10 Mistakes Beginner Acoustic Players Should Avoid

During the process of learning, beginners encounter mistakes. These mistakes can be crucial in your learning since you need to get the learning process down correctly before you can consider yourself a full-pledged guitarist. To help you identify the mistakes that can be encountered, or are already done, by beginners, here is the list :

10 mistakes beginner acoustic guitar player should avoid

1. Not tuning your guitar before practicing

Tuning your guitar first is very important. Though as a beginner, you are not expected to know that much about tuning the guitar. There are portable tuners that can be purchased in music stores that you can use to easily tune your guitar. They are actually very easy to use. Or there are apps available in the internet that you can use to tune your guitar without having to spend to buy a portable tuner.

The sound of your guitar is important. If you practice on an out-of-tune guitar, the tendency would be that you would get used to the out-of-tune sound of the guitar. When you hear a song played in tune, you might wonder why you don’t have the same sound. This may discourage beginners to continue. So, tune your guitar first before practicing.

2. Practicing the same song over and over again

It is true that practice makes perfect. But as a beginner what you want is to gain more skill and knowledge about playing the guitar. For starters, you can start with just simply learning songs that have repetitive chords all throughout the song. Just so you can get used to actually handling your guitar. If you think you have mastered the song, move on to a song with more complex chords. In this way, you are exposed to the different kinds of chords that you can play using your guitar.

3. Not learning the barre chords

Barre chords are the ones beginners fear the most. It is the biggest challenge that a beginner must face. If you are able to overcome the fear and be able to play a barre chord properly with full sound, you can consider yourself a true guitar player. Do not avoid learning barre chords because you will be encountering them for sure.

A barre chord is a chord that is done by pressing a lot of strings with one finger at once. Thinking about it just makes you tired. Imagine actually doing it. Doing basic chords are already a pain in the fingers but wait till you try barre chords. Learning barre chords require a lot of dedication and hard work but if you are able to get it, you’ll feel fulfilled. An achievement unlocked!

4. Learning from too many teachers

During the learning process, you might get stuck and end up finding ways to easily learn it. Watching different videos in YouTube or finding sources in the internet might cause an overload and will eventually wear you out. What you can do is find an actual teacher or an online teacher to help you with your problem. In this way, you will be able to focus on one way of doing it and just take it from there.

5. Getting ahead of yourself

Don’t try to learn too fast or too slow. Just keep it in a moderate pace. Try to judge yourself and what you have achieved so far since you started learning how to play the guitar. Thinking ahead of what you can actually do might lower your self-confidence. Even if you have already been playing for weeks already, that does not mean that you can be like your favorite guitar player slaying the guitar. It is better to learn it slowly and properly rather than fast but sloppy.

6. Learning guitar by yourself

write a song

Telling people that you are self-taught guitarist might sound impressive. Though it is possible to learn it by yourself, it is actually advisable that you learn the guitar with a group of friends or with a good guitar teacher. In this way, you get to compare or gauge where you are in terms of guitar-playing compared to others. This will give you motivation to get better. Furthermore, you might even learn new techniques from the people you learn playing the guitar with.

7. Being impatient

Patience is important when it comes to learning guitar. If you get impatient, this will end up discouraging you to continue. Always remember that there is no shortcuts in learning, not just in playing guitar. One must constantly practice until he reaches his full potential. Just don’t stop practicing and learning new things in playing guitar. Don’t be scared if you encounter something difficult. Challenge yourself to reach your goal to become the best guitar player.

8. Not practicing efficiently

Once you have already established some skills in playing the guitar, nurture them but don’t well on doing one thing for a whole practice session. Divide it such that you are developing guitar playing techniques a third of the time. The other learning a new song that requires you to do the newly acquired technique. And the other is learning new skills about playing the guitar. In this way, you are effectively dividing your time and you are able to tackle many things at a time.

9. Avoiding to learn music theory

Differences between Music Theory and Harmony

If you are already getting sick of doing the same routine every day, why don’t you insert some music theory while practicing? It would help you grow as a musician to learn more about guitar playing, or music in general, in depth. This would give the beginner guitar player a better understanding about the lessons that are learned. By learning the theory, you might even be able to make your own music and sound.

10. Not performing in front of people

As a beginner you might think that you are not ready to perform yet or shy to do so. You should not feel that way since playing in front of people, or maybe just a couple of friends, can help boost your confidence. Be open to criticisms about your playing for this will help you improve more. Always be open to share your talents as this may influence others to play the guitar too.


Now that you what not to do as a beginner in learning guitar, you can properly learn how play it. Don’t worry if you don’t get it right away. For as long as you avoid these mistakes, you are good to go. So what are you waiting for? Go grab your guitar and start playing.