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There’s nothing like cruising the open road listening to some really good tunes. It makes trips more entertaining and helps pass the time.

If you have a motorcycle, you may assume it’s not possible to cruise to your favorite songs – but you’d be wrong! A modern motorcycle sound system will let you enjoy great music as easily as any car.

We decided to compare the best motorcycle speakers so you can bring your playlist with you anywhere, anytime.

Why You Should Get a Motorcycle Sound System

If you want to listen to music while on the road, you’ve got several options from which to choose. You can get speakers for your helmet, or you can get external handlebar-mounted speakers that fit directly to the bike itself and are powered by the battery.

We strongly recommend choosing the best motorcycle handlebar speakers. Why?

1. Safety

safety motorcycle speakers

The number one consideration when you decide to add any component to your ride should be safety. Mounted handlebar speakers today are specially designed to help cancel out road noise and wind. Helmet speakers can be dangerous – you lose awareness of your surroundings.

Ever notice when someone is driving by with a really killer sound system? I bet you do – it’s human nature to see what all the fuss is about. If your speaker system on the bike produces good, powerful audio, you’ll get the most important thing a motorcycle rider needs for safety: attention – and lots of it!

2. Convenience

When your speakers are attached to your ride, you don’t have to worry about helmet comfort or design. You can change your helmet, too, without having to worry about changing or moving your sound system. If you love feeling the wind in your hair, handlebar speakers are the way to go.

Bluetooth capability is not required (as you’ll see) but it is a strength of certain sound systems. The more wires you have, the less elegant the installation – and naturally it’s less easy to control if you’re using a wired remote. Anything that distracts you from controlling your bike should be avoided.

3. Versatility

With handlebar speakers, your sound system can be used in many situations and enjoyed by everyone. Roll your sleeves up and work on the bike in the garage while listening to your favorite songs – or just park it outside with your friends and BBQ while you listen to the radio.

On long road trips, parking by the side of the road and taking off your helmet to feel a cool breeze run through your hair shouldn’t interrupt your sense of Zen. Mounted handlebar speakers let you maintain focus without turning off the sound.

How To Choose The Best Motorcycle Speakers

choose right motorcycle speakers

Buying motorcycle speakers isn’t quite the same as buying components for a car or home stereo system. Before you start shopping, it’s wise to take a few things into consideration.


First, you have to make sure that the speakers you buy fit your motorcycle (obviously). Modern systems are ingeniously designed to fit most handlebars. They aren’t universal, however – so measure the width of your bars first.

Most handlebar clamps are designed to fit 0.75″ to 1.25″ handlebars. If yours are larger or smaller, you’ll probably need specialized mounting equipment – which costs extra.


Now you’ll need to decide how powerful you want your system. Do you travel on the highway a lot, or do you mostly cruise around town? Using speakers on the highway requires more wattage to cancel out road noise, so if you do a lot of long-distance travel you’ll want a system that’s capable of higher watts.

If your bike is a total beast, then it’s going to require a lot more juice to create clear music over the sound of your strokes.

Remember: These speakers are 12-volts and powered by your battery. Your bike won’t produce as much juice as the typical car, so you don’t want to overdo it. A car can offer virtually unlimited power, but your bike probably doesn’t have the same kind of push to the audio system.


How do you want to deliver your music to the speakers? Are you going to get a separate head unit, or use an external device like an iPod or phone to source the signal? Most speakers come equipped for either; personally, I think a head-unit is overkill for a bike and provides yet another dangerous distraction.

Water Resistance

water resistant motorcycle speakers

Finally, consider the environment you’ll be riding in. Wet or rainy conditions require more profound water resistance. Most speakers come advertised as ‘weather-proof’ – but this shouldn’t be confused with waterproof. This is a stricter definition and few audio components can meet waterproof criteria.

A weather-proof system promises to resist water penetration in most conditions – but it shouldn’t be left out in the elements for long periods of time.

Mounting Your New Speakers

Okay, so you know what to look for, and you found the perfect system.

