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Citizen’s Band or CB radios have uses that are not possible or practical with your local phone or smartphone.

When using a CB radio you can pick up a signal channel, make calls and interact with whoever is listening on the other side.

These interactions are basically limitless and less controlled, so you can actually speak with as many people as you can think of if they are connected to the same channel and people already using a channel will most likely let you be part of the interaction with no issue.

CB radios are awesome for chatting and making new friends in your local area and are mostly used for gaming and especially for people who have theirs installed in their vehicles.

They can also be of use in moments of danger, or in areas where other communications usually fail, the fact that they work in a free and open signal makes them ideal and some channels are actually designated for emergencies and traffic information.

In this article, we will review our top 5 best CB radio you can find out there, and how to choose the right one for you!

Top 5 Best Cb Radio Review

AnyTone AT-5555N
  • 4 Stars
  • Galaxy-DX-959
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  • Easy to use
  • Good warranty
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  • Good price
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Cobra 29 LX 40

1. Galaxy-DX-959


My rating: 4 Stars

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This model is designed for both expert and new operators, keeping the controls as easy to use as possible.

One of its main advantages is that all controls are separated and work with only one feature at a time. Even when it might look complicated to the eyes (you will see a lot more buttons that with the others) it simplifies the job, since you won’t have to access any menu or change what happens with any given control at any time.

This is especially comfortable for people who are on the road. Alongside with this, it displays a frequency counter of five digits with large yellow digits and two larger digits next to those are the channel display.

It also counts with variable power output control, a talkback circuit with on/off switch and Galaxy’s noise filter which guarantees clear communication and weak SSB signal recovery.

When you buy it, it will include a Microphone, the Radio Mounting Bracket, Microphone Mounting Hardware, Power Cord and the respective manual.

Things we liked

All basic features
It is easy to use and newbie friendly.
Awesome performance
Has a High-quality built-in speaker
Good warranty

Things we didn’t like

No Bluetooth or external speaker connection.
The included microphone has a below average quality, we recommend buying an extra one when purchasing.

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2. Cobra 29 LX 40-Channel CB Radio

Cobra 29 LX 40

My rating: 4.5 Stars

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This model comes with a wide multicolor display screen that can be set in 4 different colors allowing you perfect view and control in darkest times.

It also counts with a weather feature with instant access to 10 NOAA channels to make sure you know what’s on the road ahead, channel scanning, automatic radio check diagnosis to have your system always at its best, PA capability and monitoring, RF gain with talkback and channel memory.

Alongside it has instant signal pickup on emergency channels which can be useful in case of emergencies.

This model is overall an above average and a very important option to consider, not only it includes almost every available feature, Cobra is a well-recognized brand on this market due to its quality and durability and this model’s price will be a surprise for low buckets.

With all these features and a size below average the Cobra 29 LX 40 is a good choice to have installed in your vehicle but let’s check the pros and cons.

Things we liked

Lots of features
Clock, timer and alarm system.
Long 9” microphone cord.
Awesome performance
Good warranty
Small size 7.2×9.2×2.2”
Recognized brand with awesome reviews
Low price for its category.

Things we didn’t like

No Bluetooth or external speaker connection.
Self-Diagnosis system can wear down being inaccurate with the time.

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3. Uniden BEARCAT CB Radio

Uniden BEARCAT CB Radio

My rating: 4.4 Stars

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This one has a larger number of features including Features weather band with Alert, AM/SSB Sideband capability.

If style is important to you, it comes with seven different colors for the display so you can even dress to your CB’s today.

It counts with a noise canceling microphone and cord, and Microphone and RF Gain control to have a perfect manager of your voice output.

This Uniden device brings advanced features for a standard price and has a smart design to fit any vehicle, but on the downside, it uses 1 nonstandard battery to work, it would be advised to keep a second battery at hand, can’t be connected to external speakers and the Beeping function can’t be turned off, so if you get stressed out easily that would be a disadvantage.

Overall is not a bad model, but it does present more disadvantages than other in our list.

Things we liked

All basic features
Long microphone cord.
Awesome performance
Good warranty
Relatively small size 3.5x15x8.5”

Things we didn’t like

No Bluetooth or external speaker connection.
Requires battery.
Beeps can’t be turned off and can become annoying.
Uses a 6-pin microphone plug instead of the standard 4-pin.
The process to switch the brightness of the LED display can be unhandy.
The built-in speaker’s quality is quite low.

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4.Yaesu Original FT-7900R

Yaesu Original FT-7900R

My rating: 4.6 Stars

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This model is meant for people who want to swim deep into the world of CB radio activities or require theirs to have a more professional performance.

Therefore it is more complex to manage and have a lot of features that aren’t meant for newbies.

It has a powerful output of up to 50 Watts on 144MHz and 40 Watts on 430MHz including a settlement of three lower power levels to control that you use only the output needed. This way you save energy and reduce the white noise.

This model is capable of receiving signals from AM Aircraft, Public Safety, and the Government, as well as Amateur communications in a really long reach range.

It has a large LCD display with perfect visibility regardless the situation, NOAA weather alert with the automatic search to ensure the road’s situation ahead, and WiRES™ Internet Linking Capability.

