best hollow body guitar

Playing a great electric guitar is often satisfying for many people. It gets you playing your favorite tracks at the great sound possible. To have a great time playing the guitars, you have to get the best model. Not all models would be great at designs or sound delivery. We get to show you some of the best hollow body guitar you can buy for yourself right now. Once you pick them correctly, you can have an amazing time as a guitarist.

How To Choose The Best Hollow Body Guitar

 #1. The design

It always feels great if you can end up with a great looking guitar. Such a guitar will be the talk of town for most people each time you walk around with it for gigs. The right finish is what will always drive you to feel like playing the guitar or not.

#2. The construction

The construction is another thing you have to keep in mind too. You will definitely need a model that can stand up to regular use and not easily break. Some models are often so good that the manufacturer gives you a lifetime warranty on them. Look at the various materials used to make them before choosing one.

#3. The sound

If you are going to play the model more often, you want one that can still deliver on the performance. You do not have to settle for a model that looks great, but lacks the sound. The sound will get you loving your guitar even more.

#4. Controls and Tuning

Depending on the model, it can be hard of easy to use based on the controls and tuning options. Having easy to use options is often something that many people want. It is exactly what will make the model great for beginners or professionals.

#5. The brand

As we all know, not all brands are the best when it comes to the delivery of the best sound at all times. This calls for checking out several models and understand what each brand is known for. Some brands can be great for design, but lack the sound. Try to find a brand that can balance between the two.

Top 5 Best Hollow Body Guitar Review

1. Gretsch 9500 Jim Dandy Flat Top – Vintage Sunburst

Gretsch G9500 Jim Dandy Flat Top

The model is often liked by many people for its amazing construction. For this model, it is built in Indonesia, a country known for making amazing guitars. On overall, the guitar gives you the vintage vibe that has been achieved by using the Sunburst Finish. The model comes framed by silk-screened body that makes it look great.

The construction mimics the famous parlor design of the Gretsch Rex with its vintage color scheme. You should get more people being interested in this type of construction as it looks great. The C-shaped neck is made of rosette, thus it is able to pack a double-action road. You should now have a durable model you would love to own.

The headstocks is not a unique thing on most cheap guitars, but it is how they crafted into this model that makes it great. The use of the headstocks easily match the rest of the construction that finishes off the model in a great styling.

The review would not be over without learning more about the sound. The sound you get takes you down memory lane where you heard more of classic rock and blues. It is still the time when the brand made its name famous by delivering on the best guitars that people could use. Its relatively small size might fool you into thinking that it is something that does not produce enough sound. The model packs a great sound thanks to the ingenious fret design.

My Take

If you are looking for the best hollow body electric guitar without denting your wallet a lot of money, this could be it. The model is designed to make you want it even more the moment you get to hear it playing. If you get to play it a few times, it just grows on you.


  • It has a great volume for its size
  • It is affordable
  • It is made of strong material


  • It is not the best for beginners

2. Epiphone “Tom Delonge” Signature ES-333


Starting with the design, the model gives you a classy look that does not always have to scream punk rock. It features an ES shape important for making it stay within the right scale and also easy for carrying. There is the f-holes that would get more people into buying them. The laminated maple for its body definitely makes it to be among the greatest looking electric guitars ever.

The model comes fitted with enough features that should satisfy the player each time they get to use it. The model delivers a huge sound. You do not need any additional amplification to get the sound out as much as possible. There is the benefit of having better clarity. The clarity is often retained even at the high levels. You can play the different genres and it will still end up help you have a great time with it.

The headstock on the other hand is fitted with six Grover tuners. You will now end up with precise and good tuning stability. You should not have any issues of tuning with the model of this nature.

My take

This is one passive humbucker whose output will always impress the users. You can use the model for on-stage performances and recording sessions. With less distortions coming out the guitar, it is something you can enjoy using to have a great time handling the performance.


  • It offers a classy look
  • It feels sturdy
  • It is made of premium materials


  • It is not versatile for some users

3. Gretsch G2420 Streamliner Hollowbody

Gretsch G2420 Streamliner Hollowbody

The color scheme you get from the model gives you a bold statement about it. The model is designed for a modern guitarist who is looking for something beyond the normal guitars on the market right now. Most of the guitarists who one this model would feel like powerful players thanks to its modern sonics. It also features updated electronics that would create the best sound you will ever need from such an electric guitar.

