best portable dvd player for car

Long drives often seem to last forever, and sometimes the kids are going to get a bit rowdy during them. There’s a super easy solution, however, you need the best portable DVD player for car.

There are many DVD players that are portable for easy use within your vehicle, and others can be mounted on the headrest to keep the young ones or passengers enthralled while you’re going down the road.

Instead of asking yourself if you’re there yet, we have the answer right here.

We’ve reviewed the top 5 portable DVD players for your car and the top 4 dual DVD players for your car, so you don’t have to waste time with duds.

Quick List for Comparison

NameRatingHighlightCheck Price
SYNAGY 9" Personal DVD Player- 800×480 resolution
- Screen swivels 270 degrees
- Portable type
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NAVISKAUTO 14 inch- 1366x 768 resolution
- 270º Swivel Screen
- Portable type
eRapta EHD101 Headrest DVD Player- Use both in car and at home
- Hearest type
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Audiovox AVXMTGHR9HD 9"- Include two wireless headphones
- Easy adjustable headrest
- Hearest type
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DD101HD Headrest- 1024*600 resolution
- Supports 32 bits games
- Hearest type
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Top 5 Best Portable DVD Player for Car

These first five units are portable. Just hand them to the kids and you’re going to be in good hands for the next leg of your journey. These units can even be taken inside if you’ve reached a destination where people still need to be entertained, and chances are you’ll get a kick out of them as well.

1. NAVISKAUTO 14 inch – Best Flip Down dvd player for car

NAVISKAUTO 14 inch HD Portable DVD:CD Player

My rating:

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The Naviskauto 14 inch HD portable DVD and CD player can read USB and SD cards with stunning HD. The 1366x 768 TFT 270º Swivel Screen that can be moved to suit the viewer.

With a 5 hour, built-in 4000mAh large-capacity lithium battery, the viewing pleasure can go on for hours and can be conveniently recharged. Also included are a 3m AC/DC adapter and a 3m cigarette charger, so you can recharge your battery while you’re driving.

It also comes with a remote control and a 14-inch black carrying case to keep the DVD player safe. This model has Last Memory feature which will allow you to get right back to the action in the event of a battery failure or if you need to shut it off.

Things we liked

Has a 9 inch HD TFT screen.
It has USB and SD card support.
It has built-in anti-shock support.
Comes with built-in speakers

Things we didn’t like

SD card and USB do not support other file systems like NTFS
The LCD screen does not offer full HD viewing.

This DVD player is perfect for anyone wanting to enjoy entertainment on the road. This is an ideal DVD player for on the airplane or in the back seat of a car. It can be used in the car and in the comfort of your home or even outdoors, add in the high resolution and it’s easy to figure out why it’s our favorite of the bunch.

2. SYNAGY 9″ Personal DVD Player – Best Portable Dvd Player for Car 2016

SYNAGY 9 Inch Portable DVD Player

My rating:

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The Synagy personal DVD player is a portable DVD player. It comes with a 9.5 inch TFT LCD display with 800×480 resolution. The display screen swivels 270 degrees for custom viewing. It comes with built-in stereo speakers.

This one can read USB and SD cards in addition to DVDs. It also comes with an AC/DC charger and a car charger you can use to keep everything charged. This device supports an array of formats in CD and multimedia formats. If you’ve got it in digital form, it can probably play it.

Included is a fully functional remote is included and a video data cable. It also has a last memory function which allows you to turn the portable DVD player off at any point in a movie and then turn it on, it will take you back to that spot not to the beginning of the film again.

Things we liked

It has a 9 inch TFT LCD display that swivels.
It comes with built-in speakers that provide entertainment for more than two people
It has an anti-shock function.
Plays a large range of multimedia formats.

Things we didn’t like

Doesn’t come with a game controller or game CD.
No carrying case

This portable DVD player is perfect for anyone who wants to enjoy entertainment while they’re on the road. With user-friendly buttons, this is great for children. Also, ideal for use on an airplane, and in the car. A perfect device for anyone wanting to enjoy portable entertainment.

