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If you are looking forwards to buy a music player system it is ideal for you to get the best equipment possible that offer the highest quality while respecting your space, style, and budget. In order to get you through that, in this article, we will guide you through the process of buying the best all in one turntable that fits your needs and suggests some awesome options that might be just your next buy.

Top 5 Best All In One Turntable Reviews

NameRatingHighlightCheck Price
Jensen JTA475BCheap Pricebuy from amazon
Innovative TechnologyBest Bluetooth connectionbuy from amazon
TechPlay ODCR2110Classical designbuy from amazon
Teac LPR550Best for small spacesbuy from amazon
Teac LP-P1000Best Stereo Systembuy from amazon

1. Jensen JTA475B – Best Cheap All In One Turntable

Jensen JTA475B 3-Speed Turntable

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This model comes in wonderful black and walnut color options with a modern styled design that will perfectly fit your spaces. The system is compatible with the three types of vinyl as well as cassette, CD-R, and counts with AM/FM tuner and an auxiliary input jack for your digital music.

It also counts with a nice LCD display to help you control the device easier, and a remote control so that you don’t need to get close to your equipment all the time.

Is a great piece to keep in mind as a vinyl collector, it guarantees that you will enjoy your full gallery of music while having a nice place to play your classic records. On the other hand, it will require some work from you to keep your vinyl as intact as possible.

Things we liked

Belt Driven turntable in all three speeds (33/45/78 RPM) able to play all your vinyl records.
Counts with a Front load CD player that with a programmable memory to set playlists.
Includes a cassette player with single key controls.
The LCD display in blue and black makes it easy to control.
Has a power indicator.
Includes a remote control with 2 AAA batteries for distant management.
External speakers have a really nice sound quality.

Things we didn’t like

The turntable’s arm isn’t fully automatic.
Includes a single cassette player located on the left-lower side of the device, making it a little bit hard to reach if you keep it too near to the floor.
Really simple Bass control, not fit for some styles of music.

This is a good option with a below average price and includes nice features while being presented with a design that can match almost every decorative trend that you are following.

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2. Innovative Technology – Best All In One Turntable with Bluetooth

Innovative Technology Classic Retro Bluetooth Stereo System

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This all in one record player is a nice piece to consider.

It counts with a single design in silver and black, following a classic style which resembles late 70’s devices, occupies almost no space and the external speakers can be set off to relocate, making it ideal for almost any space you want to prepare for your music collection.

It reproduces Vinyl records, CD-R and MP3 formats and counts with some extra features to keep a good sound balance.

You can also make use of the speakers using the Bluetooth connection to play the music you keep your digital devices and take detailed control of the sound’s output with the bass, treble and balance adjustment knobs available on this device.

Things we liked

The turntable is Belt Driven and counts with three speeds (33/45/78 RPM) that play all your vinyl records.
Counts with a Built-in Bluetooth player and 3.5mm aux for digital devices.
Includes a headphone jack input for private listening.
Counts with a built-in CD-R player.
You can adjust your bass, treble, and balance with brushed aluminum knobs.
Counts with a stereo sound of 50 watts, Removable speaker grills, and Dual VU Meters.
External speakers have a really nice sound quality.

Things we didn’t like

It usually has trouble reading burned disks on the CD player.
It is not a loud speaker and will probably need a subwoofer to improve the volume performance.
The speaker in the middle is plastic, not a mid-sound controller.
Setting the FM presets, as well as other functions can only be done with the remote control.

It is overall a good option with a nice sound quality and that is compatible with most usable formats, having BT connection is a plus, if you live in a small place you can just play your music from anywhere in the house which creates an awesome environment.

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3. TechPlay ODCR2110 – Best Vintage All In One Stereo

TechPlay ODCR2110, High Power (30W RMS)Retro Classic turntable

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With an early 80’s look, this device comes with some awesome features to improve the way you listen to your music.

Here you can bring together two CDs and two Cassettes at the same time, is a great device which offers you the possibility of bringing your vinyl collection to newer formats and even burns CD to CD and cassette to cassette, making it a very versatile device when it comes to variety.