The BroadTron humbucking pickup is that secret to having the right sound from this Streamliner model. The technology was designed by the expert engineers at the company. The result is that you get the robust lows, pristine highs and some great midrange for that unique tone. Not many instruments could easily blend the different sounds to give you something that you can always love. The harnessed sonic power is what is now given out as a great sound most people would love.

You still get to enjoy solid tuning of the model with its chromatic tailpiece. Being able to adjust the model to what you feel is great always helps the user to play their favorite tunes easily. The use of parallel tone bars will reinforce the top thus allowing for free vibration. Even with the vibrations, the strong body is important to keep them low.

My Take

One thing you will always like about the model is the looks. The classic eye-catching style is what drives more people to buy it. The model is also easy to tune and start using. If you are a modern guitarist, then this is the type of guitar you should get.


  • It features a great classic look
  • It is easy to tune
  • It is made of strong materials
  • It can be a great gift


  • It is hard to use for a beginner

4. OE30 Oscar Schmidt Hollow Body Electric Guitar

OE30 Oscar Schmidt Hollow Body Electric Guitar

One thing to check out on this model would be its double cutaway body. The body comes made of mahogany that is important for styling of the guitar. Another reason is that the model’s body will help in delivering the best performance all the time. Other than having a vintage look, the model will easily sound better too.

There is the rosewood fingerboard that allows the user to adjust it for better comfort. You will always get the model adjusted to what you feel is the right position for playing based on a personal experience. With its full lifetime warranty, you get that the model is quite durable.

The 2 twin Washburn HH humbucker pickups are still great for someone looking to have a great time listening to the playback as they get to play the guitar. You will still get that there are some impressive electronics included in the model that helps with fine-tuning the guitar to a perfection. The Grover toners on the model easily matches the guitar styling so that there are no imperfections to be noticed by the various users.

My Take

There is no doubt that you will have no trouble liking this model for its quality build. Most users find the model to be very affordable. If you are a beginner or professional guitarist, you will both find this guitar being one of the best on overall. It has the right features you need to get start playing it.


  • It is affordable
  • It works great for beginners and professionals
  • It has a great styling


  • Some complained about the neck of the guitar being shorter

5. Epiphone Wildkat Royale Semi-Hollowbody Electric Guitar

Epiphone WILDKAT Royale Semi-Hollowbody

The wildkat body for a long time is the one responsible for giving that distinctive acoustic tone. The body comes made of high quality mahogany with maple flamed top. The great pearl white finish makes the model to be even better as compared to the others in its category. The model still has a maple neck with a slim taper profile glued on the body. For its shape and size, it should help the user feel comfortable each time when using the model to play some good sounds.

The overall hardware of the model makes it have quite an attractive design. The guitar comes with a great design that is even topped off with the best headstock. The headstock comes with six premium Grover tuning machines. The result is that you will get immaculate string stability. There is a bridge slot that packs a tune-o-matic thanks to the tremolo system.

The electronics often determine just how much sound you would be getting from the guitar. The manufacturer got it right by having the electronics configurations at the right position. The results are that you get to experience better sound and usability. You can always control the volume and other tones from the knobs that are easy to access.

My Take

You will be happy with what you are getting from choosing this type of model. It is one model that comes with multiple features and still costs a lot less. Comparing it to other models, you might find that the others would cost a lot more as compared to it. With its great sound, you should easily find yourself loving it even more.


  • It has a beautiful finish
  • It sounds great
  • It is easy to tune and use


  • Some users have complained about its cheap build


You can now end up with the best hollow body guitar if you know what is expected. As seen from above, all guitars would have their pros and cons, but the important thing is to choose the best one. The OE30 Oscar Schmidt electric guitar will definitely get you thinking seriously about choosing it. It has its features cut out for it making sure that they get to satisfy the user each time. You will always experience a lot more when it comes to the easy tuning of the model and get yourself the best performance if you decide to buy it. It is also one of the best hollow body guitar under 500 dollars you can buy today on the market.