Now how do you put it in?

Your speakers will come with detailed mounting instructions, but there are a few things you should consider if you’ve never mounted a motorcycle sound system.

  • Grounded wires need to be tucked underneath the body, out of the way and
  • Watch the heat! Don’t mount your amp near the engine or it can quickly overheat. Hide it from view to help deter theft while making sure it has good ventilation.
  • It may come with a bar clamp to hold your music player, but this is optional. To save space and improve stealth, consider finding a spot to store your music device on the frame.
  • Speakers will fit flush to the bar, and should not interfere with your ability to handle your ride. Make sure they’re balanced; improper placement might cause some wobble.
  • Wired or wireless? Wireless remotes are recommended; some can be modified to fit where you grip the handlebars so you can change songs while controlling your ride.

As you’ll find, modern motorcycle components come in several shapes and sizes.

Top 5 Best Motorcycle Speakers Reviews

Shark Motorcycle Audio 250W 2 Speakers
  • Motorcycle Audio 250W
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  • Flexible remotes
  • Waterproof system
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  • Looks great
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PYLE PLMCA20 100 Watts
  • Best saving model
  • Easy installation
  • Good design

1. Boss Audio MCBK470B Black


My rating:

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If you’re an audiophile, then you’re probably familiar with BOSS.

Founded in 1987, BOSS is a relative newcomer on the audio scene. They’ve quickly gained significant market share by focusing on quality audio components for niche markets – like motorcycles, ATV, and marine sound systems.

This is our top choice because it comes with everything you need for a totally satisfying audio experience. It comes in your choice of sleek, glossy black or polished chrome. This system operates with a juicy 1000-watt amplifier, more than enough to overpower highway noise and the satisfying roar of a fat engine.

It comes with two pairs of 3″ weatherproof speakers that are designed to minimize your aerodynamic profile. It’s equipped with Bluetooth capability and seamless smartphone integration. If you’re really picky about your audio experience, you have the option of using a standard 3.5mm auxiliary input for external music devices like an iPod.

Finally, wireless volume control lets you adjust your listening experience with total convenience. This is a bigger deal than it sounds – try untangling a wire while cruising on the highway!

We tested the others and while each had their strengths, only this system provided what we consider the ‘full package’ of features.

Things we liked

Outstanding acoustic fidelity
Streamlined aerodynamic design
An impressive 3-year platinum warranty

Things we didn’t like

Weather resistant, not waterproof
Amplifier has no on/off switch

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2. Motorcycle Audio 250W 2 Speakers by Shark

Shark Motorcycle Audio 250W 2 Speakers

My rating:

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Another excellent choice comes from Shark Motorcycle Audio. Shark specializes in motorcycle speakers. As a result, they offer some premium features that you can’t find in other systems.

What kind of features? Well, the one that jumped out immediately to us was that unlike other systems, the Shark system is actually waterproof. That means it stands up to environmental damage in a way that few audio components can match.

Elite water resistance isn’t the only thing that makes the Shark system so attractive to us. We feel it has the sexiest design of any motorcycle speakers on the market, and it comes fully equipped with excellent user features like FM radio, dual-option wired/wireless remote control, and Bluetooth capability.

As if that weren’t enough, it even has an SD slot and a USB port. You don’t need to plug in an iPod or phone; just load your music files onto a flash drive, plug it in, and start rocking out!

Power is satisfactory. It boasts 250-watt output with crisp audio fidelity, a stunning LCD display, and rugged mounting system. In our view, this is a premium choice for motorcycle sound systems at an affordable price.

Things we liked

FM radio capability with external antenna
2 remotes – one wired, one wireless
Waterproof system lets you face the elements in total confidence

Things we didn’t like

LCD can be difficult to read in bright light
Wiring is a challenge on longer bike designs (like a chopper)

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3. BOSS AUDIO MC420B Chrome 600 watt


My rating:

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If you want a system that’s a little easier on the wallet, but still has BOSS-level sonic fidelity, then we suggest the 600-watt BOSS device. With only a single pair of speakers it offers a more streamlined profile for your bike. It still has Bluetooth for wireless streaming, along with an auxiliary input for your external music device.

