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Between the late 90’s and early 2000’s, almost everyone had best portable CD player, portable cassette player. It is kind of strange to see one nowadays when we have mobile phone, bluetooth speaker …, but owning and using one of these guys is more common than most people think.

Whether it is for listening to audiobooks or those original CDs you are so proud to have, a portable CD player can can offer a higher sound quality than most MP3/4 nano players (and even better, they have a longer battery life!).

In this article, we will take you through the benefits of owning a portable CD player, and we will tell you how to know if you are facing a really good device. Then, we will run down 10 best portable CD player available on the market.

Top 10 Best Portable CD Player Reviews

Wrcibo Slim Personal CD Player5 StarsBest New Portable CD Playerbuy from amazon
Insignia Portable CD player
4 StarsBest Cheap Modelbuy from amazon
Sony D-NE319 Walkman
4.2 StarsBest Sony Portable CD Playerbuy from amazon
4 StarsNew Modelbuy from amazon
Sony D-NF340
4.2 StarsBest Portable Radio CD Playerbuy from amazon

1. Wrcibo Slim Personal CD Player – Best Buy Portable CD Player

Wrcibo Slim Personal CD Player

My rating: 5 Stars

buy from amazon

If you are looking for the best quality portable CD player with great sounds, impressive design and won’t break your wallet, then this Wrcibo slim offering might be all you need. From its cool design, and superb features to it high-quality performance, the Wrcibo portable CD player certainly gives other high-end CD players a run for their money.

The player features a sleek and compact palm size design that greatly enhances its portability. It adopts electric skip protection and anti-shock features. With this, you can simply carry it in your hand while you walk or in your bag while cycling to listen to your favorite songs on the go without any interruption.

It has a wide CD compatibility feature that allows it to play all kinds of CD records like CDs, CDRs, CDRWs, MP3, and WMA with no hassle. At that, you can create or burn your CD mix and play it anytime and anywhere you like. The player comes with a crystal clear LCD to show you the exact track number you’re on and ear protection design that to protect your ear from sudden exposure to high music volume.

Another enticing feature is the inclusion of the stereo earbuds that produces clear and impressive sounds. The player is also suitability for both indoor and outdoor use since it can be used with an adapter or 2 AA batteries. There is a HOLD button on the back to lock the player’s buttons and prevent accidental pressing and functions of the keys while playing your music.

Things we liked

Sleek and attractive design
Suitable for indoor and outdoor use
Ear protection design
Comes with a pair of stereo earbuds
Comes with AC adapter

Things we didn’t like

No rechargeable battery included
No FM radio support

Summary, with all feature that Wrcibo bring to you with affordable price then this is excellent choice for listening music.

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2. Insignia Portable CD player – Best Cheap Portable CD Player

Insignia Portable CD Player

My rating: 4 Stars

buy from amazon

The Insignia portable CD player is a user-friendly, affordable device with some great features. If you’re looking for something that will get the job done without hurting your wallet, then this might be the one for you.

This device comes with a nice skip-protection system but lacks an active memory when turned off, which isn’t good for audiobooks and concert records, and also has a short lifespan which weighs against its low price.

While the Insignia cannot play MP3 discs, it is able to play CD-R and CD-R discs, so you’ll be able to burn your library of songs from your computer to writable CDs and play them from there on this player. The Insignia also has great sound quality, like many portable CD players, and it does it at a low price.

Things we liked

Designed to be on the move, comes with a system with up to 60 seconds of skip protection.
Can reproduce audios from any CD, CD-R and CD-RW disc format.
Includes an electric adapter to save on batteries when there is an outlet available.
You can pair its speaker with your smartphone or tablet via Bluetooth.
New comes with a standard one-year warranty.
Includes a pair of back-of-the-head headphones.
Excellent sound quality
Extremely low price.

Things we didn’t like

No memory lane, if you turn off the player the CD will start from the beginning.
Quality may diminish in a short period of time.

Overall, although Insignia can’t play mp3 disc but with good quality sound and cheap price, this model suit people who only use for normal activity.

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3. Sony D-NE319 – Best Sony Portable CD Player

Sony D-NE319 MP3/ATRAC CD Walkman

My rating: 4.2 Stars

buy from amazon

The Sony D-NE319 is a musically-oriented, long-living sound machine. It has the longest battery life on this list at a staggering 41 hours on just one AA battery and it has the ability to suit nearly any musical style.

The sound quality of this piece is exceptional, even through the included headphones (which are good enough for most applications). In order to take advantage of both the sound quality and the focused listening possibilities, this unit comes with access to Sony’s music store and also to their native CD burning software, which is capable of burning CDs in that ATRAC3+ format, allowing for up to 500 songs to be put on one disc.