3. DBPOWER 10.5″ Portable DVD Player

DBPOWER 10.5 Portable DVD Player

My rating:

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The DBPower portable DVD player is a compact entertainment center. The 10.5-inch display has a 270-degree rotation and can flip 360 degrees allowing you to get the perfect view every time. With a 1024×600 resolution gives the viewer a clear picture during viewing.

With the built-in high-capacity 2,500 mAh rechargeable lithium battery, you can enjoy watching your favorite shows for up to 4 hours at a stretch. It also has an AC wall charger and a car charger for mobile charging convenience.

This unit comes with a remote controller. A great feature of this portable DVD player is that it has a break-point memory function, which means the DVD will pick up from where you left last time.

Things we liked

360º swiveling screen.
Excellent picture, on a large screen.
Easy to use features
Comes with everything you need to get started, with simple instructions.
Lightweight, well made, and compact

Things we didn’t like

Does not come with a carrying case
Poor stereo sound, headphones recommended.

The DBPower portable DVD player is great for anyone wanting to enjoy entertainment on an airplane or in their vehicle. This device can go with you anywhere, with a light compact design.

4. eRapta EHD101 Headrest DVD Player

eRapta EHD101 Headrest DVD Player

My rating:

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The eRapta EHD101 is for in use in the car or at home and is a dual DVD player. This device is perfect for families because it can be easily mounted on the back of a headrest on car seats or taken off and used portably.

It has a 10.5 inch TFT LCD that displays a vibrant picture. Included is a remote control, and game disc to integrate video games.

The eRaptra comes with headrest mount brackets so it can be mounted to car seats. The cigarette lighter adaptor makes charging while you’re on the road convenient. With HDMI, SD and USB support you can access all your multimedia. A convenient adaptor for video input is included.

Things we liked

Large and Stunning HD display
Game mode
Portable and Versatile
Mount kit comes with it for easy installation in the car

Things we didn’t like

Does not come with carrying case
No AC wall adapter

With a sleek and compact design this a terrific unit for children and families. Whether you want to mount it onto the back seat in the car or take it into the house. It can be used with ease on an airplane or in everyday travels.

5. Touchscreen Headrest DVD Player – Best Portable Dvd Player for Car Headrest

Touchscreen Headrest DVD Player

My rating:

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The Autowings DVD player has a 9 inch 800×480 pixel screen that supports 1080p HD. The touchscreen feature perfect for children because it offers user-friendly access with easy operation.

There are two 9” monitors to ensure there’s enough fun for everyone. Specially designed leather covers give the whole thing a sleek look within your car.

It also comes with a CD that includes 300 different games right out of the gate. You won’t even need a system in order to make sure your kids can enjoy things.

Also included are a built-in speaker, an IR transmitter for wireless headphones, and an FM transmitter for your car’s speakers. It’s equipped with the latest decoder chips to allow support of all the most commonly used multimedia formats.

Things we liked

Includes two monitors for multiple viewers
Convenient touchscreen for rapid and smooth operation.
Game CD included
Sleek leather design
Supports wide range of multimedia formats

Things we didn’t like

No carrying case
Low resolution

With two monitors included and an easy to use touchscreen this DVD player perfect for families, children or multiple viewers looking for competing for entertainment. It can also be used pretty much anywhere, lending it further usage outside of the vehicle.

Top 4 Best Dual Dvd Player for Car

1. Audiovox AVXMTGHR9HD 9″ – Best Dvd Player for Car

Audiovox AVXMTGHR9HD 9

My rating:

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The Audiovox headrest monitor system has 9 inch TFT LCD display with switchable 16:9 / 4:3 aspect ratio. With two monitors included for multiple viewers, and adjustable viewing angles you won’t miss a thing.

The unit can play DVD’s and has all of the essential connections for viewing modern video.

