Tuesday, March 28, 2017


Disco Queen Joni Sledge Dies of Natural Causes

Source: https://www.thesun.co.uk Law enforcement sources have revealed that Joni Sledge, the Sister Sledge star, died because of a pre-existing condition. On Friday, 10th March, the disco...


The Best Guitar Books To Learn How To Play A Guitar

Whenever you see someone playing a guitar, you would be intrigued to start playing yourself too. It is important that you get the right...

The Best Classical Guitar For Music Lover

So you might be thinking of getting yourself the best classical guitar. For most of such type of guitars, they would be made to...




The Best Digital Piano Under 1000 Dollars For Professional

Playing music for most people is something close to them. You can always enjoy having some great music done when you opt for the...


how to install a car stereo

How to Install a Car Stereo: The Guide From Expert

Have you just missed the new album launch of your favorite artist? Are you currently stuck in bad weather on your way home from work? Did you miss the recent developments...
how to store vinyl records

The Best Tips On How To Store Vinyl Records

When was the last time you listened to a good old vinyl record? Like many millennials, you must be wondering, “Who still owns one?” The truth is, even in this age...
how to hook up speakers to tv

Tips On How To Hook Up Speakers To TV Easily

When it comes to listening to the TV sound, sometimes having to use the TV speakers might not be enough. You would always be feeling that there is the need to...
how to install car speakers

How To Install Car Speakers Correctly

Do you like listening to the sound from the car stock speakers? It is often that you would not love the sound as it might be the right quality as you...
how to move a piano

How To Move A Piano From The Expert’s Advice

You need to move your piano but you have no idea how to move a piano. To most, this poses a dilemma because of its size, weight especially its value. The...


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