best record player under 100

Picking the best record player under 100 is something that most people are always looking for. You do not always have to spend a lot of money on a record player to end up enjoying its performance.

It is all about doing a proper research and you might just end up with the best model ever. We get to discuss some of the top models that are affordable so that you can enjoy listening to your records without spending much.

Top 5 Best Record Player Under 100 Review

Audio Technica AT-LP60
ION Audio Max LP
  • 4.2 Stars
  • ION Audio Max LP
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  • Elegant looks
  • Compatible with Mac or PC
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  • Good sound
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1byone Belt-Drive 3-Speed Portable Stereo Turntable

1. Audio Technica AT-LP60

Audio Technica AT-LP60

My rating: 4.5 Stars

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Being one of the best turntable under 100, you can always be sure it is great as it comes from a top brand. Audio Technica for over 50 years has been making the best products in the line of sound and players.

It is the same thing that you get with this model. It has been made to live up to the standards of the company.

It has a full automatic belt drive system that can play the records at two speeds of 33 1/3 and 45 RPM. It should be easy for you to now enjoy the different types of records you might have.

The platter is made from die cast aluminum for better durability and also possess the anti-resonance features. You still get the usual important ports such as RCA and AUX for further connectivity to the different types of gadgets.

Things we liked

It has anti-resonance platter
It comes with a great sound output
It has a great design
It is easy to use

Things we didn’t like

You can get a model with 3 speed settings at its price

2. ION Audio Max LP 3 Speed Belt Drive Turntable

ION Audio Max LP

My rating: 4.2 Stars

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You will get to appreciate the performance of the turntables once again if you choose to get this model for yourself. It will create the perfect sound you need for your old records and keep them sounding refreshing as ever. The elegant looks with the modern perks should easily make it sell to the new users.

You get to enjoy the natural wood finish that would easily complement any room you put in it. The modern perks for this model include having a USB port for more connectivity. You can now record your files from the player onto a laptop for backup.

The built-in stereo speakers is not something new, but it is necessary. You should be able to play your favorite music without having to connect the model to an external speaker system.

If you like to listen privately, you still get a headphone output for you to plug in. The stylus the model uses is diamond tipped, making it great for durability and for playing different types of records.

Things we liked

It is highly compatible with Mac or PC
It can play different types of records
It comes with headphone output
It has elegant looks

Things we didn’t like

The speaker system sound is not great

3. Pyle PLTTB1 Professional

Pyle PLTTB1 Professional

My rating: 4.2 Stars

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This is another affordable model you would always find interesting to use each time you need to listen to your records. It is made to offer the same value as what you would get from the expensive models.

The manufacturer made the model to make the classic LPs to even sound like new. Anyone who has owned a turntable before can appreciate what the model has to offer in terms of new features and capabilities.

The use of the S tone arm helps with playing the tracks beautifully and at different speeds. You can play at 33 1/3 and 45 rpm depending on the type of record you have.

The turntable still comes with a stroboscope lamp important for shinning on the outer edge markings. This makes it easy to make the precise speed adjustments.

The model still comes with an integrated start and stop switch for stopping or starting the platter whenever it is needed. You get a dust cover too important for protecting the platter from debris and dirt.

Things we liked

It is easy to operate
It is affordable
It comes with a dustcover
It can play at different speeds

Things we didn’t like

It feels cheaply constructed

4. 1byone Belt Drive 3-Speed Portable Stereo Turntable

1byone Belt-Drive 3-Speed Portable Stereo Turntable

My rating: 4.1 Stars

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One thing that always gets more people loving this model should be the briefcase design. You would simply carry it around and people would think that it is a work briefcase.

The trendy and retro design also gives it a great look that appeals to many people. Having the durable PU leather case should give you an assurance that you would get to experience the best durability over the years.

The front-facing speakers are the best way you will ever need to get to experience the best sound. The speakers are improved as compared to the speakers found in competitor models. You can still get to listen through the external spears thanks to the AUX port included on the model.

The styling easily gets many people liking the model. It has the classic look with some new features that are designed to stay up to date with the needs of most users. The model on overall is also lightweight. This should make the portability to be better.

Things we liked

It is a three speed turntable
It has a great retro look
It is lightweight for portability
It is durable

Things we didn’t like

The sound output from the speakers could be improved

5. Jensen JTA-230

Jensen JTA-230

My rating: 4.1 Stars

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It is one of the best models for having great features. For this model, it will play the records at different speeds that you desire. This means that you get to enjoy all the great records with no discrimination.

The stereo speaker system is important to help you with enjoying every part of listening to the music.

As a modern feature on a turntable, the manufacturer has included a USB port. The work of the port is to help you connect the model to the PC. This is where you can easily covert the records into a digital format.

There is also a software included with the model for recording and editing the records on your PC. With the AUX port, you can also connect other music gadget to the model. You can now listen to music from different sources.

Things we liked

It is a 3-Speed turntable
It comes with the recording and editing software
It comes with a pitch control feature

Things we didn’t like

The construction quality could be improved


If you were going to get the best record player under 100, you now have an idea, which are top models to consider. You have to understand what the model is going to offer in terms of features before making up your mind. As you can see from the models mentioned above, they all come with the best features that will make many people get to enjoy the music. You can always choose any of the models mentioned above, as they are all great.