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If you want to buy a grand piano the rule is quite simple, the bigger you find, the better piano will be. But, it is not so smart to incorrectly choose some large instrument that will overpower entire area with its loud sound. So, here you will read about some practical and high-quality options, and you will be able to choose a best grand piano for yourself.

Buying Guide for Best Grand Piano

1. Sound Quality

The sound of a piano should be shapeable and clear. So, various kind of music, and also many different tastes and individual performers will always require their kind of piano tone shaping. That is known as voicing, so if an instrument is not sufficient in size for its purpose, well, then this process is impossible.

There are two big factors when it comes to the tone of grand piano: the scale, and the hammer. First is the wires progression with precise regard for their thickness, length, and frequency. The second is the thing which strikes those wires, and it is equally important as the first part.

So, there are many things to consider here. Firstly, where the hammer makes contact with those strings, secondly – some inertial hammers traits and the nature of complicated hammer/string relationship. Lastly, the real hammers stability and some usual regulations, except in rare instances.

2. Length

The dimension of your grand piano is one of the major consideration in choosing the piano. A grand piano is measured starting from the front of the keys to the rear portion of the rim. Always make sure to choose the best size for you.

A grand piano has a standard width of about 5 feet; however its length varies from 4.5 feet to 9.5 feet depending on the specifications. Floor space allowance ranges from 5 feet width by 6.5 feet length. There are various sizes for this horizontal type of piano as follows:

  • Grand Piano 7 feet to 9 feet long: This is commonly used for concerts, theater shows, recording studios, and auditoriums.
  • Grand Piano 6 feet to feet long: Learning schools and studios have this kind of grand piano for teaching purposes.
  • Grand 5 feet to 6 feet long: For usage at homes, this is the recommended size. Based on various users, this type has a better tone quality than a smaller grand.

Although 5 feet is the standard width, there are still those grand pianos which have a dimension under 5 feet. There are some users who prefer this kind.

3. Case

The pianos furniture is in other words named simply – it’s the case. This has one great job: it must be able to sustain all those pressures that are put upon by a great 20 tons or more of big compression that is imposed by piano strings. Also, the case’s sheer appearance is certainly both practical, esthetic, or even esoteric to some extent in nature.

4. Storage Space

best grand piano

Grand pianos are quite large and this will require the appropriate storage space. Before your purchase make sure you have the adequate storage at home, in your studio or wherever you will use the grand piano.

The type of piano and its dimension will determine your storage space. Initially, when the piano is delivered to your home, you have to make sure it fits the main door. Later on, when you move the piano to a different location, make sure you move it to an area where it is not cramped up.

Moving a grand piano from one place to another can be challenging. Should you plan to put the piano on a higher floor, a crane may be needed to lift it. Arrange this with the manufacturer or supplier where you purchased the grand piano from.

5. Brand New or Preloved?

Both brand new and preloved grand pianos have advantages and disadvantage altogether. A brand new grand piano is surely costly but the quality is guaranteed. You will be the first user and you have to remember that this is an investment you are making.

There are also sellers of preloved grand piano in the market. Are you eyeing on buying a previously used grand piano? Evaluate meticulously as to the quality, duration of usage, reason why the user is selling it and the rightful cost and make sure that you do not compromise quality for the price.

When shopping for a previously used piano, consider other factors as well such as brand, size, touch, tone, possible repairs to be made and the cost of repair. Also, consider how this piano will be transported from the previous user to your place. Remember, make a decision you will not regret.

6. Value for Money

When buying a grand piano, make sure to choose the one with the above-mentioned factors in mind and purchase it at a relatively good price. Surely, there are cheaper options out there, but those might compromise these important factors.

Top 5 Best Grand Piano Review

Considering the size, weight and other aspects in choosing the best grand piano, we’ll cut down your options into five (5) best piano choices.

Suzuki MDG-300 Black Micro Grand Digital Piano
  • Sounds amazing
  • Affordable price
  • Easy access to wide music
Baldwin-hamilton 5' Grand Piano
  • Baldwin-hamilton
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  • Nice and very clear sound
  • Luxury design
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  • Very smooth playability
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Artesia AG-28 Micro Grand Digital Piano
  • Very cheap model
  • Excellent response
  • Incredible Sound

1. Baldwin-hamilton 5′ Grand Piano

Baldwin-hamilton 5' Grand Piano

My rating:

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Baldwin-Hamilton’s 5’ Grand Piano could be yours right now! With its high-polished Mahogany color material, you may own an elegant and classy piano that could surely accentuate your family or living room. Solid spruce and maple buttons accents of this grand piano may further promote good quality and elegance.

The famous high-grade Roslau music wire from Germany could guarantee that this piano may produce great tonal quality. You can easily play the music of your choice anytime. Choosing this product could mean that your listeners can hear great music from this Baldwin-Hamilton grand piano.