With great feature, Sony D-NE319 desire to be voted in best portable cd player 2016 list until now.

Things we liked

Skip-Free G-Protection to prevent your music from crashing.
Can reproduce almost 500 songs from a CD-R/RW ATRAC3plus format disc.
Long battery life, up to 41 hours with an AA battery
Is compatible with Sony’s Music store.
Digital Mega Bass processor guarantees smooth and deep bass tones.
Includes 18 play modes to fit your music’s styles.
Excellent sound quality regardless of the end system.
Includes the software “SonicStage CD-burning”.
Comes with a set of MDR-027LP Stereo Headphones.

Things we didn’t like

No electric adapter included

Overall, this players 18 play modes, bass processor, skip protection, and exceptionally long life make it an ideal piece for taking long trips, during which any MP3 player would need to be recharged. And if you carry a few spare batteries with you (and a few discs full of ATRAC3+ songs) you will have weeks of music at your disposal without charging and with minimal CD changing.

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4. HOTT CD611 – Best Portable CD Player 2017

HOTT CD611 Personal Compact Disc Player

My rating: 4.6 Stars

buy from amazon

HOTT may not be a big name in the CD player production game — not at least as big as Panasonic, which everyone knows and has been around for decades making all sorts of technology — but this offering by them is nothing to ignore. It is a great, affordable, quality piece of music playing equipment that is sure to have you listening to all of your favorite music wherever you want.

The HOTT portable compact CD player supports a variety of formats. It can play CDs, CDRs, and CDRWs, and it supports MP3s and WMAs. This is a great feature in the modern age, when few of us in fact walk into a music store and buy a CD.

More often, we are burning our own CDs as collections of songs that we already have in MP3 formats. Having a portable player that supports playing those discs back saves us the time of having to convert files, and it means that we can fit more songs on a single disc.

Things we liked

Plays MP3s and WMAs
Great price

Things we didn’t like

Some reviewers think it is a cheap device

This CD player includes a set of stereo earbuds, has a great LCD display, and as 5 sound effects and 4 playback modes. Overall, it is a great piece to own and comes at a great price.

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5. Philips AX5211 – Best Sounding Portable CD Player

Philips AX5211 Compact & Slim

My rating: 4.4 Stars

buy from amazon

If you are looking for a top of the line portable CD player that looks great, comes standard with many functions, and won’t break your bank, then this Philips offering may be the one for you.

This CD player is slim and attractive, and comes standard with a host of features. It has a 45 second electronic skip protection built in, which is great for ensuring that you won’t have your music interrupted. You can play back 30 hours of music on a single set of batteries, and it is programmable up to 30 tracks (which is wonderful for assembling mixes on long trips).

It supports playing CDs, CDRs, and CDRWs, so you can build and burn your own discs to play wherever you like. It also includes a digital dynamic bass boost, which makes sure that you’ll hear the music pumping strong.

Things we liked

45 secs skip protection
30 hours playback

Things we didn’t like

Less battery life than some
Does not seem to play MP3s

Overall, this is a great piece. In an era of MP3 players built right into phones, not as many manufacturers make portable CD players as once upon a time; but Philips is a company that has never given up on the medium. They have been around a long time and have always offered great tech.

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6. Panasonic SL-CT700 – Best Small Portable Cd Player

Panasonic SL-CT700 Portable CD Player

My rating: 4 Stars

buy from amazon

This is another great piece by Panasonic, which is perhaps the leader in portable CD player production. The SL-CT700 is a top of the line offering from a great company that is sure to excite your ears and have you listening for hours on end.

Are you going on a long trip? Then maybe you want to save the batteries on your phone and get the long-lasting playback of this ultra thin CD player. If you’re looking for a top of the line, fully packed CD player, then this one may be for you.

This CD player is extremely thin — .66 inches to be exact. This makes it easy to travel with and comfortable to hold. It supports MP3 playback, which means that you won’t have to convert and burn all of your music files before making a mix CD. It comes with 45 seconds of skip protection on CDs and 100 seconds of backup protection on MP3s, so you don’t have to worry about that bump in the road or the turbulent plane ride interrupting your music.

One of the best things about this player is its battery life. It comes with 2 rechargeable batteries, to which you add your own 2 AA batteries. Together, they give you a total of 80 hours of battery life, which is nothing short of astounding in an era in which the smart phone you are holding (which is your everyday MP3 player) will die in a fraction of that time (leaving you both without music and without a phone to use).

Things we liked

Very slim
80 hours of battery life
Plays MP3s

Things we didn’t like

Slightly pricey

Summary, with light weight, long battery life and 45s skip protection. It will be good choice when you go traveling. So, don’t miss this device when you have idea for travel.