Things we liked

All basic features
Standard microphone cord.
Awesome performance
Good warranty
Really small size 5.5×6.6×1.6” perfect for vehicles.

Things we didn’t like

No Bluetooth but has internet linking capability.
Requires Lithium Metal batteries.
It has the higher price on our list.
This is an imported device and the documentation on this model can be inadequate for U.S. users.

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5. AnyTone AT-5555N

AnyTone AT-5555N

My rating: 4.7 Stars

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This is the last addition to our list. This model has an above-average price but comes to offer every single feature we established as criteria excluding the BT pairing connection which let’s face it is really hard to find, but including programmable frequency and voltage protection functions.

It is a professional oriented model, a bit hard to control for newbies and can be used in any kind of situation. The voltage protection system will prevent white noise from coming up during communication if the A/C power varies while also protecting your device’s life.

The AnyTone AT-5555N is an excellent option that covers almost every need you could have covered by a CB radio, this is a fine radio with a nice performance when it comes to range and clarity.

It also counts with a built-in speaker with excellent sound quality and a basic distortion cleaner feature.

Things we liked

All basic features and awesome performance for an average price.
Average size 11×2.4×9.8”
The built-in speaker’s audio has a really good quality.

Things we didn’t like

No Bluetooth or external speaker connection.
Only a 6-month warranty.
Low power can be too high ranging in the 4/5 Watts area
Below average AM performance, its modulation can be raised to near-100% using W11.

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What is a Cb Radio?

cb radio work

CB radios work in a two-way bandwidth which operates in the high-frequency band of the electromagnetic spectrum, at around 27 MHz, between AM and FM frequencies.

Their power output is usually limited by the law. For example, in the US output power of these speakers is limited to 4 watts and 150 miles by the Federal Communications Commission.

Nevertheless, these devices usually serve a short range zone of about 10 miles. Using a CB radio in an open channel communication represents certain advantages which include:

  • It is free. Other than buying the equipment, it represents no charge for the use of this kind of communication.
  • It helps to improve the people’s communication in case of sinister. When there is an accident or natural disaster, open channels usually work as a better way of communication for people to organize and get over the problem more efficiently.
  • Can be fun. As we stated before, people can use these radios for gaming, especially when they are on the road. There are a lot of games you can play with other people in open signals, making this an excellent way to get in touch with your community and meeting new people.
  • Makes a hell of a hobby. Professional CB radios can be also used for fun, and if you get really involved with this technology you may learn some good engineering while programming and preparing your own device.
  • The signal will never die. Ok, yes, the range will change, and if you are on the road in the middle of nowhere, surely there won’t be anyone to talk to, but usually, you will have a nice range of space in which you can get communication. This is particularly helpful in improving travel safety.

How To Recognize The Best Cb Radio

best cb radio

When searching for the best CB radio you need to consider a few things, but mainly keep this in mind.

The range doesn’t matter. All CB radios out there have 4 watts of power as it is required by law. Therefore you should focus on other specs, such as the size, materials, system, and warranty.

Yet the important part comes when you look for additional features that can be useful for the activities you are aiming to do, here is a small list of what you can find out there.

  • Bluetooth pairing. This feature allows you to use your phone trough the radio and in some cases, the radio will display your phone’s information.
  • Channel Scanner. Radios with this feature will allow you to automatically search and stop on channels where there are people speaking, and in some cases may have some memory to remember the frequent use channels.
  • Microphone/Voice output control. This allows you to control the volume received of your voice, is helpful for people who speak louder or softer than others, this way you can modulate the sound output and ease communication.
  • Make sure your radio has a talkback feature as well so you can actually hear your own voice when setting your output volume.
  • External Speaker Connection – Most CB radios include an external speaker jack on the back of the radio. This feature allows you to plug in an external CB speaker that can be mounted in the vehicle to allow better reception. The internal radio speaker is disabled when an external speaker is used.
  • Instant Emergency Channels. Channel 9 is designated by the Federal Communications Commission to be used for emergency transmissions.

Along with these, your CB radio can have lights and LED channel indicators to make it easy to see in the dark, can come with a Public Address switch (you need to have a horn integrated in your vehicle or an amplifier to use that), RF gain so you can open/close the receiver without using the squelch control.

There are also others like a Roger Beep which informs others when you stop speaking, sound filters to reduce white noise, SWR meter to check your radio’s performance, and the possibility to pick up NOAA weather broadcast frequencies.


So in conclusion for our list, we will recommend you to acquire the Cobra 29 LX 40-Channel CB Radio.

The reasons are simple, from everything we got during our research it seems to be the more durable device, alongside with this it has a really low price, below average size so it fits any vehicle, a very long reach, and powerful signal and it is from a recognized brand.

On the other hand, if you are here searching for your first radio or you are going to do some long trips out on the road, a Galaxy-DX-959 Mobile CB Radio may just be a better option.

Unlike the Cobra 29 LX, this one is easier to use and will represent a smaller distraction while driving, allowing you to take the best from all its features without endangering your travel results.

We hope our list has been useful to you, tell us, what are you planning to do with your new radio? And what is your opinion?

We are waiting for you in the comment section below and wish you a happy travel!!