Thought of buying a preloved piano? This four-year-old high-quality grand piano may have been previously used but it still looks brand new. What’s more? Wait until you hear the quality of music this musical masterpiece produces.

Things we liked

Key Material made from Solid Spruce, with balanced Maple buttons
Baldwin secure Quality Check
Top Grade Strings
Nice and very clear sound
Very smooth playability

Things we didn’t like


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2.  Suzuki MDG-300 Black Micro Grand Digital Piano

Suzuki MDG-300 Black Micro Grand Digital Piano

My rating:

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To satisfy the market of a musical instrument as well as the need of musically inclined people, Suzuki has created a mini-grand piano that could rock the users’ taste.

As it is said, this is a well-combined striking appearance and performance features. It fits comfortably to any size of a room that you have. Considering its price and the performance feature, it’s incomparable to other existing expensive digital upright piano.

You could also make an original composition through its built-in music sequencer (3 track). You can save then store it to your SD card. It also blends well with today’s lifestyle and living space. It provides dynamic response caused by 3D sound sampling of the instrument.

It delivers a powerful sound and allows you to have access to demonstrations, lessons or variety of music from the internet. Organizing the features you’ve chosen is also made easy. This piano is a good investment.

Things we liked

Easy access to wide music, demonstrations, and lessons on the internet
Advance performance feature
Source of entertainment
Blend with modern style of living
Easy to assemble

Things we didn’t like

A bit sound from its pedal

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3. Schiller 5’3″ Special Edition Grand Piano

Schiller 5'3

My rating:

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Any sound produced by a piano could be guaranteed a grand musical masterpiece. Considering that concert-quality is what you are aiming for when it comes to the music you play, Schiller’s Special Edition Grand Piano could be the perfect choice for you. Bring to life endless musical possibilities with this grand piano.

Schiller is a brand to remember when it comes to quality. The concert-level strings and high-quality German felt hammers could make you play, act and feel like a professional. Achieving quality tonal sound with this model may not be difficult at all.

You can also connect this grand piano to any phone or device via Bluetooth. You can play your music smoothly through it. And, the keys and pedals truly feel nice.

So, you can also playback some songs that you played before, and also play on the very top above that melodies, so I warmly recommend Schiller’s grand piano.

Things we liked

Concert-Level Strings
Ebony Polish
Fast-Response Action
Hardwood Outer & Inner Rim
High-Quality Hammers

Things we didn’t like

High price

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4. Williams Symphony Grand Digital Piano with Bench

Williams Symphony Grand Digital Piano

My rating:

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Who says quality cannot be affordable? Well, Williams’ Symphony Grand Digital Piano with Bench features a high-definition elegance and quality made for you at a relatively low price.

This latest model is probably one of the greatest additions to William’s products which may have various improvements from previous models.

Produce realistic quality sound as you feel each note swiftly coming out from this Symphony Grand Digital Piano. Needless to say, this piano has become one of the top choices of many individuals, pro and amateurs alike.

Williams’ Symphony Grand Digital Piano could be everything they say plus more! It does not only play music beautifully but it also redefines elegance and style. Musical possibilities seem endless with this piano and you could have a lot of fun playing this musical piece.

Things we liked

Easy to set up
Instructions are easy to read and follow
Worth the price

Things we didn’t like

There is a crackling sound coming from the speakers.
Difficult to place on upper floors

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5. Artesia AG-28 Micro Grand Digital Piano

Artesia AG-28 Micro Grand Digital Piano

My rating:

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Artesia’s AG-28 Micro Grand Digital Piano could probably be one of the choices for you. This grand digital piano offers a package of style and elegance in one. Plus, it has the latest in technology in the music industry.

Play like a pro with AG-28 Micro Grand Digital Piano. It is designed for amateurs and experts alike with its built-in professional accompaniment and quality sound delivery system.

It could be easier for you to achieve quality tonal voices and produce great music with this grand piano.

The distinctive ebony cabinet is finely polished which could dazzle those who will see this piano. This was sophisticatedly crafted by the manufacturer for it to comfortably fit any room size or home décor.

This is certainly one of the great choices for you and your family to enjoy.

Things we liked

Natural and balanced type of hammer action
Good Built-In Teacher of the Piano
Duet Function
Incredible Sound
Excellent response
Smooth playability

Things we didn’t like

Not so durable kind of strings

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So, do you appreciate the information that you have acquired from this review, or do you prefer some different approach in choosing the best grand piano for you? Regardless of what you think, it is clear that regarding playability, durability, design, strings and money then the best grand piano on this list is certainly the Suzuki MDG-300.

Other grand pianos here are also of high-quality in many aspects, so you will not disappoint yourself if you buy any of these. The level of their design and performance is very stable and rich in abilities and sound. And, there is no need to search for more text if you want to solve this issue.

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