It has an awesome sound output making it work as a complete home stereo system, and the turntable counts with an auto-stop feature, it is fully automatic so that you won’t have to lay a finger on it for anything other than setting your vinyl records in the device.

Things we liked

A three-speed belt driven turntable that will play all types of vinyl records.
Wireless BT and USB entry connection to work with digital devices.
Double CD and cassette player.
Records music to Cassette, CD, SD and USB formats.
Full function remote control can cover almost every feature of the device.
Includes AM/FM tuner and an alarm clock.
The Cassette, CD, SD and USB format recorder is easy to use.

Things we didn’t like

Wires on the speakers are not removable and only six feet long, keep in mind the location.
The directions can be hard to understand at the beginning.
High price versus features offered.

This is overall a nice all in one vinyl record player to keep in mind when choosing yours, especially if you want to keep your vinyl records as intact as possible.

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4. Teac LPR550 – Best All In One Record Player

Teac LPR550-USB CD Recorder with Cassette Turntable

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If you are actually lacking the space to put up an entire system and want to keep things simple, this option will probably be a better fit for you.

In only a small piece of device, you can reproduce all types of vinyl records along with cassette tapes and CDs. All in a cool and simple design that resembles a classical radio in walnut color.

With the USB input ports, you can actually record directly to your pc, MP3 devices or burn CDs with your vinyl record’s content.

Also, the built-in speaker counts with a nice sound range so that it won’t work only in small spaces, you can keep this turntable in your living room and present your collection to any visitors without it lacking sound power.

Things we liked

Three-speed belt driven turntable to play all your vinyl records.
You can actually record your vinyl, AM/FM or other inputs into CD-R/RW and MP3 formats.
Includes a headphone jack input for your private listening.
Counts with USB port and audio inputs.
Built-in speakers have a really nice sound quality.
Can play your whole collection needing almost no space.
The recorder is really easy to use.

Things we didn’t like

The cassette player is just a player, not a recorder and can only play one face at the time.
Higher price than others on our list.
Would require external speakers to get a stronger sound.
Is not as flashy as bigger devices, so it won’t work as well for a decorative.

This is a good option for small spaces, especially if you are just starting your collection and want to keep your treasures in a small space. On the other hand, even when it doesn’t compete in sound with other vinyl record players that count with external speakers you can actually adapt some if needed.

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5. Teac LP-P1000 – Best All In One Stereo System with Turntable

Teac LP-P1000 Turntable Stereo System

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If you are looking for a simple design that looks elegant and modern, while keeping a touch of vintage and running all your music in one place, this is an option to consider.

The Teac LP-P1000 is perfectly able to reproduce all kind of vinyl while counting with other components to make sure you can play newer formats.

Besides being an all in one turntable, this one focuses on the turntable part the most, it treats your vinyl records in a delicate way, counts with a vibration-resistant rubber to clear the sound as much as it can and the arm of the needle will set and return to its place automatically when the music stops.

With a 25×25 Watts power output, you can get smooth sound quality from all your music, powered with a set of 2-Way Bass Reflex Speakers.

You can also play music from CD and MP3 formats or from your cell phone or tablet via Bluetooth.

Things we liked

Three-speed belt driven turntable for your vinyl records.
Focused on your vinyl player needs it counts with an auto-return arm and vibration-resistant rubber to keep the sound as clean as possible.
Wireless connection via Bluetooth with all your digital devices.
Includes a nice set of speaker that will guarantee a smooth sound with a great bass reflection.
The cd player is compatible with CD-R/RW discs and MP3/WMA formats.
Includes an AM/FM radio tuner.

Things we didn’t like

Plays records a little bit faster than it is meant to be, having a 10-15 second less duration output on each song.
In time, sound can feel distorted.
Remote control doesn’t eject the CD units so you have to move to the device in order to do that.
Bluetooth connected music sounds a little bit muddy in some cases.

Summary, with good design and excellent feature, LP-P1000 will make you enjoy music by most impressive way. So, this is best model that you should have for your room.