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7. Sony DF20 – Best Portable CD Player for Audiobooks

Sony Portable CD Player

My rating: 4 Stars

buy from amazon

The Sony DF20 is a rather standard issue Sony CD player. That means that it is solid, it is worthy of being included on our list, but it is not exceptional. It does, however, provide the cost-conscious among us with a great place to look.

While nothing about this piece is particularly noteworthy, all of it is solid. It is heat-resistant, gets up to 20 hours on a single set of AA batteries, has 48 seconds of anti-skip buffering, and has a high-quality digital sound system that gives you great sound quality. It even comes with headphones.

The best thing about this CD player is its sound system. It has both a bass boost and 4 different musical modes to choose from, allowing some measure of EQ control (which is one of the things a lot of people love about CD players).

Things we liked

Includes standard stereo headphones
Heat resistant case.
Up to 20 hours active life with AA alkaline batteries.
Up to 48 seconds of anti-skip ESPMAX protection buffer.
Mega-Bass sound for a deeper quality.
Can reproduce your music in 4 different modes.
Has AM/FM tuner, integrated with 30 preset channel.
Clear high-quality digital sound system.

Things we didn’t like

Requires non-included A/C cord to run without batteries.
Hard to find a new one.

Overall, this is a fine piece, and by no means will it break your wallet.

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8. Panasonic SL-SX320 – Best Portable CD Player with Speakers

Panasonic SL-SX320

My rating: 4.2 Stars

buy from amazon

Again, we have a Panasonic piece. This one is equally as good, although perhaps not as packed full of features, as the previous one reviewed. It does, however, come at a great price, and it is far from an economy model, featuring all of the things that you need from a great CD player.

This player is thin, as is becoming more and more common, and it is almost perfectly round, as is the custom among higher end portable CD players. It is in fact quite an attractive unit. Underneath its attractive exterior lies a great set of features — in every way this is an impressive offering.

This Panasonic player plays, like most portable CD players, CDs, CDRs, and CDRWs, making it easy to play the mix CDs you have assembled. It includes a hold button, which makes sure that you don’t accidentally change songs or activate any other features while you’re listening, and a resume button, which allows you to pick up right where you left off.

Things we liked

High quality audio
Plays CDR and CDRW CDs

Things we didn’t like

Not as full of features as other devices

With 33 hours of playback on a single set of batteries and included over the ear headphones, it is hard to go wrong with this piece of tech.

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9. Sony D-NF340 – Best Portable Radio CD Player

Sony D-NF340 CD Walkman & MP3 Player

My rating: 4.2 Stars

buy from amazon

Continuous, we have a CD player made by perhaps the only company that can compete with Sony for the title of most renowned producer of portable players. Sony has been around for a generation, and they have their hands in just about every technological niche that exists.

They were the originators of the Walkman — both in cassette and CD forms — and their name has become synonymous with quality. Their products are not cheap, but neither are they prohibitively expensive. If you want top of the line, then this may be it.

This player has all of the usual bells and whistles — support for CDR, CDRW, and MP3 discs, a built in FM tuner with 40 presets, an LCD display that displays ID3 tags, digital meta bass technology (which is better than almost any other brand’s) and an intuitive control button.

With FM feature this model is best portable cd player for car in this list.

Things we liked

Very high quality sound
Great EQ
Good skip protection

Things we didn’t like

More expensive than some devices

But beyond that, there is the overall quality of the thing. Sony CD players are known for both high quality sound and a long life — this won’t fall apart on you anytime soon, as many owners of decades-old Walkmans can attest to.

If you want top of the line, Sony is the place to start.

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10. Panasonic SL-SW880 – Best Rated Portable CD Player

Panasonic SL-SW880

My rating: 4.5 Stars

buy from amazon

The Panasonic Brainshaker lives up to its name. It is a piece made for the rugged among us. Those of us who want a CD player for its long life and onboard EQ possibilities (not to mention those of us who haven’t given up on our CD collections just yet!) but who also want to move.

Movement is no problem with this piece. It is designed to be jostled, jogged, even dropped (lightly) without skipping a beat. In addition, its heat resistance and water resistance makes it ideal for people who want to take it to work or on nature jogs on hot days. It is, in the end, a working person’s machine, and it is a gymrat’s dream.

The playlist feature of the Brainshaker allows for up to 24 tracks to be stored and programmed, which makes this unit function more like a modern MP3 player. And its battery life – 25 hours – is long enough to require few if any battery changes on that week-long trip to the shore.

Things we liked

Meant for hard activities
Up to 40-second skip protection buffer technology.
Can program up to 24 tracks.
Heat and water resistant case with a one-touch CD lock.
Includes back-head headphones with a remote control integrated.
VMSS turns your bass signals into vibrations giving a better output.
Up to 25 hours active battery life.
Includes an integrated battery recharger.

