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The center channel speaker plays an important role in making sure that you get to end up with more sound from your home theater system. The best part is that you can always use it on different types of music system and not necessarily the home theater. What is important is that you get to pick the best center channel speaker.

From the center channel speaker reviews, you would get to learn more about what to expect from a model. You can get expensive models, while others would be cheap. It is just like when looking to buy the soundbar, the reviews are always important to consider.

How To Choose The Best Center Channel Speaker

Picking the best center speaker, you need to keep a few things in mind. We get to look at a few things to keep in mind when choosing the center channel speaker.

1. The room size

room size

This is definitely going to be a big concern for most people. There is the need to always end up with the best speaker depending on your room size and seating arrangement. For this center channel speaker, you would be sitting directly in front of the speaker. Sitting far or at an angle from the speaker might not always give you the best performance you are looking for.

2. Volume capability

Choosing the best speaker would often also involve the volume capability. In short, this means the amount of sound you would be getting from the model. The sound quality should be in a way that you get to enjoy the movies or music. You always have to keep in mind the distortion levels.

3. Design

Any person would be looking to get himself a model that matches up the décor too. Depending on the design of the center channel speaker, it would determine if it would give you the décor you are looking for or not. Most people would take more time to check out several models just to make sure the type of speaker they have is what they like.

4. Construction

The construction here is all about the material used to make the model. The model would last longer if quality materials have been used. If you know top materials used in making the speakers, then you can choose appropriately.

The type of material used would not just affect the durability of the speaker, but also the sound output. Some materials such as MDF would help deliver impressive performance.

5. The brand

Picking the best speaker sometimes is just based on the brand. Ask anyone who has tried shopping for something relatively new, the answer would be picking one from a top brand in the market. You can always choose the best brand from the reviews below. Some of the brands include JBL, Micca and many others. They would always have the best products.

Top 5 Best Center Channel Speaker Review

Polk Audio CS10
Klipsch RP-250C
  • 4.8 Stars
  • Klipsch RP-250C
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  • Impressive sound
  • Lightweight construction
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  • Looks great
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Micca MB42-C
  • 4.2 Stars
  • Best saving model
  • Low sound distortion
  • Great design

1. Polk Audio CS10

Polk Audio CS10

My rating: 4.1 Stars

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The speakers are an important of the music system. You need to ensure that you get to choose the best speakers to get to enjoy the movies, music and lot more. For those who are looking to experience such, then you can always opt for this type of speaker.

It is enhanced to give you more sound, great performance as compared to some close competitors and a lot more. You can have this speaker anywhere in the room and it will give you the sound you are looking for.

As part of making the model presentable, the manufacturer has used MDF to create the cabinet. Having a good cabinet is not just great for the sound, but also the looks. Some other cheap speakers might be made of flimsy boards, which might not always give you the best sound. Things are different with this model.

The high efficiency design makes the speakers quite compatible with all electronics. The speaker will produce clear sound that you might not expect from speakers its size. The great sound makes you experience more as compared when you would be using some other types of speakers.

Things we liked

Great sound output
High quality cabinets
Strong construction

Things we didn’t like

It takes up a lot of space

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2. Klipsch RP-250C Center Channel Speaker

Klipsch RP-250C

My rating: 4.8 Stars

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The company came up with a simple idea of making their loyal fans experience the best music by providing them with the best sound ever. You can now get to be part of the music by getting yourself this type of speaker.

It is something that many people have been using for a while now and may you too could enjoy it. The model features more performance properties and new technology that should keep the performance better than some of the close rivals.

The model comes with a redesigned tractrix horn. The horn utilizes the newer technology so that you get high frequency response. You can easily note the enhancement in the imaging and dynamics the moment you get to power it on. The rubber construction further makes it great for dampening the high frequency so that you get an improvement in the sound.

The use of the MDF cabinet with the polymer veneer finish makes it look better and sound also great. Most people who are always looking for great looking speakers, then you should find this one among the best. Such a speaker should easily incorporate into any décor that many people might have.

With this center speaker, you get to hear what you were probably missing. It is something that always gets more people loving to get it for themselves. This is the ultimate home theater experience you can always find with this model. Not many brands would give you the realistic sound you need.