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The Best All In One Turntable Buying Guide

In the Spotyfied world of today, music became something instant and easy to obtain. There are several sites where you can download music and most artists actually have their own Patreon sites and other ways to get your attention.

This leaves us with more and simpler formats to get music than we had with CD-R’s, Cassettes and Vinyl, but you can’t hold a mp3 file in your hands.

If you are actually collecting music, you’d like to have everything in a physical format, which means having to dedicate some space and time to your collection’s maintenance.

In order to save some space, we recommend having an all-in-one turntable, where you can play any format of music you own and enjoy your collection in a more comfortable way.

Why Keep Going with Vinyl?

best all in one turntable

Vinyl records are timeless. They offer a higher durability than newer formats and a cleaner, warmer sound output.

Besides, even when newer formats are simpler, there are several reasons to keep going with vinyl. Your vinyl records will come with awesome art, and collecting them will make you part of a huge worldwide community of music enthusiasts.

Best All in One Turntable

To actually enjoy your vinyl records you’d need a record player with a turntable. These are highly valuable and come in tons of styles and presentations making them a perfect fit for your relaxing spaces.

Listening to music with a turntable can be an extremely pleasurable experience but it requires a little bit of knowledge about how they work and some investment to get really good sound from the records.

And you don’t want to leave all your other music aside, so here we tell you how to choose the best all in one record player for you.

Vinyl Types

The first thing to know is that your vinyl record can be one of three types of records, “78s” “33 1 / 3s” or “45s” according to the revolutions per minute they require to rotate.

While the vast majority of turntables work with all three, you should always read the manual before comparing to make sure you do not leave any format on the outside.

Extra Functions and Tech

The best all in one stereo system with turntable will be able to play all your formats, including Vinyl Records, CD-R, DVD-R, Cassette and MP3.

But additionally, there are some extra features that you’d probably find useful when listening to your music. Some record players allow you to connect your USB devices to the system and even download your vinyl records into mp3 format.

Having a silent motor would be a must, reducing to 0 the extra noise this caused in the sound back in the 70’s.

You can get a player with Bluetooth and/or remote control, so you can turn your music just as soon as you get home. Why not? Almost every all in one record player will include AM/FM radio tuner too.

Internal speakers and amplifier, changeable. If you buy a retro styled turntable, this is a nice feature to look for. if you want a warmer sound, switch to the internal speaker, if you want to go all the way out loud, then you can get the amp to do the job.


The ideal thing when looking for a turntable is that it is made of wood. While most of the current all-in-one devices are made of plastic, but wood fulfills two additional functions besides holding the device.

Firstly, it works a natural shock absorber, reducing the noise in the music, and secondly, the wooden box fulfills an acoustic function, which is what gives that warm tone to the sound of the record player.

On the other hand, take in count that a plastic device will be far more portable than a wooden turntable. If you lack the space or happen to live constantly in the move, you should check out portable turntables too.


When it comes to finding the best all in one record player possible you will often hear that you shouldn’t spend less than 200$. That is not entirely the truth, but these devices do come in a wide range of prices that fit any bucket.

If you’d like to go full vinyl instead, getting a standard turntable would also be a good idea and will probably save you some cash.


The turntable part of your player will require some maintenance, but modern devices will often only require that you change the needle every once in a while. Diamond needles usually last for about 10000 to 12000 hours of music.

What is The Best All In One Turntable ?

Looking for a perfect device can be hard, but it all depends on the needs you are trying to fulfill. If you want to reproduce your music in the best way possible with an all in one turntable, consider the Jensen JTA475B your first option.

It offers a nice sound quality while being compatible with almost every format.

You can also move your music from one format to another and even copy from CD to CD or Cassette to Cassette, making this player very versatile and even when it can be pricey, it is worth every dime.

If you don’t have the pace to it, then we recommend considering the Teac LP-P1000, it counts with almost as good features as our winner but isn’t as flashy to the watcher’s eyes, making it a better fit for a bedroom instead of a collectors gallery.

We hope this information was useful to you, leave us a message if you have any doubt and let us know your experience in the comments section below.

Remember to share this with your friends and enjoy your music a lot.