The speakers (not the amplifier) are waterproof, so it can even swim like a Shark. Just be sure to install your amp out of the way of the elements.

BOSS offers their systems in two color choices – black or chrome. It even has the old-school RCA inputs (red, white, and yellow) to integrate with any audio component on the market.

Top name-brands like BOSS earned their reputation by designing excellent products and ensuring customer satisfaction. Both BOSS systems boast a legitimate signal-to-noise ratio of 85 decibels. Total harmonic distortion (THD) is less than 0.01%.

Top companies stand by their products; BOSS offers a robust 3-year platinum warranty on most components.

Things we liked

BOSS’s signature full-range speaker response
Simple mounting system adjusts to fit most handlebars
Waterproof speakers

Things we didn’t like

Wired volume control

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4. SMC95BC Bluetooth Motorcycle/UTV Speaker & Amplifier

Sound Storm Laboratories SMC95BC Bluetooth Motorcycle/UTV Speaker & Amplifier System

My rating:

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Sound Storm Laboratories was founded in 1997 by professional audio enthusiasts. Their mission was to prove to the industry that elite audio equipment could be engineered at a price affordable for the everyday consumer.

That’s why Sound Storm created a powerful acoustic system with elite frequency range. Like BOSS, they offer legitimate 85dB SN ratio and THD <0.01%. Frequency response is top-notch; we were impressed with the range of meaningful sonic production from these lightweight speakers.

It comes with 2 pairs of 3″ 1000-watt amplified speakers with crisp highs and strong bass. If you like rich lows, you’ll probably prefer this system to the others on the list. It comes equipped with Bluetooth capability, auxiliary input, and weather-proof components.

This product is the real deal. It delivers excellent audio quality even at highway speeds, and the juicy power output guarantees fidelity against even the loudest choppers.

Things we liked

Powerful audio performance with rugged amplifier
Elegant design sure to turn heads
Best sound in class

Things we didn’t like

Installation can be difficult
Limited 1-year warranty

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5. PYLE PLMCA20 100 Watts Motorcycle/ATV/Snowmobile Mount Amplifier

PYLE PLMCA20 100 Watts

My rating:

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If you’re really ballin’ on a budget, then check out the Pyle speaker set. You’ll be sacrificing power, as the mini-amp only offers 100-watts, but if you want to maintain battery life for long periods, this might be your best bet.

No Bluetooth connectivity means you’ll have to use the single auxiliary input for your external music devices. On the plus side, aux inputs usually push louder volume than Bluetooth-sourced mp3s.

It also comes equipped with FM-radio capability and RCA ports to support a variety of audio sources.

User-friendly features allow you to control treble and bass output. Technical specifications are solid, but not outstanding; SN ratio is over 50dB and THD is 10%. The frequency range is limited and has noticeable quality degradation along the edges.

If you just want a simple, reliable system that lets you listen to music while cruising in style, we think that Pyle provides good audio at a great value.

Things we liked

Quality design at a great price
Simple installation
Backed by a 1-year warranty

Things we didn’t like

Weak acoustic output
No wireless controls

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What is The Best Motorcycle Speakers ?

Choosing the best motorcycle speakers to fit your lifestyle is no easy task. There are so many options to choose from, and every rider has a unique feel for their bike they don’t want to lose.

Safety is the most important part of the open-road. We like the BOSS 1000-watt system because it produces unbelievable sound at incredible volume – which will certainly gather you some attention. Crisp audio, wireless streaming, and mounting simplicity make it our top choice for the best motorcycle handlebar speakers.

Don’t just take our word for it – click the links above and go check out what real consumers just like you had to say about their new systems. The best sites offer free shipping and additional buyer protection. Don’t wait – many of these products have limited availability.

(Fair warning: With an awesome sound system, you’ll likely find yourself riding more than ever!)