The titanium tweeter you get on the model are some of the best in the world. They give you that performance you probably were lacking in other models. There is always a difference to note when using this model.

Things we liked

It looks great
It delivers impressive sound
Lightweight construction
Flexible removable grille

Things we didn’t like

Some users feel it is too big

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3. JBL LC2 4-Way, High Performance

JBL LC2 4-Way

My rating: 4.5 Stars

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You are going to have a great time enjoying the performance of your home theater provided that you get to pick the best center speaker. There is no place to compromise with the center speaker as it is the most working speaker on the system.

It is the reason you get this impressive model from JBL. Being a top brand, what you expect is something that will always blow your mind. It would get you loving it even more than other types of center speakers you might have used before.

So, what makes this model the best? There is the use of stiffer cones important for delivering a uniform piston motion. The result is that you get a tighter bass with improved midrange.

The model definitely gives you the maximum output you would expect from a JBL speaker. The performance should easily match up to the amount of money that the manufacturer is selling the model.

The model is still made to come with a great way of dissipating heat from the coils. The system is called HeatScape motor structure. It envelops the voice coil so that the heat generated is easily made to leave the speaker system. In such a situation, it means you get to use the model for longer without cases of harmonic distortions.

The frequency response is still impressive especially at the high frequency range. The tweeter dome is made of thin material that is still strong to ensure you get to enjoy impressive performance. The additional use of the Mylar dome should make the transition from middle to high frequencies quite seamless. No more distortions.

Things we liked

High frequency response performance
Made of strong material
No distortion of sound
Great value for money

Things we didn’t like


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4. Micca MB42X-C

Micca MB42X-C

My rating: 4.4 Stars

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The next time you are looking to enjoy the best music or movie with the best sound, then you need to have an impressive center channel speaker too. With many options available, it is amazing how this model stands out. It stands out for being the best in terms of sound quality, looks and many other features.

The styling is what gets most people also interested in the model. It features the classic contours that still easily match with any room décor. The enhanced tonal balance and clarity makes the model great to work with any type of home theater. You can now easily experience the cinema like life when the sound is all great.

The carbon fiber woofer is something different from what you might have experienced before in other models. The work of the carbon fiber material is to make the woofer stronger and still deliver the best sound.

The results are that you get a woofer with low midrange distortion that should give you the best clarity when watching movies. You would definitely get to hear the conversations quite easily.

The slick dome tweeter design is still great with the overall look of the speaker. It is well integrated with a driver that gives you smoother treble that matches up to the performance you need when handling listening to your favorite tracks.

The advanced crossover design is something to also note about the model. It comes with 9 elements that easily give you a balanced and dynamic sound that people love.

Things we liked

Excellent vocal clarity
Perfect tonal balance
Great compact design

Things we didn’t like

Some users feel it has a weak construction

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5. Micca MB42-C

Micca MB42-C

My rating: 4.3 Stars

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This is a classic example of where you do not always have to spend a lot to get the fine things in life. The model is quite cheap when compared to the JBL model. Being cheap does not mean it will deliver the right performance. Things are the opposite the moment you get to use the model.

It is different to make people fall for it and only pay a fraction of the price. The classic looks are also another selling point for the model. It might look simple, but it still delivers the best performance most desire.

The manufacturer still had to make it great in terms of durability. Even with the model being affordable, it is also made of top quality components.

If you are going to have the best sound performance, then quality of materials used to make the sound system should be great. You get this model packed with an impressive carbon fiber woofer that is known for its highly durable material.

You do not always have to spend a lot of money on an expensive model to get the best sound quality. This model features impressive drivers that would keep the distortion to a minimum. This should result in having the user enjoy some top performances each time it is turned on. With less distortion, then you should easily hear the dialogues in movies.

Things we liked

It is cheap
Strong construction
Low sound distortion
Great design

Things we didn’t like

The bass level could be improved

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There is no doubt that right now you are thinking of getting yourself the best center channel speaker. But the question is which one? A number of models exist as mentioned above. You simply need to pick one that will give you the best value for your money. From the list, we give you all the top models with various prices.

For those who are not sure, there is always the option of getting yourself the Polk Audio CS10. It might be the most expensive in the bunch, but it will live up to your expectations. It features some of the best performing drivers that would make the money spent on it feel worth it.