Things we didn’t like

No radio, only CD/MP3 player.

Overall, the strong design and nice feature are which help Panasonic Brainshaker is the perfect choice for any gymmer.

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What Are The Pros of Using The Portable CD Player?

Next to newer technologies, a portable CD player might look like a big thing to carry around, but they do have a series of features that make them a better choice depending on your situation.

  • High-quality digital sound: The most common extra feature of the portable CD players is that they use digital systems to ensure the quality of the sound’s output like the one used in your main CD player at home.
  • Long-lasting battery life: Portable CD players usually come with an active battery life of about 10-30 hours. If you are taking a long trip, your disc player will probably be running far after your phone has died.
  • Bass improving systems: There are many bass-improving systems available for portable CD players to ensure your music’s bass sounds deep and smooth.
  • Rough environment oriented: Some of these players are meant to be used for people on the move, so they come in water and heat resistant casings and almost all of them include a memory buffer to avoid the old CD skips from happening while shaking.

How To Recognize a Good Portable CD Player

best portable cd player

Just like when you buy any other device, not all portable CD players are the same. So when you are searching for the player that more fits your expectations, we recommend you to consider these features:

  1. Battery length: As we said before, a portable CD player usually enjoys a long battery life. Try to get something with more than 20 hours battery life using 2 AA alkaline batteries, which would be above average.
  2. Anti-skip system: Most of the portable players out there come with a skip-protection system, but make sure yours has one (and preferably above the 40 seconds of standard buffer).
  3. Formatting:  This will be important to most of you in 2017. You want your player to support anything from conventional CD to CD-R, CD-RW, and MP3 to make sure you have a lot of music without swapping discs so often.
  4. Energy: You could want to use your CD player in a place where you do have access to energy, so being compatible and including an A/C cord or adapter is a nice feature to look for.
  5. Styles: Some CD players come with various playing modes that move with the processing and bass systems to get a better output according to your music.
  6. Additional features: Having some additional options like AM/FM radio, the possibility of setting a playlist or just a good turn-off memory so your audio starts where you left it are important to be considered.

What is The Best Portable Cd Player ?

To finish with our list, the best portable CD player we recommend all-around is the Sony D-NE319, mainly taking count of its many features and the fact that it is musically oriented, it also has the longest battery life out there, making it the best choice and by far worth the price.

If you are looking more for a CD player to keep with you while training, the Panasonic SL-SW880 Brainshaker X-Treme can get to be a better option due to its remote control and lock-on system tough.

A portable CD player is a perfect way to listen to your music while getting that retro air in your look. They will always survive your workout hours and offer a higher-quality sound output.

Let us know your opinion in the comment section below, we hope this information was useful to you and that you enjoy the music!

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  1. It’s a good article, but even though it was written in June and I’m searching for options at the beginning of September, almost all of the recommended players are only available used on Amazon. What are the best options for those people who want to buy new?

  2. My Sony CD player finally quit working after providing great service for many years. I used to jog, but now just walk for exercise – it was nice to have music or an educational disc to keep me company. But when I went to replace my CD player with another Sony I was shocked by the high prices. So, I settled for a cheaper CD player that still had good ratings. The first replacement I purchased was an Insignia with anti-skip protection. It wasn’t bad, but it still skipped too much for me. I returned it and bought a CD player called HOTT, also advertised to have skip protection. This player was far worse and skipped almost nonstop. Now that I’ve returned the HOTT I’m stuck with the dilemma of not being able to find a reasonably priced CD player that doesn’t skip .

  3. Alex,
    Thank you for this helpful overview! I am new to exercising at the gym and cannot stand listening/watching the TV in the cardio room. When I exercise outdoors I don’t “plug in” but instead enjoy the sights and sounds. The gym setting is a very different experience. I would rather tune out the television and listen to an audio book if I’m exercising indoors. Your review indicates that there are plenty of options, though the one your recommended for training use is currently out of stock at Amazon (on 11/1/17). What is your second best recommendation for training use?

    Also – I have never used headphone or ear buds for any device. How well do these stay in place while I’m moving? (i.e. on a rowing, biking, elliptical,machine) Does a cable connect these to the player?

    How will I carry/wear the player while on a machine? I found this pouch/fanny pack:

    Will this do the trick? Will any carrier work or do certain players only fit in certain carriers?

    Many thanks for your assistance,

  4. I listen to CD books everyday when I walk. My portable CD player lacks an active memory when turned off, which isn’t good for audiobooks.The CD player in my car starts where it stopped. REcommended portable CD player? Thank you.

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