travel Acoustic Guitar

My rating:

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Everything you need to know about this guitar you can read in the name: Rover.

If you rove far and wide, and you want a guitar that loves travel as much as you do, then definitely check out Washburn’s RO10 acoustic guitar.

It keeps true to its travel-friendly heritage by coming complete with an attractive Cordura case. The lining is made from hard foam and molded to fit your specific model.

The Washburn Rover has a slim profile that lets it fit into cramped spaces. The smaller body still produces excellent sound with great projection.

Bottom line, the wandering musician will find a lot to love in this awesome acoustic guitar.

Things we liked

Great mobility at an affordable price
Slender profile for maximum convenience
Comes included with a rugged travel case

Things we didn’t like

Smaller size produces smaller volume

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5. Washburn WD100DL Dreadnought Mahogany Acoustic Guitar

Washburn WD100DL Dreadnought Mahogany Acoustic Guitar

My rating:

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Do you really want to learn guitar but only have a limited amount of money to spend?

Washburn wants you to love the sound of your music so you’ll keep playing guitar for the rest of your life. Vibrant acoustics fill a room with warm tones and sharp plucks.

The WD100DL Dreadnought is an attractive mahogany guitar that uses steel strings to make rich music. The unique voice of mahogany comes out with every note, giving songs a special acoustic flavor that few guitars can rival.

We also appreciate the rosewood fretboard; tastefully designed and solidly engineered. Fret rattle is virtually nonexistent.

This is an entry-level product that produces excellent music and boasts an attractive design.

Things we liked

Dreadnought size creates fantastic volume
Mahogany back, sides, and neck
Great value

Things we didn’t like

Bulky design and basic style may not satisfy all users

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Final Words

In our opinion, Washburn guitars can’t be beat in any price range.

Our top choice was the WCG55CE model for it’s gorgeous style, user-friendly body design, and overall versatility. When we performed our Washburn guitars reviews we only chose from models offering great sound performance and reliable construction – and this one impressed the most.

For the total newbie or the experienced user, we think the five acoustic models on this list represent a great mixture of features and music quality. It’s no secret, either; so demand is quite high. Some models are down to a single unit as we publish this – so figure out which price range suits you and act quickly!

Your reward could be the most satisfying hobby of an entire lifetime.