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How To Carry Portable CD Player Correctly

For those who prefer a more traditional approach when listening to their music, a portable CD player is as old-school as you can get nowadays. The only downside with using a...
how to clean cd disc

How To Clean CD Disc Correctly

One day your CD suddenly fails to play properly, for example, the lower sound quality or read errors. The first thing to do is take it out and check whether there...
select cd collection

How To Organize CD Collection The Right Way

At first, I just bought CDs of my favorite singers. Then, it has turned out such a hobby that my collection keeps expanding in number.One day I spent nearly two hours...
best portable cd player

Best Portable CD Player and Latest Reviews in 2020

 Between the late 90’s and early 2000’s, almost everyone had best portable CD player, portable cassette player. It is kind of strange to see one nowadays when we have mobile phone, bluetooth speaker ..., but owning...
type headphones

How Long Do Headphones Last?

Do you agree with me that all headphones break? Of course, they do! These devices come with several delicate and complex internal components that will get manhandled and wear out with...
portable cd player will come back

9 Reasons Portable CD Player Will Come Back

Going through the memory lane when it was every child’s wish to rock their neighborhood with their new music players especially with their portable CD player. They carry their new CD...
best portable cassette player

10 Best Portable Cassette Player & Recorder in 2019

There is a huge retro trend happening around us lately, not only vinyl records, but those old cassette records and vintage portable cassette player are every day more visible, mostly because...
how do portable cd players work

How Do Portable CD Players Work?

It is amazing when you think of storing music on a shiny, round piece of plastic and insert it into a portable device (a portable CD player) to listen to music...
portable cd player vs mp3 player

Portable CD Player vs MP3 Player

If you want to carry your favorite music with you anywhere you go, then you probably need a portable listening device and an audio source.In the recent years, the music industry...




5 Tips to buying an acoustic guitar for beginners

We know how super excited you are to get that first guitar. You may have tipped your savings, bawled for the pocket money that...

5 Critical Tips for Perfect Guitar Recordings

Like most live instruments, recording the guitar can be a challenge. Subtle differences in microphone placement, sound-card latency, and backing track can create issues...


Top 30 Piano Blogs The Pianist Must Follow Right Now

Do you have a passion for piano? Nowadays, you can find answers and solutions to almost all questions or problems on the internet. So...


The Best Clarinet for Your Skill Level

best clarinet
 Looking for a wind instrument that perfectly fits your skill? The clarinet is a popular favorite, as it gives a distinct yet significant sound, one might consider a bit similar to the distant trumpet. However, it produces a unique characteristic having a sound that...

Choosing from the Best Trumpet: Which One is on Top?

best trumpet
Do you love music? How about playing certain instruments? A trumpet? If so, then you could be considered as someone with great passion in terms of music. Music is so good to hear most especially if it’s heard through a trumpet and if you...