It comes with built-in FM modulation for sound through the factory system in your car as well.

With enclosed post wiring, adjustable headrest pole distance, and plastic pole adaptors included you can customize the installation in any car.

Various colors are available so you can find the perfect match for your car’s interior. Included are two wireless headphones for each unit which can be used on different channels without interference.

Things we liked

Beautiful TFT LCD display
Perfect for car headrests
Two wireless headphones so each monitor can view different videos and get their respective sound

Things we didn’t like

Mounting can’t be undone easily for outside viewing
FM sound adaption is prone to interference

This unit is perfect for families looking for headrest monitor systems. Not ideal for airplanes and in the house as the monitors are mounted onto headrests for a car.

2. DD101HD Headrest – Best Headrest Dvd Player for Car

DD101HD Headrest

My rating:

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The DDAUTO headrest has a 10.1 inch digital TFT LCD 1080p and 1024×600 resolution for stunning viewing. The digital display has superior wide and clear visual senses, sharper figures so the graphics offer a smooth display experience.

With HDMI, USB, and SD card inputs you can view all your videos no matter how you have them stored. The thin design has convenient buttons on the bottom of the unit for complete control convenience.

It’s easy to install on the back of a headrest, but it can be easily removed for being used in the house as while.

It can play audio through the car stereo, headphone jacks, or stereo speakers built in the unit and supports games up to 32 bits for those times the kids are just hard to please.

The DDAUTO headrest mounts easily onto the back of a car seat.

Things we liked

Thin design
Large digital display with stunning resolution
Can be easily removed from car headrests for mobile viewing.
Allows you to game up to 32 bits

Things we didn’t like

No carrying case
Somewhat low build quality

This unit is perfect for families because it can be integrated into a car and easily removed for viewing on an airplane or in the house. As an all-rounder, it’s got some impressive performance.

3. NAVISKAUTO 10.1 Inch Car Headrest DVD Player


My rating:

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The NAVISKAUTO has a 10.1 NFT LCD with 1080p HD offering a 1024×600 resolution for a beautiful display experience. Included is an IR headphone set that can be connected to wireless sound quality.

This unit comes with a 32-bit gaming CD, so you’ll be able to play some games with just what’s in the box. The NAVISKAUTO has HDMI, USB and SD card inputs for a wide array of multimedia use as well.

The mounting kit included for easy installation onto a car headrest and it can be removed easily for enjoyment anywhere you might what to take it.

The wall adapter and cigarette lighter adapter are also included for easy charging. It has multi-language OSD for English, French, Spanish, German, Portuguese, Italian, and Russian.

You’ll also find the buttons are quite easy to use and in a convenient format.

Things we liked

Large HD screen
IR headphone set included
32-bit gaming cd
Easy mounting kit for car headrests included

Things we didn’t like

No touchscreen
No carrying case included

This unit is perfect for families because it can be easily mounted in a car onto the back of a headrest, and removed for viewing in the home or when traveling.

4. Sonic Audio HR-9

Sonic Audio HR-9

My rating:

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The sonic audio multimedia headrests has a 9 inch HD display with 800×480 resolution for optimum viewing enjoyment. The convenient digital touchscreen offers ease of access. Two screens are included for multiple viewers.

The Veyron HR-9 interface gives the touchscreen a one-of-a-kind user experience as well.

The unit supports USB and SD card for multimedia enjoyment. Included is a 32-bit game CD and gaming controller. Two IR headphone sets are included for multiple audio listeners. Different DVDs can be viewed on each headrest.

The sleek design will fit into your car with smoothly and easily. Since multiple colors are available you can match your car’s interior as well.

Things we liked

Easy to operate touchscreen interface
32 game CD included with a gaming controller
Two IR headsets included
Sleek installation for your car headrests.

Things we didn’t like

No HDMI input
Not ideal for use outside of a car as the display is mounted on the back of a headrest.

The Sonic Audio is perfect for anyone looking to purchase a DVD player for headrests in cars. It’s simple installation is user-friendly and optimum touchscreen format is perfect for children because of ease of access.

Reasons for Picking Up a Portable DVD Player

Having a portable cd player is old way for relaxing when driving car. In today’s mobile world, smartphones and tablets have become a fall back mobile movie player for most. But many people value being able to watch their DVD collection no matter where they’re at.

You may be looking to stay entertained while using frequent flyer miles or just need a portable DVD player that can stay with you, wherever you go. Many people are looking for headrest DVD players to be installed in cars.

You may just want to keep children entertained on long trips or just when peace of mind is needed while running errands.

How To Choose Best DVD Players for Car

best portable dvd players for car

Before you buy a DVD player you need to consider whether you’re going to be using it as a portable DVD player or install it as a permanent fixture to your car.


Units such as the Sonic Audio HR-9 can be easily installed as a headrest in your car. Most units come with the parts to integrate easily into your car. Units like this are not ideal for use on an airplane or in the home as they are fixed onto a headrest and are best suited for use in a car.

If you’re looking for flexibility in usage, you’ll love portable units which can easily be removed from the headrest mounts. These devices are sleek and small and can be used anywhere you need.

Take the time to mount units properly so as to avoid your investment getting damaged in the back seat of a car. Making sure it is mounted properly will also protect children that are sitting in the back seat if an accident should occur.

Multimedia Compatibility

If you’re only looking to play DVDs then you’re in luck, pretty much any unit will have no problem playing them. On the other hand, if you’re hoping to play movies or files which have been downloaded, then you’ll want to get a device that can support a wide array of multimedia formats.

A unit that can play DIVX or AVI files is ideal if you want to play digital files you’ve picked up on the internet.

If the player you want can only support certain multimedia formats, and you have files in another format not supported, there are options. You can always convert the videos to another file format with a free video file converter if your player can’t work with them.

Battery Life

Taking into consideration the battery life a unit has is crucial to being able to enjoy entertainment.

There’s nothing worse than being cut short in the middle of an epic chase scene or having to explain to irritated children why Sponge Bob was cut short.

Look for at least 4 to 5-hour battery life so two full-length movies can be enjoyed before charging. Most units include a wall charger and cigarette lighter adaptor for quick charging in the vehicle.

Optimum Outputs

portable dvd player gaming

Do you have any extra units you want to use with your DVD player?

Are you going to want to use gaming systems in conjunction with it?

Most units have audio video outputs but many have HDMI, USB, and SD card inputs. Quite a few gaming systems can connect to HDMI, and multimedia files can be viewed through USB and SD cards.

Many DVD players come with game cd’s that have games preloaded onto them if controllers are included this can provide long-lasting entertainment for children during long travels.

Audio Performance

Many units have built-in stereo systems or can play audio through car stereos. If you want the viewer to be able to utilize headphone be sure the unit has headphone jacks. Many DVD players for car headrests have two channels for headphones in case you have two viewers that want to watch two different things.

If the unit doesn’t have optimum sound performance, then you can look into getting an affordable Bluetooth speaker that can sync to your DVD player, and provide much better sound.

If you want to use your portable DVD player in the house and want a sound that will fill a room then a bluetooth sound bar will do the trick.

What is The Best Portable DVD Player for Car?

Buying a portable DVD player is a matter of choice. You’ll want to factor in how much you want to spend, user quality, and quality that suits your needs. Figure out what you want out of your portable DVD player will help you get the most out of it and provide you and your family with entertainment for a long time to come.

Portable DVD players have come a long way and many have all the features to enjoy quality sound and picture anywhere you happen to go.

For our money, we recommend the NAVISKAUTO 14 inch HD Portable DVD/CD Player for those looking for a portable DVD player.

To get the most out of your portable DVD player, you can choose features that suit you best. There’s nothing holding you back from enjoying your entertainment on the road, so pick one up and add it to your entertainment collection.